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What is Visual Search?

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The way we search for information, products or services online is changing, among others, due to the widespread use of smartphones. Using the help of Google Assistant or Siri in voice search is almost a standard for many. What about Google Lens or Pinterest Lens and the impact of these tools on the development of visual, online research? Who should pay special attention to these changes and how can they be used in the business world? Check what visual search is and whether this solution has a chance to revolutionize our approach to Internet browsing. 

Visual search – what is it?

Visual search – whatotherwise we will call visual search based on the development of artificial intelligence technology, thanks to which (only) by means of uploaded photos or their fragments, screenshots or Internet images we can obtain appropriate, linking search results. The results are adequate because the use of artificial intelligence allows to properly analyze the content of the image and take into account its context. Currently, their visual search engines are mainly developed by: Pinterest, Google, Amazon and Bing, which in itself confirms that we are dealing with a lot of potential in this area. Even now, the accuracy of searching with the help of images can impress users, and work on the development of this technology does not stop, moreover, it is even said that we are dealing with a new trend. Many of us are visual learners, you could say 

Visual Search - what is it?

Visual search – for whom? 

Searching for inspiration, unraveling puzzles, finding the desired information, setting a specific route – all of this can of course be the goal of online searches, but let’s not forget that the Internet is also largely a business space, so what also matters in visual searchit can bring to the world of entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, the owners of online stores, especially those operating in the clothing, interior design or cosmetics industries, can benefit from this solution. Visual search can be a great tool for tourism, catering, event, wedding or even tattoo studios. Overall – for all those who have the opportunity to promote and advertise their services through attractive visual materials. As we know, nothing attracts potential customers more than original, stylized photographs.   

Visual search in business – how to act?

In order to take full advantage of what visual search offers in e-business, you should focus on appropriate optimization, which is often partly related to the SEO strategy. It is worth, among others: 

  • take care of the appropriate size of photos and their quality, as well as the type of files (so that the photos are correctly displayed on mobile devices, have an adapted format and all parameters and are fully legible)
  • optimize all image titles and alternative descriptions (ALTs) with targeted keywords (including longtail phrases) to help index
  • create appropriate descriptions (or introduce appropriate corrections) and product recommendations that will improve compatibility with the search engine’s algorithm;
  • prepare a separate sitemap for graphics to which all images will be sent;
  • monitor the progress in search engines, fix possible errors, try new solutions;
  • last but not least – take care of valuable, interesting and original visual material that will attract the attention of potential customers and stand out among competing content. 

If we feel completely lost in the world of visual search – what will surely prove helpful is watching the competition that is successful in this area and works effectively. A useful option are also paid ads, e.g. on Pinterest, and for the more ambitious, there is even the possibility of creating an original application that will be developed based on visual search.  

Visual Search - what is it?

Profits for business

Is it worth investing in this still imperfect and not yet so popular solution? Of course, it all depends on the type of business, possible budget that we would have to take into account, target audience, etc., but visual search can bring a lot of profits, such as: 

  • improvement of user experience (visual search is very convenient and fast, which certainly attracts some potential customers who value comfort and non-pushiness in the sales system);
  • greater brand recognition (if we take care of the original visual identification, we can count on the recipients to recognize us more easily in the network);  
  • improving website visibility, website traffic and sales profits (thanks to gaining an additional source of attracting consumers’ attention);
  • greater competitiveness, market advantage (due to investing in a future-oriented tool that is still used by a minority of companies);
  • image of a modern, innovative company.

It is worth following the next changes to visual search. Even if we are not yet convinced whether this solution is suitable for our business, it is certainly gaining more and more attention among Internet recipients. 

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