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Live streaming – how to analyze and maintain visibility?

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Live streaming refers to the real-time streaming of video material. Everything is done live online. The broadcast can be watched by users from every corner of the world with access to the network. For years, live streaming has enjoyed considerable popularity. Platforms such as Twitch, for example, have achieved enormous success on the international market. Although initially streaming was associated primarily with the world of computer games and e-sports, now even social media on their portals allow you to broadcast live. Streaming in Poland is very often commonly referred to as “running a stream” – from English, “stream” means “stream”. Live broadcasts are an excellent field for companies that want to conduct effective marketing activities.

Can live streaming be used in marketing?

Live streaming may be used for marketing purposes . This way of promoting your brand online works well in every industry, you just need to prepare an appropriate strategy that will be effective. Webinars conducted by specialists from specific industries are very popular among companies. These are meetings with the community where users can communicate with the lecturers – they organize some kind of training in which they discuss a specific topic in terms of education.

Conducting live streaming in terms of marketing may also be based on case study analysis . By means of online broadcasting, you can prove to your audience that you are knowledgeable in your industry and that you can be trusted. In this way, some of the audience can become customers. Every way to prove your know-how is good, and with live streaming you can not only take care of marketing , but also expand the group of consumers.

Another way to make an online broadcast is to make live broadcasts available on social media. Such possibilities are offered mainly by Instagram and Facebook. It’s a simple way to grab your audience’s attention. Such marketing live streaming can be organized spontaneously, but then it usually brings less effect, because the audience is likely to be small.

live streaming

How to promote live streaming?

Analyzing conducting live streaming must be mentioned that the ideal solution is to provide transmission in different places Internet. A great example of this is efficient marketing, which regularly carries out the Marketing Summary of the Week at one time on such channels as Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. The recipients may even accidentally come across a live broadcast and join it.

Promoting live streaming allows you to increase the audience while broadcasting live. How can this be done? It will be advantageous to inform potential recipients about the broadcast a few days before it starts. Then, particularly interested audiences will sign up for the event to attend. Add information about the planned stream to your website, blog or social media.

Also remember about the newsletter, if you have one. Inform your subscribers of your plans and encourage them to watch the stream. A similar situation applies to web push notifications. Prepare a special notification and send it, for example, the day before and a few minutes before the start of the broadcast. If you have a large budget and want to promote the live stream, take advantage of advertising campaigns on Facebook. It is not enough? Display advertising in Google Ads will also be a good idea. Also, don’t forget to create an event on social media, especially if you are streaming on this platform.

live streaming

How to analyze live streaming and why is it worth doing?

Live streaming enables analysis . This is very important, especially when you are just starting your adventure with the implementation of live broadcasts. After the stream is finished, try to watch it to analyze exactly what the whole action looked like. Certainly, live streaming had something to do with it – think if it was completely exhausted. Don’t forget that live streams are commented on by the audience, so you can answer questions from your audience and even engage in discussions with them.

Think how the audience reacted to live streaming ? Were there any criticisms and comments regarding the transmission method? Maybe not everything was buttoned up to the “last button”? It is worth carrying out an analysis of live streaming , because such activities provide an opportunity to improve the quality for the future. The transmission must look professional, even if it is sent via a mobile phone from your home or office. Simple analysis is the key to success. Play back the recorded video and feel like the recipient. Consider what issues should be changed and why.

Remember to properly position the camera and light. Don’t forget to adjust the microphone. Recipients pay great attention to details and pay attention to any inconvenience. The analysis of your live stream will give you the opportunity to achieve perfection in this matter. Even if the broadcasts are not very professional now, you will see that this will change over time, and you or your employees will feel more and more confident in front of the camera.

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