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Step-by-step HTTPS protocol

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HTTPS websites most often meet the basic conditions of security and user protection. More and more websites are using this solution, so it’s worth knowing what this protocol is. Of course, having HTTPS won’t make your site completely secure. However, this SSL certificate is extremely important from the positioning point of view. How to transfer your domain from classic HTTP to HTTPS. What does an SSL certificate have to do with all of this?

What is HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is an encrypted version of the traditional, well-known HTTP protocol. In order to use such a solution on the website, you must implement an SSL certificate, preferably with the extension to the TLS version. If you open any site, you can easily check if it supports HTTPS. Just look at the top of the browser – specifically, towards the URL bar. This is where the padlock should be to confirm HTTPS on the page . If an exclamation point (or other graphic, depending on your browser) appears instead of the security icon, the site does not have an SSL certificate. You can click on the padlock for more information and to check the certificate details.

Generally speaking, HTTPS on a website is synonymous with security. Websites without an active SSL certificate are often considered unsafe. Many browsers warn you before opening this type of page – for example by saying: ” Your connection to this site is not secure“. This not only has a negative impact on positioning (Google’s algorithms will not allow you to reach high positions in the search results of websites without a certificate, but it is also badly received by Internet users. Many of them, seeing the notification about the lack of security, will resign from visiting such a website. It is worth thinking about activating an SSL certificate at the very beginning, when setting up a website. Very often hosting service providers have them in their offer. It is not uncommon that when buying hosting and a domain, the customer receives an SSL certificate for a price, but for a specified period of time. Then you need to extend the service by paying. Do you want to keep your website secure? Are you wondering how to do HTTPS to make everything work properly? 

A way to use the https protocol

How to make HTTPS?

You already know what an SSL certificate is. Now you need to activate it, of course, if you have access to this service from your hosting provider. Alternatively, you can buy it. The activation process varies depending on where you have SSL. See your supplier’s instructions. You did it? It is now time to learn how to make HTTPS on the site . Take WordPress as an example, which is a very popular solution for business card sites and online stores (WooCommerce).

Plugins are a brilliant solution for all WordPress based website administrators. It is thanks to them that the configuration of the website is much simpler and faster. How to make HTTPS on a WordPress site ?

You need to install the appropriate plugin, Really Simple SSL is best for this . As she suggests, installing an SSL certificate will be really easy . After your plugin is installed, you will likely find ” Go ahead, activate SSL ” in the plugin list . Click on it and you will be automatically taken to the settings. There, check the box ” Auto replace mixet content “. Although most often this option is turned on automatically, there are occasions when you need to do it manually after installation, so check the situation.

Now go to the general WordPress settings. In the URL window, you should see: https: //. If your SSL certificate has been properly activated, its configuration with the help of the plug-in should also be successful, without any complications. If for some reason a website still has HTTP instead of HTTPS, it’s very possible that you are using outdated plugins that conflict with Really Simple SSL . You can find the cause of the error yourself, or use the help of a qualified specialist. You can also ask a question on one of the WordPress forums, or write a post on the appropriate Facebook group. 

When answering the question how to make HTTPS on the website , it is worth noting that the implementation of the SSL certificate is not everything. If the website is connected with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, go to the settings of both tools. Then change your website address from HTTP to HTTPS.

A way to use the https protocol

HTTPS for the site – advantages

The implementation of HTTPS on the website has a number of advantages that you should know about. Of course, the biggest advantage of this solution is that it provides users with greater security. The data is encrypted and protected, which is especially important, for example, in online stores, where orders and payments are made. Customers then provide a lot of their private data that should be protected. 

Also, remember that Google’s algorithms pay attention to whether a particular website opens from an HTTP or HTTPS address. Sites with an active SSL certificate are definitely easier to position, because search engines want to promote safe and proven domains. If you think about SEO and want to rank high in search results, you actually need to provide an SSL certificate for your website.

The lack of HTTPS can negatively affect traffic and user acquisition. Often, browsers display information that connecting to a specific site may be dangerous. Such a popup discourages visitors from entering the site and repels users. If you are also affected by this problem, you can expect little traffic, and in the case of e-commerce, limited or even no sales.

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