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Online advertising budget step by step

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Depending on your requirements, the advertising budget may range from a few hundred zlotys to several thousand zlotys a month. Marketing expenses should include not only paid Facebook and search ads, but also organic positioning. Is there a way to accurately estimate the cost? How to prepare a budget to use it effectively? And the most important question – how much does internet advertising cost? We decided to introduce you to this topic a bit.

How much does internet advertising cost?

The Internet is not a place with a pinned price list that tells you how much advertising costs . Even if a specific platform has specific rates, these values often change or relate to different, specific cases. For this reason, it is difficult to determine what budget to allocate for online advertising . The final amount depends primarily on:

  • Industry
  • Your expectations for results
  • Scale of activities
  • Advertising strategy used

Nevertheless, we will try to give you some examples of how much advertising costs on different platforms. Then, step by step, we will go through the development of a budget tailored to your needs. Then you can easily prepare a complete action plan and the amounts you will spend on online marketing activities.

Paid Search Engine Ads – Google and Bing

The most popular billing model in Google Ads is the CPC (cost per click) model. The same method is appreciated by people creating ads in the Bing search engine (it is less popular in Poland, but widely known in many foreign markets). You pay only when a user clicks on a link that takes you to your website. How much does such an action cost, i.e. acquiring one Internet user? It depends primarily on the competition. If more companies want to advertise for specific keywords, the price will be higher. In Google and Bing, you can set a maximum CPC bid (how much you want to pay per click) as well as your daily budget. The system will automatically present you with information about the effects you can expect. Thanks to this, you can easily optimize the budget for online advertisingin order not to overpay. The CPC rate can range from a few groszy to a dozen or so zlotys, depending on the industry. It is worth creating ads with different parameters and testing their effectiveness. Thanks to this, you can manipulate the budget and invest only in profitable activities. If you want to do it yourself, it may be a long time before your marketing efforts become profitable and you clear your budget. If you don’t want to learn by trial and error, invest in professional help. Thanks to this, you will be sure that paid ads will be dealt with by experienced specialists who know how to configure promotional campaigns. For many people this seems less advantageous because specialists have to be paid. Jenak, they can direct the campaigns in such a way that they are very profitable. It may turn out that you will pay less for advertising and the work of specialists than you would have to do it yourself. In addition, you will have much better results. 

How to plan your online advertising budget step by step?

Advertising on social media – Facebook and Instagram

The situation is similar in social media. Almost every promotional campaign is carried out by setting a budget in advance. Thanks to this, you can control your expenses. How much does advertising on Facebook or Instagram cost ? Depending on what it will look like and what its purpose is, the allocation of the amounts is really huge. You can set the budget for online advertising yourself and you know exactly how much you will spend on a weekly or monthly basis. Check statistics and give up campaigns that do not bring you profit.

YouTube video ads

If you want to be an advertiser on YouTube, you have to take into account the cost of around a dozen groszy for each material displayed. The system calculates the amounts automatically in the CPM model (cost per mile), i.e. only when the ad reaches a thousand recipients. It should be noted that YouTube’s payment rules are somewhat complex, depending on how the content is displayed. The advertiser pays only when the advertisement is viewed by the Internet user in its entirety – unless the video material lasts longer than half a minute, the amount for publishing the advertisement is charged after 30 seconds.

Online advertising budget – how to develop?

You already know that how much advertising costs is difficult to define unequivocally. Use free tools on platforms where there is a chance to promote your own business. Then you will find out what budget for online advertising you will need. How to develop a plan and strategy in terms of costs?

Step 1 – Think about where you want to host your ads.

Step 2 – Set a goal or goals for your activities – preferably short-term and long-term

Step 3 – Check how much it will cost you to display your ads on specific platforms.

Step 4 – set such values (eg CPC) to get as close to the target as possible for a given amount.

Step 5 – prepare advertising materials (texts, videos, graphics).

Step 6 – start publishing promotional content.

Step 7 – research and analyze the effectiveness, impose any corrections.

How much should your online ad budget be compared to your revenue? There are different schools and each has different values. It is best to apply the principle according to which a few percent of the revenues will be allocated to marketing activities. It cannot be too much or too little. Each enterprise should define these values according to its own needs. If you are preparing advertising campaigns for the first time, you can start with a small amount and possibly increase your funds if you see that your actions lead you to your goal in small steps.

How to plan your online advertising budget step by step?

There is also SEO – positioning

An alternative to this type of advertising is SEO implementation. Although, in general, the word alternative is not exactly the right term. Why? The positioning of websites in the search engine (i.e. the previously mentioned SEO) can be combined with PPC ads, thus creating a SEM strategy. Preparing a campaign based on these two channels in online marketing can bring really phenomenal results. You can promote your website in both natural and paid search results. The best results are achieved just by combining these two options. Organic positioning is a solid foundation that is worth investing in because it brings great benefits. Use our agency and see how huge profits can be generated by your online business when you invest in SEO!

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