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Step by step creating a Facebook campaign

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If your goal is to achieve the highest possible on-page conversion, you need a strategy that goes beyond standard SEO efforts. In times of such high competitiveness, you need to use as many methods as possible that will allow you to reach a wide audience. Website optimization, natural linking are key, but paid ads are able to increase the efficiency of activities. One of the popular and effective solutions is Facebook Ads – how to do it professionally and use it for specific e-marketing purposes?

The effectiveness of Facebook ads 

Advertising on Facebookit already has a history and, therefore, has undergone many modifications, thanks to which it is an effective promotion tool in the current version. Main advantages? We gain access to a huge community, we can use even a small budget, and we do not have to wait long for tangible results. Undoubtedly, an attractive option is precisely targeting, which allows you to define even a very narrow target group (based on age, gender, demographic data, interests, language, etc., as well as less standard indicators), which means that we reach only these users, who will be interested in the offer. 

Thanks to Facebook Ads, we can prepare a given campaign relatively quickly and start it at any time. Access to a variety of advertising templates (movie, product presentation, slide show etc. ) allows a creative approach, an undoubted advantage is also a large selection of campaign goals (increasing the number of visits to the site, purchases on the site, promoting a specific post or event, acquiring contacts, etc.). Advertisers also praise remarketing options for a reason, which are great for attracting the attention of undecided users. Of course, to carry outFacebook advertising , which will be associated with an appropriate return on investment, should be carefully considered, and in the planning process, many important factors and data about the company and its customers should be taken into account, correct optimization is the key to success here. It is worth starting small steps, the platform offers many possibilities for monitoring campaigns and tracking important statistics, thanks to which you can easily assess to what extent the effects meet individual expectations. 

Step by step creating a Facebook campaign

Positioning and advertising in social media – a perfect duo 

Why are positioning and advertising on Facebook – but also other ads in social media, on Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, so complementary? This is evidenced by, among others the following perks: 

  • Short-term and long-term effects – thanks to social media campaigns, you do not have to wait for positioning results, which require significant commitment and longer time spent on planning page optimization and linking strategies. 
  • More information about the target audience – by selecting narrow targeting and examining the effectiveness of specific settings, you are able to learn more about the audience interested in our offer. 
  • Acquiring new potential customers – more activities lead to greater brand popularity, also among people who have not necessarily been considered potential customers. 
  • Intensified actions leading to a common goal – both advertising campaigns in social media and positioning are aimed at improving conversion – the more actions, the greater the likelihood of achieving the desired effect. 
  • Building recognition in the industry, increasing competitiveness – you hear about the brand more and more often, the image is properly controlled, and the trust of customers is also growing. 
  • More statistics, better data monitoring – which translates into greater effectiveness of advertising activities, as well as a better understanding of your niche, specificity of the industry, etc.  
  • Optimizing the advertising budget – faster return on investment in the case of social media campaigns may increase the possibilities of developing positioning strategies. 
Step by step creating a Facebook campaign

How to create Facebook ads?  

Let’s move on to the practical part, i.e. trying Facebook Ads – how to do it step by step? If you have a specific idea and the data you need to use – go to the Ad Manager and then directly to the ad wizard or select the “Create” option. Then focus on the most important settings, which are:

Choose your campaign goal See:   Advertising on the Internet

You have a choice of options from three main categories: recognition (goals increasing interest in a brand, company, services), taking into account (goals that are to make, as the name suggests, that the recipient takes into account a given company and looks for more information about it ) and conversion (encouraging to take specific actions on the company’s website). Set your priorities, and after making a specific choice, give the campaign a name and enable the budget optimization option.

Create an ad set – Define your target audience

Then proceed to creating the campaign structure, i.e. a set of ads (you can have several such sets in one campaign) – at this stage you need to define or select a target audience. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose more or less precise geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting. 

Choose your ad placements

The next step is to determine on what platform and in what place of the platform the ad should be displayed. Facebook offers the following options: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience network (a network of applications and websites cooperating with the website) and specific places within them (e.g. news, relationships, in the search results of a given website, Messenger inbox and others). There is also the option of using automatic placement.

Define the budget and schedule for the campaign

Facebook allows you to use the option of budget optimization, i.e. setting both the daily budget (the average amount per ad each day) and the total budget (cost during the entire duration of the broadcast). After taking these settings into account, set the start and end date of the ad, use any. additional options. 

Go to creating your ad and select its format

After creating the campaign and ad set, it’s time for the final step, which is the actual creation of the ad. Select a specific page that it will concern and decide on the format: carousel / image or movie / collection. Add the multimedia materials you want to use, as well as the advertising text (possibly also the CTA button, pixel selection options, etc.). 

Check the preview and save the ad 

If everything looks correct and you’ve saved the ad, it will be checked by Facebook and activated. What remains is performance monitoring and statistics tracking. Practice makes perfect, so it is worth bearing in mind that each subsequent campaign will probably be a bit more efficient, and in combination with the SEO strategy, it can significantly affect your business and its development.

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When can positioning effects be expected?

Search engine optimization on the Internet gives results after a long time, so it’s worth being patient. The results are also not given once and for all. Achieving a position in TOP3, TOP5 or TOP10 does not guarantee that we will keep them in the coming months. The ranking is based on many factors that change frequently.

Does positioning / SEO guarantee a high position?

SEO agencies take actions that contribute to the improvement of the website’s position, but cannot guarantee a specific place in the search results. Google often makes sudden and unexpected changes to your ranking. The positioners have no influence on:
changes in ranking algorithms,
actions of the competition,
hacker attacks,
errors in the website code or server operation such as secure your site with HTTPS.

How does SEO work?

Positioning the website is about increasing its visibility in the organic search engine results, including Google search engines. SEO specialists influence the website’s evaluation by algorithms. This is done through SEO activities consisting in website optimization (on-site activities) and increasing its authority through valuable links (off-site works).

Is website positioning profitable?

SEO helps to get traffic to our website in the long run. The cost of acquiring a user from search engine results can be much cheaper than in the case of paid ads. Properly prepared SEO strategy has a positive effect on website conversions. Positioning the website for many queries, from long tail, to mid and money keywords, also builds users’ trust in our website.

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