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Where to advertise on the Internet? We discuss SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and other methods.

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Today, websites are trusted more and more. Even by customers who have not dealt with this form of transaction before. The year 2020 prompted many people to test services and products sold over the Internet. So a lot of people have moved to the online world, and Internet advertising has proven to be much more effective than ever. Customers can be acquired without crossing the threshold of your own home. Sometimes an aesthetic sense, thoughtful communication, a bit of creativity and a great SEO agency are enough to achieve a satisfactory result. Do you want to learn more about positioning? Check it out here! 

In this article, you will learn where to advertise on the Internet to maximize your profit from online sales.

Paid advertising on the Internet – where to place it?

Online advertising space can be purchased on virtually every major website. For a fee, we will place an advertisement on social media, in the search engine and on the websites of companies cooperating with advertising networks. There are two types of paid ads to choose from:

  • Ads in the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model. They require you to pay a fee each time you click. We pay for each visit to our website. The most popular PPC ads are those found in search engines. They are displayed under the selected keywords.
  • Display ads. In this case, they are placed on relevant third party websites. They can take the form of banners, images, videos, or text ads

Where to advertise on the internet ? At the beginning, we should ask ourselves two basic questions:

  • are customers aware of our product?
  • are the right keywords available in campaign planning tools to promote it?

If the answer to both of these questions is “yes” then you can begin PPC advertising tests. The purpose of running test campaigns is to obtain a positive (or neutral) return on investment in this type of advertising. Later, we can reinvest and experiment with new products. If you are an online store owner then you should start right here.

It happens that a product is so innovative that no one undertakes its search or the competition is so high that the cost of displaying an advertisement in the search engine exceeds our expectations. You can then bet on social media. Facebook has nearly 2 billion active users. Their advanced targeting tools allow you to reach everyone who has an account on this platform. We can promote a post, our own offer, generate leads, display videos, product carousels and even slide shows. Thanks to the Facebook advertising tool, you can set the audience according to many criteria.

Choose Instagram Ads if your target audience is focused on the visual aspect of the product. Ads outside of pictures and videos can show up in Instagram Story, which is great for branding. It is recommended for the following industries: beauty, fashion, automotive, catering and fitness. It is also a place where there are many young people from the so-called Generation Z. So TikTok and Snapchat might be an alternative.

Internet advertising

What are the ways to advertise your store for free? Where is it worth showing up?

You also need to include free traffic sources in your marketing strategy. Using only paid advertising is short-sighted and does not allow you to build a stable position in the digital market. What are the ways to advertise your store without entering payment card details?

The difference lies in the way the marketing campaign is carried out. The first step will be to choose the media through which we intend to communicate with our recipients. Once this is done, we will have to plan the right strategy.

What are the possibilities of individual social media in the context of e-commerce? Some examples:

  • Instagram allows you to promote a brand, organize advertising and competition campaigns using hashtags and photos, and cooperate with influencers.
  • Facebook allows you to expand groups and create a community yourself. It is an effective tool in the context of real-time marketing.

We should maintain the continuity of the publication in all media. It is worth planning communication on Friday for the next week. Let us not overdo it with self-promotion. One or two pieces of sales information per week will be optimal.

Internet advertising

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SEO and content on your own website – ways to organic advertising

Why is it worth creating content for a company website? A blog, refined product descriptions and professional offer presentation make sure that your website will rank high in the search results. Therefore, first of all, you should take care of positioning, which will sometimes be supplemented with paid advertising campaigns. Before starting content marketing activities:

  1. Create personas and brainstorm your team to the specific needs and issues bothering potential visitors.
  2. Do industry-specific keyword research. However, remember that keywords alone will not allow you to exhaust the topic.
  3. Analyze your competitors’ content and use their ideas.
  4. Plan your content for the next months in a document to share with your colleagues.

Remember that this is not the end. Just hiring a copywriter and uploading content to your website does not guarantee anything. To be successful, you should acquire knowledge about positioning. It is necessary, there are many different statistics on this subject, however, on average, 36% of people click on the first result after typing a keyword. Only 8% come to the number ten. The following pages simply exist, and the results present on them are waiting for someone to take care of them.

The website positioning strategy is long-term. It will require constant attention, so it is worth hiring a separate specialist for this purpose. Even when we manage to achieve the assumed positions, we must try to maintain them. It is worth taking care of image issues, and links and new cooperation proposals will come to us on their own. Therefore, it is best to combine different ways of online advertising. Positioning, however, is the most important thing, it is definitely worth using the help of an SEO agency that will take care of all aspects related to the high position of your website in search results. If you are considering professional SEO, be sure to contact us.

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