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How to write SEO texts?

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How to write SEO texts?

Every day we browse the Internet through numerous articles, news, entries or interviews, but have you ever wondered why we come across these and not other content? This is often the case because the specific text was written for SEO . In the era of dynamic development of various portals, pages and websites, such an approach is becoming more and more common and it is necessary, if we want to stand out in any way, to increase our chances of being visible on the web, and thus reach the target audience. 

SEO Copywriting – What is it?

Starting with a simple definition – it is a way of writing various, valuable texts that combines focus on the interest of the recipient and on optimizing the content for SEO. The intended effect is better visibility of the website in search results and increased, valuable traffic within it. Effective SEO texts have a specific content and form, thanks to which they fulfill their function. Although Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, there are a number of rules that still, more or less, are able to illuminate the intricacies in creating this type of text. 

A way to write SEO compliant text

Writing for SEO – content guidelines 

Blog article, product description, commercial offer, company description – each of these texts, although different, can be properly used to position a specific page or website. To do this, focus on aspects such as: 

  • idea, title

Before we start writing, we must have a specific concept, a general plan of the text – visions of how the topic we want to raise (industry, specialist, marketing, etc.), how to encourage the target audience to read (what they will be most interested in, what threads will be helpful, current, etc.) ). The catchy, intriguing title is also important. 

  • purpose and value of the text 

At the first stage, it is worth asking yourself a fundamental question – why are we writing it at all? The purpose of the text does not have to be only to provide information, but also to solve a selected problem, case study, and encourage the recipient to familiarize themselves with a specific service or product. This is related to the value we want to convey to our recipients. If we create a general, illogical text, devoid of any message, it will be negatively assessed not only by readers but also by Google. 

  • attracting attention

It especially concerns the first fragments of the text, which often decide whether the reader will be convinced of further reading, so they should be engaging enough to gain and then maintain the necessary attention of the recipient.

  • Keywords

Their presence in the SEO text is very important, but they must be naturally woven into the text, they should by no means become an end in themselves. It is worth approaching this issue in moderation (text saturated with phrases will not fulfill its task), use not only keywords but also longtail phrases. 

  • uniqueness 

Once a factor, perhaps less obvious, is now fundamental. Each positioning text should be original, Google fights all copied content. 

  • correctness 

Once the text is ready, a meticulous correction should always be made to rule out any errors – typos, punctuation errors, and other more serious errors that can affect the authority of the site. 

A way to write SEO compliant text

SEO texts – tips to form 

When writing for SEO, it is not only the content that counts, but also the form. Each text must have a specific structure, so you should take care of: 

  • text length 

Texts of sufficient length have a greater chance of being read – simply. We do not trust a few short sentences, we are rejected by a dozen or so pages of compact text, if, for example, we are looking for a solution to a problem. It is assumed that effective blog SEO texts should have about 3,000 ZZs, the more specialized ones – from 4,000 to 6,000 ZZs. 

  • paragraphs, hierarchical headings H2, H3, H4 etc., bullets and numbering

It is extremely important in writing for SEO . They allow you to properly divide the text, draw attention to specific fragments, put emphasis on important issues, facilitate reading. Thanks to these elements, the content is clear and convenient. 

  • meta descriptions

Meta descriptions, preferably taking into account call to action, are visible to the recipient already at the stage of the result in the search engine, which often determines whether a given person enters the website or not, which is why their refinement is an important factor in developing the text. 

  • linking

Placing internal links to other texts within the site (e.g. expanding the thread) allows the reader to navigate comfortably on the page, it also affects positioning. 

  • additional materials 

Google appreciates not only good texts, but also those that are attractive to the recipient. Optimized and interesting photos, graphics or infographics, videos, etc. can improve the quality of the texts. 

Valuable texts, written in accordance with the above guidelines, will not only allow you to gain a wide group of loyal recipients, but also build the image of a professional brand that focuses on quality in every respect. Of course, texts are not everything. If your website is to be properly positioned, you should also focus on other optimization activities and link building, but professional SEO copywriting is one of the extremely important aspects in gaining the best visibility on the web. 

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