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What are Featured snippeters and how do you get in them?

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Featured snippet are special fragments with the answer displayed in the Google search engine. The answer box contains information corresponding to the user’s query. These are extended search results, thanks to which the Internet user can find the website he is looking for faster. This solution ensures better visibility on Google and builds the image of an expert in a given industry. The Featured snippet is commonly referred to as a zero result because it appears at the very top of the search list.

Why is it worth taking care of the Featured snippet?

If you regularly use Google search, you certainly know what Featured snippet is in practice. Expanded search results have a huge impact on improving web visibility , and are able to generate more traffic. This is the perfect solution if you want to build an image of an expert on the web, while taking care of SEO issues. Your texts will be displayed in high positions and will go to the answer box as the most matched answer to the user’s query.

It is worth mentioning, however, that when the Featured snippet presents all the most important information about a specific topic, the user probably won’t click the link. Why? Because the answer to the question will appear in the search engine window, so displaying the entire subpage will be unnecessary. For this reason, it is worth taking care of the Featured snippet by optimizing the content on the website. The answer displayed in the answer box should be clear and substantive, but at the same time encouraging to click. This task is not the easiest one, because the content displayed in Featured snippet cannot be edited by yourself. It is the algorithm that decides what and when to display.

Better visibility on Google is not the only advantage of answer boxes. For example, the SearchEngineLand website regularly publishes SEO and SEM related content. The website recorded a threefold increase in CTR (click-through rate) after the implementation of the Featured snippet . So if you take care of your content, you have a chance to get really big organic traffic. The only condition is to optimize the content in such a way that the texts meet the requirements of users and algorithms at the same time.

Featured snippet

How to find yourself in Featured snippet

The question of how to get to Featured snippet started to appear before the answer boxes were even rolled out to Google search. So, how do you end up zero in search results? The answer is simple. Take care of your content as best as possible. The algorithm automatically verifies the content of the page and decides whether the content should be displayed in the Featured snippet as a response to the user’s query.

Create content related to your industry. If you don’t have a blog, it’s time to start one. Include keywords in the text, but naturally, without spam or pasting phrases artificially. In this way, you can count not only on better visibility on Google , but also in the answer box if the algorithm decides that your texts are best suited to the Internet user’s question.

Try to publish evergreen content. Such texts are timeless and deal with a variety of issues. It can be said that evergreen content is the complete opposite of news content that is popular for several hours or days. If you are serious about improving your website visibility and you already own a blog, optimize the content you share. In this case, a technique called content pruning will work. It is refreshing texts by removing outdated information and updating. If you are not able to create articles on your own, use the help of specialists, preferably a reputable SEO agency that employs copywriters. Remember that hitting Featured snippet requires the best possible visibility on Google. It is practically impossible without positioning.

What are Featured snippet for?

Content displayed on Featured snippet is 300 characters or less. The answer to the user’s question will not be exhaustive, but should encourage people to click on the link. The Rich Featured snippet should also be mentioned – it’s a separate answer box variant, this time with a photo. The image does not have to come from the same domain as the query response. Google algorithms independently determine what photo will be displayed in a specific answer box.

Featured snippet is more than better visibility on Google . The expanded search results are extremely convenient for users. If you ask the search engine a question, the algorithm will try to provide the best-suited answer. Google strives to guarantee the comfort of Internet users at a very high level, which is why updates with new content are introduced regularly. If you do not want your website to appear in Featured snippet, put a special tag in your website code: <meta name = “robots” content = “nosnippet”> .

Featured snippet

Positioning under Featured snippet

Improving website visibility through positioning for Featured snippet is based on creating new content and optimizing the current one. Content must be substantive and in line with SEO principles. A good solution is to use the help of an agency. Positioning will make your website a chance to be regularly displayed in answer boxes. The SEO specialist will prepare a list of topics that are frequently searched by users. Then the copywriters will take care of the creative process so that the texts meet the needs of Internet users and the requirements of the algorithm. The positioner will also determine which texts need updating. In addition, it will take care of UX issues and fixing all errors on the website. As a result, you can expect an improvement in your website visibility, greater online recognition and an image of an industry expert.

One subpage may be shown as zero for multiple keywords. It is enough to properly optimize the content. How to check if a page is in Featured snippet and website content appears in answer boxes? You can use the SEMrush and Ahrefs tools for this. In both cases, you’ll get access to more or less the same stats.

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