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What is the characteristic of display advertising?

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Are you wondering what a display ad is? It is a great way to promote your brand on the Internet, stimulating sales and increasing recognition. Display ads are graphical (banners) and are displayed in various places on the web. As an internet user, you must have come across them more than once. Most advertisers use the special Google Display Network to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. This solution brings many advantages – the biggest advantage of the Google Display Network is the fact that it has millions of websites from all over the world. Display ads should be combined with SEO, which you can read more about here.

The effectiveness of display advertising 

What is display advertisingin practice? It is a displayed banner in various places on the website. You don’t have to look far to see an example of a display ad. It is enough to open any news portal or popular blog to immediately notice various banners, for example advertising products or services. Website owners provide space on their website, and Google places sponsored materials there on behalf of advertisers from the advertising network. In short, the advertiser pays, Google mediates, and the publisher pays. The use of display advertising is extremely popular in any industry. Banners are used to stimulate sales, increase conversion or build brand recognition online. Their preparation is relatively simple, and the distribution of materials does not cost particularly much. The most popular billing models are:

  • CPM – cost per mile, i.e. the cost of viewing 1000 times the page with the ad.
  • CPC – cost per click, i.e. the cost associated with clicking on an ad.
  • CPA – cost per action, i.e. the cost associated with performing a specific action.

We explained the basics of what a display ad is . Is it a profitable form of online marketing? Yes of course! You just need to look at how many banner ads from the Google network we watch every day on social networks, forums or blogs. The HubSpot portal has published a study which shows that the Google advertising network reaches up to 90% of internet users worldwide ( source). It’s really a lot. The main advantage of this type of solution is its operation on a mass scale. You can run a national or international business – in both cases, display ads will provide excellent effectiveness, they only need to be properly prepared to interest Internet users. According to Clutch.co, in 2017, advertising prompted about 90% of consumers to make a purchase ( source ). So the banners don’t have to present your products or services right away. An equally good solution is to use them to build awareness on the Internet.

As an advertiser, you can easily increase the effectiveness of your activities. Remember to use basic content marketing elements, such as Call to Action. Try to prepare aesthetic banners that focus your eyesight, use various variations to achieve the desired effect. Don’t forget about responsive ads. Thanks to them, the banner will be properly displayed on any device, regardless of the screen size.

Characteristics of display advertising

Types of display ads and their description

When discussing what a display ad is , it is worth noting that there are different types of it. When preparing your campaign in the Google Ads panel, you will see three different options. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose depends only on you, so it’s worth getting to know them a bit better. Here they are:

Intelligent Display Network Campaign – this is a variant suggested by Google by default. What is this display ad ? Most of all, it is distinguished by its simplicity. Campaign management is characterized by simplicity, and the whole thing is not complicated. This is a particularly good solution for people starting their adventure with Google Ads. The intelligent campaign is perfect for acquiring customers and increasing conversions. It can be used for remarketing to encourage people who have not made a purchase but, for example, browsed the inventory. It is possible to reach Internet users at various stages of the shopping path. What does display advertising giveof an intelligent nature? This includes automated bidding and targeting, and simple banner creation. With the right optimization and knowledge, you will gain as much as possible by spending as little as possible.

Standard Display Campaign – Similar to the previous one, but less automated. Banners can reach users using various websites, as well as websites from Google, such as YouTube or Gmail. The campaign manager can modify the way ads are displayed, for example by specifying specific audiences. Again, you can use remarketing lists to positively impact your conversion rate. 

Gmail campaign – is a solution focused on only one website. What is a Gmail display ad and how does it work? The materials will be displayed in the user’s inbox in the “Offers” and “Communities” tabs. This type of advertisement is interactive, and the advertiser has the option to add a video or, for example, a form to it. This is a specific type of advertising campaign that works in very few cases.

Characteristics of display advertising

The process of creating display ads

What does creating a display ad look like? From 2018, by default, Google proposes to create flexible banners so that they can adapt to the size of the device. How to prepare them?

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Go to the “Display Campaigns” tab, then “Ads & extensions”.
  3. By clicking the blue plus button you will start creating a new display ad.
  4. Select the appropriate ad group.
  5. Add and save images. You can add a total of 15 different photos and additionally 5 files with your company logo.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Complete the ad information. As an advertiser, you have the option of adding different headline and text variations to be displayed to users.
  8. Save Changes.
  9. Wait for your ad to be approved by Google.

Responsive ads are extremely useful for advertisers. You don’t have to optimize each image or prepare multiple variants. It should be noted that when uploading various files and information to Google Ads, the software independently “learns” from its performance history which headline, text and image combinations have produced the best results. To find out exactly what display advertising is it is worth taking the official course available on Google SkillShop. Explaining all marketing secrets is a matter of several to even several dozen hours. If you have your own website and you want to deal with advertising distribution individually, it is worth doing it with theoretical knowledge. Then you will spend less and the end result will be even better.You will also learn what display advertising is in the Google Internet Revolutions course. This is a free online training available to everyone. Alternatively, use the help of professionals who will prepare an advertising campaign and monitor it.

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