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How to solicit good opinions on Google and influence SEO?

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Google Reviews – Star comments and customer ratings that appear on Google My Business. They are some of the SEO ranking factors. The reason this is taken into account is quite simple – sites with higher ratings are more likely to be chosen by users. Good reviews and high ratings are verified by Google robots. Having good grades affects your business’s placement in search results. It is also extremely important in local positioning . This has a direct impact on the visibility and earnings of the company.

To start collecting opinions about the company on Google, you should start by configuring your own profile on Google My Business. This allows companies to manage their online presence. Here you will find not only opinions, but also photos, you can add information, news. Restaurants often even provide menus in this place. It is worth adding all the most important information about the company in Google My Business, each of them can determine that a potential customer will choose us.

After creating a profile, you can also start asking your satisfied customers to leave feedback on your products and services. Collecting positive reviews on Google is an important point in building your brand image, which leads to an increase in the number of customers and thus improved sales results.

It is important to monitor your account, answer customer questions and comments. Commitment and activity will allow you to attract new customers and convince them with a professional approach to each comment.

How to collect good opinions about the company?

The Google feedback process is not easy. It requires contact with customers and encouraging them to leave positive reviews. However, it will be beneficial in the long run, so it is worth taking care of it.  

An important issue is also the reaction to negative Google comments issued by customers. This allows you to build a positive image of a brand that cares about customers and their satisfaction, is able to admit mistakes and wants to fix them. Do not argue with negative comments, but offer a discount, take an interest in the client’s problem. This will result in commitment and interest from customers. If you want to collect a lot of opinions in a shorter time, you can always offer your customers a discount for their next purchase / service when they share a comment about your company with Internet users.

Good reviews on Google

Creating an image using Google’s opinion.

In addition to the implementation of basic business functions, the Internet also allows you to create an image on the web. This is what SEO PR is for, i.e. a combination of search engine optimization activities with PR activities. It is worth considering working with an agency that will manage the reputation of our company on the web using activities related to SEO and building a positive image. Content marketing plays an important role in these activities. 

Another way to get good feedback from Google is email marketing. With its help, you can not only sell, but also gain positive feedback. Such a message should request a rating between one and five stars. It is a good idea for a customer who chooses 1-4 stars to be automatically transferred to a form asking for details on why they are not satisfied. If they choose 5 stars, they will be thanked and will be redirected to our company’s landing page, where they will be able to give a Google rating and add a comment. This way, the client is much more likely to add a positive feedback as it will be easier. Automatic redirection will encourage you to add a review on Google. Strategies to encourage satisfied customers are very important – usually they want to share opinions with those

Of course, everything has to be in moderation. Being too pushy on our part is not desirable. The right style of expression, sympathy and credibility are the features that approach success in gaining customer favor. 

If our form of expression is more personal, personalized, the customer will feel special – and this will certainly give satisfactory results, which we will observe in the Google opinion about the company he wrote. 

We can also create a separate subpage with customer reviews. This will make it easier for them to leave a review on Google, thanks to the automatic redirection to the Google My Business profile. You can take advantage of this by attaching a link to various advertising and business materials of the company.

As you know, opinions matter, no one has the slightest doubt about that. The image of the company is more and more often assessed through the prism of opinions issued about it. Importantly, you should be aware that relying on this type of activities brings benefits both for our company and for the client himself. Thanks to good Google opinions, the company can better respond to the needs of consumers. It may, for example, introduce a new product or service, extend existing ones, withdraw from less effective solutions. 

Good reviews on Google

Good feedback means higher quality that returns to the customer. If the communication between the consumer and our brand becomes relational, it will be easier to develop solutions that will prove to be satisfactory for all parties. Thanks to Google opinions, we can gain visibility on the Internet, find out in which direction to follow with the offer and how to make customers satisfied.

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