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What is keyword cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization can be problematic when positioning a given website. It takes place when at least two subpages of one website are created based on the same keywords. Then it is difficult for algorithms to subordinate a specific subpage to given phrases. How to detect cannibalization and counteract it? Cannibalization detection Avoid having several subpages optimized for the same keywords. This can be a… Read More »What is keyword cannibalization?

How to lower your bounce rate?

A high bounce rate alerts you that people entering a given site give up checking other subpages and do not perform any action. This is important information for some types of websites, especially for online stores. There are many ways to deal with this problem. In this text, we present several methods by which you can influence a high bounce rate. What actions… Read More »How to lower your bounce rate?

Pole position in e-commerce – the first live Semcore

We cordially invite you to the series of live shows “Pole position in e-commerce”, which we have created in cooperation with the online magazine Marketing I Biznes. Thanks to them, you will learn how to effectively build your online store’s visibility, traffic, and conversion. The first meeting topic will be the selection of the best promotional channels for the site—more details in… Read More »Pole position in e-commerce – the first live Semcore

What is CRM?

A modern company should be flexible in terms of the implemented solutions. One of such facilities is the CRM System (Customer Relationship Management). It offers several possibilities that allow us to automate our work in a company or project. Systems of this type are still a novelty on the Polish market, but they are more and more willingly implemented. What is CRM? Due… Read More »What is CRM?

Instagram is the place for paid and free internet marketing

Instagram continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are using it. Its potential is also noticed by various companies. It is an application that allows several types of promotion. Which one to choose and how can you use Instagram to advertise your services and products for free? Company profile The first step is to set up a business account on Instagram. There are… Read More »Instagram is the place for paid and free internet marketing

The most common mistakes of copywriters

Are you a novice copywriter? Or maybe you want to cooperate and always have new texts on your website? Find out about the mistakes copywriters make most often. Verify that they are on your blog or on your store’s website. No uniqueness The texts on the website must be unique, they cannot be copied from other websites. Some copywriters (especially beginners) do not realize… Read More »The most common mistakes of copywriters

There is Allegro, there is Amazon – why do you need your own online store?

Internet sales is very popular. The possibility of making purchases at any time of the day or night, attractive prices and no need to stand in traffic jams and waste time on commuting make us increasingly give up visiting a stationary store for online shopping. The best form of selling How to increase the chance that a person looking for a… Read More »There is Allegro, there is Amazon – why do you need your own online store?

Multiple sales platforms – what to choose? overview

There are many online shopping systems. Each of them has their supporters and opponents. It is worth getting to know the most popular sales platforms, which are often considered the best. Modern and popular sales platforms. Check out Shoper Shoper is primarily a Polish e-commerce platform. Many stores are already operating on it. Why is Shoper chosen by many entrepreneurs? Probably because it has numerous integrations… Read More »Multiple sales platforms – what to choose? overview