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How to recruit employees for the SEO department?

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Are you looking for an SEO specialist ? Are you wondering what will be a better choice for you – agency services or cooperation with a freelancer? You do not have extensive knowledge in this field? Before you start browsing specific offers and take the first steps in the recruitment process, check what is worth paying attention to in order to reach a professional. The right optimization and positioning strategy for your website is your potential key to business success, use it in the best possible way.

SEO specialist or agency?

In SEO recruitment, at the very beginning there is one major dilemma – who will work better in your case: an independent specialist or an agency? If you’re unsure, consider factors such as:

  • Scope of tasks and responsibilities – if you need a comprehensive solution, you know that the action plan is extensive, etc., cooperation with the agency will make a lot easier (due to e.g. more employees, access to professional tools, etc.);
  • Business goal, industry competitiveness – are you just starting your online business? Do you care about improving traffic or conversion? Are you counting on an extensive linking strategy? These are all you have to consider if you are choosing between an SEO specialist and an agency. It is also important how strong the competition is in your industry, whether you operate in a niche, etc.
  • Implementation time – of course, you will have to wait a bit for the effectiveness of positioning, no matter who you choose, but a larger company will certainly have more opportunities to shorten the implementation time;
  • Budget – in HR SEO, the price should not be the main factor, but your budget probably has its limitations, so it is worth comparing who and what exactly is able to propose within it;

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How to recruit employees for the SEO department?

SEO recruitment – what it should look like

Another problem concerns what issues should be raised when recruiting SEO, what to ask, what to pay special attention to. Regardless of whether you are talking to an agency representative or a freelancer, include, for example:

  • Scope of cooperation – check exactly what a given company or specialist can help you with, what is its competence, scope of activities, whether it cooperates with external companies that could help you, e.g. in the field of marketing, etc.
  • Form of settlement – what exactly can you take into account (subscription, payment for items, traffic from Google’s natural results, hybrid model?).
  • Reporting – especially important if you want to properly monitor and control the positioning process. Ask how often and in what form you can receive reports on current activities.
  • Competences, experience of a potential colleague – you can read about how to verify these important issues in the last paragraph. During the conversation, try to constantly research both knowledge and skills.
  • Your expectations – more or less what return on investment you can expect, after what time, take into account those aspects that you particularly care about (e.g. in terms of website optimization).

The more topics you deal with, the more confident you will make your decision.

HR SEO independent and with the help of specialists

What if the situation is overwhelming you and you start to wonder if you are able to carry out the HR SEO process yourself, or maybe the help of external specialists will be useful? First, analyze whether your knowledge of building and running an SEO strategy is sufficient to fully verify the next candidates – also remember that they have the right amount of time, you are able to catch up, track news, etc. When you decide to do your own research, take advantage of recommendations from e.g. friendly companies, check local offers – only the best specialists do not necessarily advertise online. Avoid bundled, automatic and universal solutions that offer you unrealistic positioning effects in express time. Focus more on years of experience than e.g. in education or many completed courses, which are also important, but less tangible. At the same time, try to understand the huge role of SEO activities – if you want to stand out in the industry, increase your competitiveness and gain a wide audience, you need to recognize the seriousness of this decision. Do not pay for something that you can do yourself if there is no such need, but if you feel that the help of specialists in recruitment is necessary, do not hesitate to reach for it.

How to recruit employees for the SEO department?

How to verify the knowledge and skills of candidates?

Finally, the key thread of SEO recruitment, i.e. the question of how to check the offers to be sure that we are dealing with a real professional in their field. First of all, focus on:

  • Check all references and recommendations – how many of them are there, what was specifically included in them, how long the period of cooperation they relate to, what was the main asset of a given company or employee.
  • Discuss the experience in detail – what was the scope of duties, what were the effects and after what time, why the cooperation was terminated, what was the action plan in a given case, etc.
  • Ask for a proposal of a specific strategy for your website and its discussion – e.g. in the field of link building or content marketing.
  • Ask about possible optimization tactics for your website – what needs to be changed or improved, what main problems or errors are noticed by the company / freelancer, what can be done with them and at what time.

It is difficult in one article to cover all the important issues that need to be developed and discussed in the recruitment process, but the ones that have been described will certainly outline the threads on which you should focus if you care about the visibility and effectiveness of your website.

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