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Marketing in Google search engine – ways and types

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Every internet user uses the internet search engine. It’s a medium for researching information, searching for products, companies, videos, music, and more. Therefore, search engine marketing is an extremely valuable way to promote any online business. There are many techniques and ways to use Google for your own purposes. Find the right solution, tailored to your specific website, that will ensure efficiency.

Search engine marketing – why is it needed?

The implementation of marketing in the Google search engine has many advantages. These kinds of techniques are used by both large and small brands looking to acquire customers online. It is worth noting that search engine marketing is not only intended for online stores. Equally often, these types of techniques are used by company websites, forums, industry portals or other types of websites. In one minute, Internet users around the world generate over 3 million queries on Google. This medium is absolutely the primary source of customer acquisition for any online business. As strange as it may seem at first, even local businesses that provide in-store services use Google Search marketing. This is a popular form of business promotion because internet users’ devices often share their location. The search engine uses this information to match searches to where the user is currently located. This type of internet marketing is extremely valuable, but a comprehensive strategy should be prepared to maximize the effects. There are several techniques by which a website can be promoted on Google – we will cover them later in this article. What are the benefits of such marketing? Primarily: 

Visibility – Google search marketing significantly increases your visibility. Many users of all ages use the search systems to find something interesting. Quite a few people use Google just to shop online. Therefore, this type of marketing is especially useful in e-commerce.
Recognition – greater visibility translates into recognition. Remember that even if marketing in the Google search engine does not provide tangible benefits (sales, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading a report, etc.), this form of promotion will still increase your popularity.
Traffic on the site– a properly prepared marketing strategy is able to increase website traffic. When your visibility and recognition on the web increases, you can likewise expect an influx of users.
Conversion – higher visibility and recognition along with more traffic are benefits that should be crowned with conversion. If that happens, you can safely say that the marketing strategy has proven to be effective. In the form of conversion, there is a goal you set, for example: selling, obtaining contact data, or spending a specific amount of time on the website).

Marketing in Google search engine - ways and types

Types of search engine marketing

Marketing in Google Search can be done in many ways. However, there are four basic strategies that are effective and can be tailored to almost any online business. These are SEM, PPC, SEO and SXO.


The words Search Engine Marketing are hidden under the acronym SEM. Literally translated, this is simply “search engine marketing”. This strategy is based on the synergy of two techniques thanks to which a website can obtain traffic thanks to Google. It is a combination of SEO (positioning in organic search results) and PPC (pay per click, i.e. publication of paid ads). This approach to marketing means that the website is promoted in both of the most important areas provided by Google. Many companies now use this connection because it is extremely effective.


As we mentioned earlier, the PPC strategy is paid advertising published on the Google search engine. In this context, Search Sponsored Content is a popular proposition: it is displayed above organic search results. These are text ads whose structure resembles free results, but with the annotation “advertisement”. Sponsored PLA (product listing ads) materials are also used in e-commerce. These types of advertisements are graphical and catch the user’s eyesight. The list with the proposed products is also displayed at the top of the search list.


Do you sometimes wonder why some websites are ranked higher in free search compared to others? This is the result of an SEO strategy that is often referred to as “positioning”. Such Google search marketing focuses on organic search results, without the participation of paid ads. As part of this technique, the website is optimized and expanded according to the guidelines for webmasters. The result of such actions is to naturally raise the position in free search results. SEO consists of several segments and such a strategy is usually implemented by a group of experienced specialists. Positioning is based on: creating quality content, technical optimization, acquiring external links. The effects of such marketing in the Google search engine are extremely stable,


The SXO (Search Experience Optimization) strategy is an innovative variation of positioning. This type of Google search engine marketing relies heavily on SEO, but special attention should be paid to optimizing the website in terms of usability for the audience. The website must therefore be designed in such a way as to guarantee the best possible user experience. That is why it is commonly said that SXO is a combination of SEO and UX (user experience)

Marketing in Google search engine - ways and types

What activities does modern internet marketing require?

Modern marketing in the Google search engine requires a refined strategy that will bring the expected results. Classic SEM is very often replaced or enriched with SXO to combine positioning and optimization with matching to the needs of the community. Thanks to UX, a website can transform a user into a customer. For this reason, organic traffic obtained through SXO is extremely valuable and has a positive effect on conversion. Without a properly prepared UX, the website exposes itself to a high bounce rate. What’s more, user experience matters in the context of Google algorithms. A website optimized for UX is characterized by a short loading time and transparency, which is an important factor affecting the position in the search engine. It is worth adding that everything indicates that that user experience will become even more important in the future. Google algorithms “appreciate” websites tailored to the needs of users, which may translate into a higher position in organic search results.

Appropriate website structure, errors on the page, correct URL addresses – such issues significantly affect the effectiveness of positioning, therefore the skillful creation of redirects on the website should be one of the important elements of the positioning strategy. However, you should remember about moderation – the lack of redirects is a serious problem, but their excess can also weaken the website. Correctness and optimization of implementation are important in developing User Experience. The smoother, more convenient and easier a given user browses a website, the more time he or she will spend on it and the more likely to return to it. Redirects affect not only website traffic, but conversion as well. Consider online stores – each time a potential customer encounters a 404 error, the chances of it being that he will decide to continue browsing the assortment and the final transaction. It is worth regularly monitoring the operation of the website and checking if all redirects are functioning flawlessly, then we increase our chances of quickly detecting any errors and fixing them before it has a negative impact on the operation and effectiveness of the website.

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