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What should an SEO report contain?

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Good positioning is based on planning and carrying out appropriate activities every day. The SEO report allows you to see if these actions are actually bringing the expected results. It focuses, inter alia, on on organic traffic, keyword rankings, performance, engagement, conversion and page speed. Thanks to it, you can test new positioning techniques. If you want to know more about SEO, read the content on this page .

Who creates the SEO report and how often?

By conducting SEO reporting , specialists can show clients that their work provides a high return on investment. It also highlights progress in search engine optimization. It also gives you the chance to analyze the effectiveness of your current strategies and is a great opportunity to develop a follow-up action plan. Before establishing cooperation with the client, each agency should define the positioning goals. Do you want to increase website traffic? Or maybe it’s going to improve rankings for a specific keyword, and if so, for which? Maybe he is planning to increase the number of leads and sales results, and if so, by how much? When the agency knows the client’s goals, the SEO report plays a key role. It shows that her actions lead to the achievement of the desired result. Such a report should be prepared at least once every six months. Positioning effects do not always appear immediately, so you have to wait for some results.

What to look for when reviewing the SEO report?

When reviewing SEO reporting results , pay attention to technical problems and errors that may affect the visibility of the website in search results. Also, analyze backlinks. Also, see how your keyword rankings have changed and track potential drops. When reading the SEO report, first of all verify the organic traffic. Take into account not only the number of users who visited the website, but also the number of subpages displayed during the visit, the average time spent on the website. In addition, check which subpages generated the most traffic. Also, pay attention to whether the agency’s actions improved the conversion rate. By analyzing the SEO report, look for a list of user-entered keywords. Also see which content was the most popular. Thanks to this, you will develop a better content marketing strategy and create more content that will be readily readable. You will also build an expert position, distinguishing yourself from the competition.

SEO report - what should it contain?

What must an SEO report contain?

A professional report should summarize the key elements of a marketing campaign within a given time frame. It can take the form of a short note or a detailed summary of all work done recently. This effort can pay off, especially in companies where the SEO report is passed between departments. The summary page will appeal to customers who have little time or do not know the secrets of positioning. Thanks to the report with explanations, each client will see how the statistics of his website are growing.

The key elements of SEO reporting

How to create an SEO report for a client? The most important and essential are the critical SEO issues that need to be fixed. Also, try to present everything that you have already done to optimize the website for search engines. In the next part of the report, focus on organic traffic. Identify trends to illustrate the progress your actions have made. Make sure your SEO reporting presents a full history of organic traffic trends. Compare sessions and pageviews with the last year and month. Also consider the bounce rate and other key engagement metrics such as time spent on the page.  The professional report also allows you to track the progress of your campaign against your target keywords. Thanks to this, it helps to understand whether what you are doing is bringing the expected results. It will show how the visibility of the page in search results has improved since the cooperation started, and at the same time help identify further keyword optimization opportunities. 

Link building

Links remain a key ranking factor, so should be included in your SEO reporting . Present the number of obtained links and their quality. Show how they influenced the positioning of the website. Inform the client if you are following a strategy that brings you more links or if you are focusing more on their quality. Explain why your actions will help him achieve his business goals. SEO reporting should also take into account lost links. List any areas where you have lost links and analyze them in great detail. This way you give the opportunity to contact and retrieve the link.

SEO report - what should it contain?

Positioning – ways to check the effects

If you want to check if your SEO strategy is effective, you need to apply the right tools. Google Analytics, which is the basic tool of SEO specialists, is very popular. Positioning is also about checking the effects. Thorough verification includes not only organic traffic on the site, but also the time spent by users on a specific subpage, bounce rate and conversion rate. Or maybe you want to verify your keyword ranking? Tools like Ahrefs, MOZ and Keywordtool.io come to your aid.  When verifying SEO effectsSEMrush will also be useful. Thanks to it, you will see what the organic traffic looks like and from paid search results, the number of backlinks, the number of organic keywords. This way, you can verify that your actions are actually effective. Also pay attention to Google Search Console. It is a free online platform that allows you to monitor search traffic and performance. In addition, it facilitates troubleshooting and search engine optimization. The presented tool also tracks various indicators, including queries, keywords and subpages generating the most traffic on the site. Positioning and checking the effectsit is worth leaving a professional agency. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all indicators will be taken into account. Do you want to see a professional report on the biggest players in the e-commerce market?

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