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What positioning strategy to choose for a small online store?

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Every large online store used to be small and not very recognizable. Where is the secret of rapid development? What to do to reach higher and higher in e-commerce? You should bet on online marketing that allows you to reach your customers. Even if you run a small business, proper promotion on the Internet will allow you to spread your wings. A great way to increase your visibility on the web is positioning, i.e. SEO. Read our page on positioning . You will learn more about the different SEO aspects to consider when working on your website visibility. In this text, you will learn how to position a small store in order to gradually increase its recognition and popularity.

Positioning a small shop – how to choose keywords?

Before you start any SEO activities, you should develop a small store positioning strategy . Let’s start with the keywords. Think about what specific phrases best describe your business. Try to cite as many of them as possible. You can use the cloud of associations for this purpose – write down one word, then lead the arrows to the sides of the page and place there the next phrases that are in some way related to a specific issue. At this point, think like a client. Answer yourself a question about what would you type into a search engine to find products like yours?

You can use specialized tools to select keywords. Professionals use at least a few and thus develop the best strategy by dividing phrases into general, long tail, and other categories. So that the store gradually gains visibility on different types of keywords over time. Some of the optimization phrases tools are free, and some must be paid for, but there is no doubt that working with them is much easier. Here are a few of them: Senuto, SEMrush, SEMSTORM, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest. The SEO strategy of a small store should be based primarily on phrases that are not very competitive. Such words are much easier to position, because fewer websites compete for high marks in the search engine.

Use one of the tools we mentioned and check which phrases are frequently searched by users. These are the words that should interest you because they can help you drive traffic to your store. Then verify how difficult the positioning will be for each phrase. Positioning strategy for a small storemost often it assumes that the domain will be optimized for phrases consisting mainly of a few words (long-tail SEO). Yes, to perfectly meet the needs of potential customers. A simple example – imagine you run a clothing store. Instead of positioning yourself with the words “red dress”, you can use the phrase “red dress for a wedding with sequins”. Usually, it is these expressions that generate traffic, and there is little competition in their case. It is easier to break the site for such key phrases, and at the same time people searching for such specific items are more likely to buy them. 

The best positioning strategy for small stores

Do you combine paid and free positioning?

SEO is free positioning based on website optimization, content marketing and obtaining quality links (link building). However, it should be noted that this is only one branch of online marketing. There is also paid positioning – although it is hardly called “positioning” by specialists – that is, advertisements displayed in search engines, for example through Google Ads. This method of promoting your online store is very simple and allows you to control your budget. You decide which phrases your website should be displayed for. If you use a search engine, you have probably noticed various ads in the search engine more than once. In the case of Google, the pages promoted appear directly above the organic search results.

Depending on your budget, you can implement a small store positioning strategy , where you combine paid and free activities. The synergy of SEO and PPC (pay per click) is called SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for short. In this way, you will increase your chance of acquiring a customer and have a positive impact on your visibility on the web. Very often, small online stores do not generate revenues despite the fact that they have an attractive offer. It is possible that visibility is a problem in such cases. How do you want to attract customers without promoting your own brand online? This is where SEO and SEM come in handy.

Various forms of advertising and costs

Of course, there are many more ways to advertise on the web. SEO strategy for a small storeyou can enrich with various forms of online promotion. Some entrepreneurs use search engine advertising, others implement video materials on websites such as YouTube. Also, don’t forget about social media. The usual running of a company profile should be enriched with paid advertising campaigns or promotion of individual posts. How much it costs? By using advertisements in the search engine (Google Ads), you pay every time a user opens your website – a single entry can oscillate around a dozen or so groszy. A similar situation applies to promotional materials on YouTube. Displaying your ad by a user will cost from a few to a dozen or so cents depending on many factors. You can easily configure the budget for promoting your brand on social media, both on Facebook and on Instagram, or LinkedIn. Thus, an advertising campaign may cost as well several dozen as well as several hundred or even several thousand zlotys on a monthly basis. It all depends on what effects you expect and in which industry you operate.

What does e-commerce sales depend on?

Wondering what to do to quickly start selling online? First of all, you need to spend time on proper marketing. The positioning strategy of a small store is very important. If your pricing policy is favorable, good visibility in the search engine can positively affect your conversion rate. When talking about sales and generating profits, it is also worth mentioning SXO, i.e. a combination of SEO and UX. If you want to prepare an online store in accordance with this concept, you should combine the strategy of positioning a small store with the design of the site according to the user’s requirements.

A properly configured and attractive website increases the duration of the session. Internet users visiting the website are eager to browse its content, and if they are interested in the offer, they may make a transaction. Very often, preparing a small store SEO strategy requires a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. If you don’t have time for this or you just don’t know where to start, consider enlisting the help of professionals. Not only will your e-commerce become more visible in this way, but you will also focus on other tasks, for example, appropriate promotion in social media.

The best positioning strategy for small stores

Small Store SEO Strategy – All You Need To Know

Finally, we decided to mention some very important SEO issues that are forgotten by online store owners. These are rules and tips – knowing them can be important, especially when you want to start positioning your site yourself.

The effects do not come overnight – positioning is a multi-faceted activity that is carried out all the time. SEO is not only about optimization, but also about content creation and link acquisition. Visible effects may be visible after a few or several weeks.

Think about what you are doing – don’t act blindly without any strategy. Think about what is worth changing and why. Then perform the update. Irresponsible actions can be counterproductive.

Combine SEO with other channels – positioning is only one way to get a customer. Remember to build a community on social media and promote your brand through other online channels. In this way, you maximize your chances on the Internet and start to gain in the eyes of users, and your brand becomes more recognizable. The path to success in e-commerce is taking small steps, not making huge leaps.

Use the available tools – We’ve already mentioned a couple of keyword search tools. It is worth using them, as well as Google Analytics and Search Console. In the case of SEO, Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, Majestic SEO or Ahrefs will also be helpful software.

Learn from free sources – on the Internet you will find various blogs, webinars and videos devoted to SEO. Use them to broaden your horizons.

Remember that your small store SEO strategy is subject to change. The positioning rules change from time to time due to the updating of the search engine algorithms. Sometimes your plan will need a major update, other times a minor tweak will suffice. Watch the SEO world change and gain visibility on Google! If you want to use the help of professionals and position your store without errors from the beginning, be sure to check out our offer!

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