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What does a web analyst do?

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An Internet analyst is a very interesting specialization that is needed to meet many goals on the Internet. Internet analysis is, of course, work with data, so it is associated with their acquisition, data collection, and elaboration. On their basis, you can verify the effectiveness of many activities, including those related to SEO. Are you looking for proven knowledge about positioning? Go to this subpage.

Online Analyst – Brief Profile Outline

If you want to know what is happening with your applications, websites, advertising campaigns and have information about users’ activities, what brings success and what is worth improving – you should definitely turn to a web analyst .  Therefore, Internet analysts are usually people who have a broader knowledge of the functioning of the network and the opportunities created by certain activities in the virtual space. In a nutshell: the web analyst provides the data to his company, explains their meaning, is able to create accurate strategies based on it, and proposes their implementation. Thus, web analysis is fully rational as it is based on knowledge from which recommendations for further action are derived.

Internet analysis as an activity necessary for the company’s success on the Internet

The best internet analysts are not only able to read and check the data received from measuring devices in detail, but also verify the obtained set of information in the context of the company’s operations, its goals, and in the broad context of the Internet space. They are specialists who are also good at using logic, mathematics and general knowledge about the actions performed by network users and their consequences. Internet analytics brings information about the actual state of our websites, internet services, and allows you to plan their development, sets realistic goals and ways to achieve them (e.g. increasing the number of page visits, the number of completed forms, the effectiveness of supporting the website by referrals from social media, etc. .) Therefore, any company that seriously thinks about being online and benefiting from it will necessarily find time and place for a web analyst to be active. You just can’t navigate through the dense woods of the internet without even a little bit of guidance.

Financial analyst job

Google Analytics – an example of a web analyst’s work

The Google Analytics service is perhaps the most popular and common among web analysts. It is enough for making many measurements of network traffic, but the tools used by analysts are many more. Let’s take an example of what an internet analyst actually does. Once the tracking code for our site is up and running and the service is fully set up, the analyst receives a ton of invaluable data. Learns about clicks on our content, the number of visits, the standard user profile of the site, his behavior (e.g. time spent on the site, etc.), places from which the site was accessed, the most popular blog articles and statistics for them, as well as many other similar things. See   Errors SEO data analysis. Do you know them all?

In this way, the web analyst gets to know the website users – he is able to determine their profile and on this basis advise the content that will be more likely to be viewed. Some data may even tell you that your website needs to be rebuilt so that you can connect with potential customers more often. Thanks to Google Analytics, we will also know which blog articles convert the most. And also: does the YouTube video really attract customers, is the placement of elements on the website conducive to making contact, do we need more external links, etc. It is really a lot of knowledge that an internet analyst has to deal with, identify the main trends and create a full a report that will be the starting point for further strategy planning.Not without significance – apart from hard technical competences – will also be soft communication skills. Internet analysis must be communicated by the analyst in a transparent manner to persons authorized to manage the company’s development direction. The goal is to provide data and guidelines in such a way as to persuade decision-makers in the company to take appropriate actions that clearly result from tables, charts and hard figures. 

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Internet analysis 

An Internet analyst is a whistleblower and strategist – informs and advises. That is why his work is so important, especially in the context of SEO. If you want to know more about positioning analytics, read our posts regularly. We also encourage everyone interested in increasing the visibility of their website on the web to contact us via the form.

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