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Online business – the basics of promotion in UAE

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Every company that wants to appear in the modern world must be present and visible on the web. This applies to both small and large stores, as well as service companies, restaurants and large enterprises. The continuing coronavirus epidemic has only accelerated the displacement of the traditional form of business by online business – now not only shops, but also restaurants, consulting offices and consulting companies are active in the network. If you want to gain an advantage over the competition, you should know how to promote a businesson the Web. Online advertising activities include, among others, professional positioning of the company’s website, taking care of the brand image, using various channels to communicate with potential customers and the use of paid advertising.


One of the most important issues for your business is its visibility in Google search results. It is obvious that Internet users are more likely to visit and trust those brands that, after entering the key phrase in the search engine, are displayed at the very top. Whether or not a website will be there depends on many factors.

Generally speaking, positioning is any activity aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in search results. Such activities are divided into on-site and off-site. The first of these concepts applies to all activities that are performed within the domain – first of all, it is about creating valuable, unique and consistent with Google content, but on-site positioning also applies to a transparent, intuitive structure of the website, its readability and attractiveness. . Off-site activities, on the other hand, refer to what is happening outside the website, i.e. primarily acquiring external links from trusted, industry websites and forums.

The website, which was created in accordance with Google’s guidelines and the most important search engine algorithms, is perceived by Google robots as valuable for the user, trusted and expert. It often happens that people who do not know how to promote online business , wanting to quickly get high positions in the search engine, take actions that do not comply with Google’s guidelines, such as acquiring many links of poor quality, copying descriptions from other websites or placing phrases too unnatural and frequent. key in the texts. It is therefore worth remembering that such sites are not highly rated by Google and in extreme cases they may be punished with a ban for the site. If you want to promote your online business with the help of positioning, the only effective solution is to optimize the website in accordance with the guidelines of the company from Mountain View.

Online business - the basics of promotion


Brand image is one of the most important factors influencing whether it is popular with current and potential customers. There are many possibilities how to promote business on the web using your image. A positive brand image on the web can be created, inter alia, by:

  • Placing information on the company’s activities, history, current offer and contact details on the website;
  • Adding a subpage on the website with positive opinions and recommendations from existing customers;
  • Placing current data about the company in the Google My Business panel;
  • Responding to comments and maintaining courtesy and respectful interaction with customers, for example in the feedback section on Google or under articles posted on a company blog;
  • Caring for brand consistency in individual communication channels and compliance with the offer on the website;
  • Presence on industry portals and prestigious forums related to the company’s operations.

Thanks to the above activities, it is possible to create a positive image of the brand, which will be perceived not only as trustworthy, but also as an authority and expert in a given field. Many of the above aspects – such as professionally prepared subpages “About us” and “Contact”, a listing in Google My Business or mentions of the company on other portals – are all the more important as they also affect the perception of the site by Google robots, and what a it goes with its positioning.

Various promotion channels

In today’s internet, a website is just the tip of the iceberg. The network offers many different types of online business promotion channels . If you want your brand to be visible on the Internet, use various communication channels through which you can contact potential customers and encourage them to use your services.

social media

In some cases – especially when your activity is related to the youth industry – activity on company profiles in social media is no less important than having a website. A branded, professionally run and regularly updated profile on Facebook is the basis these days. Depending on the profile of our business, however, it is also worth setting up business accounts on other social networks, such as Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn.

How to promote business in social media? On Facebook or Instagram, it is worth taking care of interaction with fans and followers and focusing on creative posts that are willingly shared and liked. Also, remember to link to your website and place a CTA.

Platforms based on audio-visual media

Descriptions and articles on a website are important, but bear in mind that in today’s world people are more likely to watch audiovisual material than to read. If you want to promote online business with the times, create a branded account on a platform like YouTube. It is one of the most visited web portals where you can strengthen relationships with recipients and create the image of an expert and authority. It is worth publishing guides, rankings or reviews of specific products on YouTube.

Email marketing and newsletters

Email marketing may seem like a slightly outdated option for online business promotion, but it is still effective in some cases. With this form of direct marketing, you can inform former, current and potential customers about new services, promotions or new products in the store. Newsletters can also help promote your business.

Outdoor articles

A good idea on how to promote online business are also external articles published on prestigious and industry portals. Such texts are usually not only enriched with links to your website, but also advertise your company’s services in an unobtrusive way, which increases the chance of attracting more people to it.

Online business - the basics of promotion

Paid ads

When talking about how to promote an online business , paid advertising should also be mentioned. Paid ads like Google Ads are a quick and effective way to promote your business online. Google Ads campaigns are a perfect complement to SEO activities and are recommended primarily for two reasons. First, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. Secondly, you can adapt them to the specifics of the industry and your own expectations. Google Ads advertising campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Google Ads Shopping campaign,
  • Google search network,
  • Google advertising network,
  • Google Ads remarketing,
  • YouTube video ads.

It is worth remembering that paid advertising campaigns and sponsored posts can also be carried out on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

By carrying out all of the above marketing activities on the Internet, you will certainly get the best promotional and business effect. These activities are largely interdependent and constantly interpenetrate one another. Therefore, if you want to know how to promote online business effectively, use the services of a professional SEO agency.

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How does SEO work?

Positioning the website is about increasing its visibility in the organic search engine results, including Google search engines. SEO specialists influence the website’s evaluation by algorithms. This is done through SEO activities consisting in website optimization (on-site activities) and increasing its authority through valuable links (off-site works).

Is website positioning profitable?

SEO helps to get traffic to our website in the long run. The cost of acquiring a user from search engine results can be much cheaper than in the case of paid ads. Properly prepared SEO strategy has a positive effect on website conversions. Positioning the website for many queries, from long tail, to mid and money keywords, also builds users’ trust in our website.

When can positioning effects be expected?

Search engine optimization on the Internet gives results after a long time, so it’s worth being patient. The results are also not given once and for all. Achieving a position in TOP3, TOP5 or TOP10 does not guarantee that we will keep them in the coming months. The ranking is based on many factors that change frequently.

Does positioning / SEO guarantee a high position?

SEO agencies take actions that contribute to the improvement of the website’s position, but cannot guarantee a specific place in the search results. Google often makes sudden and unexpected changes to your ranking. The positioners have no influence on:
changes in ranking algorithms,
actions of the competition,
hacker attacks,
errors in the website code or server operation such as secure your site with HTTPS.

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