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How to create user friendly web push notifications?

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The newsletter is not the only form of communication with users. If you have your own website, you need to know what web push notifications are and how to do them so as not to alienate internet users. Thanks to them, you will quickly inform users about promotions, new content, events or changes to the website. Web push notifications work phenomenally on mobile devices and computers.

About the popularity of user friendly solutions

Internet marketing is a hard nut to crack. If you run your own business, you certainly know that acquiring a client is not the easiest task, even when your offer is extremely competitive. Internet users need an external stimulus to make a purchase. Remember that sometimes it is you – through appropriate marketing – who can encourage a potential customer to use your store. The basic issue is the use of user friendly licks , i.e. user-friendly. You will not force anyone to do anything with your marketing activities – the key to success is encouragement and motivation.

The user friendly issue is of great importance at every level of internet marketing . Websites are optimized for UX (user experience) to guarantee internet users the best possible experience while browsing the website. Newsletters are only sent to subscribers who have agreed to it – what’s more, many companies try to distribute messages as rarely as possible, so as not to risk being thrown into a spam inbox. In social media, constant two-way communication (dialogue marketing) has become important. Websites display fewer and fewer ads so as not to obscure valuable content. Another important aspect in terms of user friendly is the loading speed – websites should be displayed as quickly as possible to immediately respond to users’ expectations.

Chasing user friendly solutionsit is also visible in web push notifications. They are created more and more carefully and do not appear too often, so as not to irritate the internet user by accident (similar to the newsletter). This is a solution that has many advantages. First of all, the user does not have to register to receive notifications – usually one or two clicks are enough to agree to receive notifications. Usually it is not necessary to provide an e-mail address. What’s more, notifications are displayed to Internet users at a specific moment, even when they are not browsing the website. This rule applies to both mobile devices and computers. Depending on the browser, notification may vary in size and form. Notifications with photos and buttons are available, as well as versions without them.

user friendly web push notifications

Increasing the effectiveness of web push notifications – how to do it?

How to make web push notifications to increase their effectiveness? The starting point is the implementation of the solutions mentioned earlier, i.e. user friendly techniques . In theory it’s simple, but in practice – it can be different. Here are some tips to make creating user-friendly notifications easier and more effective.

Call to action – try to encourage the user to act. Just sending a notification is not enough. At the end of the text or headline, put a keyword, for example: check, view, order, etc.

Avoid spam – respect Internet users’ time and the fact that they have decided to become your subscribers. How to make web push notifications to be effective? First of all, don’t send out notifications too often and when you do, let them know about important issues. It can be a promotion, event or webinar.

Shipping time – you already know that notifications must be user friendly . Now think what time the notification distribution should take place. It is best to do this in the afternoon, when Internet users are not at work or school. This greatly increases the chance of a click.

Sign-up form – The classic (default) popup with a web push sign-up form is not bad, but you can improve it a bit. Tools are used for this, one of them is PushPushGo. Try to design the window in such a way that it attracts attention – you can put text there that will encourage the user to accept web push notifications.

Display method – the previously mentioned window can be displayed in several ways. Pick one that will suit your site. Remember that the popup should not cover the content of the website.

Language – the “Allow” button looks much better than the “Allow” button. When thinking about how to do web push user friendly notifications , remember that by default the sign-up form is displayed in English. It is worth changing if you run a website in Polish.

Images – text is not everything. Some notifications are displayed with pictures. Remember that the photos should be attractive to entice the user to click.

Audience segmentation – avoid sending the same web push notifications to all subscribers. As in mailing campaigns, it is worth preparing several segments of recipients. It’s not difficult, just use the appropriate tools. For example – other notifications should be received by the current and potential client. The more such segments you prepare, the better. Then you will be able to personalize web push notifications, which will increase the chance of clicking.

user friendly web push notifications

When is it worth deciding on notifications?

Since making a push notification web of a user friendly is no longer any secret for you, you should answer the question, when you decide to implement them. If your website works and is regularly visited by users, there is nothing to prevent you from introducing web push notifications immediately. In fact, the sooner the better. Properly carried out sending of web push notifications is extremely valuable in e-commerce.

Are you bothering about the problem of abandoned baskets? Multiple users add products to their virtual cart but not checkout? In such a situation, you can use web push notifications. It is enough to catch such Internet users, and then send them a notification in the style of “Come back to us and finish your shopping!”. Very often, users abandon their baskets because they add products to their carts in a hurry, for example while traveling by public transport or during a short break at the university. Then it is easy to forget about unrealized purchases.

You can decide on web push notifications when you are carrying out a large event. Of course, you have to do it well in advance to collect your subscriber base first. Then you send them information about the important event, which will encourage them to participate. This is a big advantage over the newsletter, because notifications are displayed in the browser window and Internet users can read them immediately. Messages in the e-mail inbox are often ignored, despite consent to their sending. You can also implement web push notifications on your website. It is a perfect solution for stores, blogs, forums or social networks.

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