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Nofollow links. What are they for?

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Acquiring links, or link building, is an important part of SEO. Do you want to deal with SEO yourself? It takes a long time to learn, among the many concepts you need to know, some are related to off-site activities. You need to know what nofollow links are and what they are used for. What exactly are they for and are they important? Familiarize yourself with all the most important information about them.

Nofollow links – what are they?

Nofollow links are a type of link which Google believes is invalid in determining the position of a website. Is it really true? Although these types of links do not directly affect the position, they are involved in the SEO of the website. How it’s possible? You will learn about it in a moment. First, some basic information. In arto, so that you can also find out about dofollow links. They are the ones that have the greatest impact on determining the page position by Google algorithms. Then why use nofollow links ? There is one very important reason for this. It is a diversification of the sources of obtaining links.

How to check the link type? Link analysis on the website

Have you successfully obtained a link and want to check what type of link it is? You can do it very easily. Just open the website’s source code, preferably by clicking Ctrl + U. Then, search for your link in the code. If there is a lot of text, use manual search by pressing Ctrl + F.

Nofollow links look something like this in the code:

<a href=(http://xyz.pl/( rel=( nofollow “> Anchor text </a>

Can you see rel = “nofollow” ? It is he who indicates that this particular link does not convey its power and does not directly affect the position of a given website. URLs with the dofollow attribute look slightly different. Here is an example:

<a href=(http://xyz.pl/(> anchor text </a>

As you can see, there is no “dofollow” entry at all. The link has this attribute by default and is taken into account by Google’s algorithms when determining the position. 

What are nofollow links for

Natural link profile – why nofollow?

If you are interested in SEO a little, you certainly know that these types of links are obtained, although they do not directly affect the position. What are nofollow links used for ? Their goal is to maintain a natural link profile. Currently, Google algorithms are extremely complex and can intelligently analyze how a website looks. If you conduct SEO activities and acquire only links with the dofollow attribute, you may be exposed to a filter from Google. Of course, it will not happen if you get a few or a dozen such links. Rather, we are talking about really large numbers, such as hundreds or thousands – possibly tens of thousands – and in a short amount of time. Why nofollow links are used? They are used to diversify linking sources so that the link profile looks natural. Then the Google algorithms consider the actions as “normal” and not forbidden.

When the Penguin algorithm was released (with subsequent updates), link building began to take a new, completely different form. In the past, the number of links mattered – spammy links were generated on a massive scale in staggering numbers, just to strengthen their position. Where the URL came from made little difference. This situation changed drastically. Currently, the quality of the link is much more important. Link building based on junk websites will not have a positive impact on the website’s position on Google. Therefore, you should not only obtain nofollow and dofollow links , but also constantly monitor where these links come from.

What is a natural link profile? It is difficult to define it unequivocally, because Google does not provide strict guidelines on this matter. Some SEO specialists indicate that dofollow links should constitute a small percentage of all obtained links. In turn, there are known cases where almost 99% of URLs to one page have the dofollow attribute and the site is doing well. One such example is Wikipedia.

What are nofollow links for

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Where to get nofollow links?

You already know what to get nofollow links for . Where to look for them? This is not an easy task, especially for beginners. Probably the most popular places to link with the nofollow attribute are all sorts of thematic blogs with a comment section. It is also possible to create profiles on various portals. A good solution is to link from forums, preferably thematic. There are many possibilities, but remember that your actions must be as natural as possible. What does it mean? You cannot take any action that will be contrary to Google’s rules, you can learn about them in the guide for webmasters.

Avoid SWL (link exchange system) solutions that have not worked for years and can only hurt you instead of helping you. This concept is based on getting really large amounts of links in a short time. Not only does it get the attention of Google’s algorithms, which may mark it as unnatural, but most often link exchange systems have low-quality presell pages with copied or spammy content. It’s definitely better to focus on manual and deliberate actions. 

Where to get dofollow links?

It is worth establishing industry cooperation. Not only to gain connections and know what’s going on. You can also get dofollow links this way. You can use sponsored articles, write someone a substantive text in exchange for a link, or do something else for a dofollow link. If you want to get links through sponsored articles, remember to use proven places, for example WhitePress.

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