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How do I search for images on Google? Why is it worth taking care of graphics in your online store?

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We don’t always open a search engine to find a definition or text – sometimes the image is much more important. We present how to use Google to search with an image. Many people wanting to find a given product in various stores, or the source of the image, decide to search by graphics. This way you can also check if someone has stolen our photos. How to do it?

The Google search engine is currently the most common tool for searching for information on the Internet. Thanks to the indexing of over a billion pages, it catalogs, organizes and processes information. Most people can no longer imagine life without its help. However, few people know that in addition to the standard search for information by entering queries, you can use a very useful option, which is image search .

What is image search?

Accurately assessing the love of Internet users for images and photos, as early as 2001, Google extended the functionality of its search engine with a separate tab, Google Graphics (Google Images). The new “place” is still used today to search for illustrations on a selected topic. This is where we enter the name of the celebrity to see what it looks like; we check the views in the place where we plan to go on vacation or we verify what an exotic fruit, which we know only by name, looks like. Most people look for photos in the same way as text information, i.e. by typing a specific phrase. It’s good to know that one of the enhancements that have been available for some time is image search. This solution helps in finding the same image, but for example in a different dimension, color or saved in a different format, eg JPG instead of PNG. It is also useful for verifying the copyrights of photo and illustration creators who, after they submit their work to a search engine, will get all the sites that have unlawfully used their property. The ability to search with an image will solve the situation in which we do not know from which side the image we downloaded comes from. Just throw it into the search engine and we will easily find the place where it comes from.

Google image search

How does Google Image Search work?

The most popular and intuitive way to search with an imagein Google, there is a drag of the file we want to check, e.g. from our desktop to the open Google Graphics page. The search engine will display a window in which we should place our image. After loading the file, we will be automatically taken to the page with the list of searches obtained. We will find there all graphics and photos related in some way to our image (they can be, for example, different formats of the same file: JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF) and pages that used this image at home. The search results look similar to the ones we get when typing the key phrase in a traditional way. We can narrow down the displayed results by using the available filters, which include image parameters such as: color, date added or size.

Uploading an image to Google 

The second option is standard file transfer. To do this, we have to click on the camera icon in the window where we always enter the phrase. An additional field will open for loading graphics from the location on our computer. After uploading the file in this way, we will get exactly the same page with the results as when we dragged the image in the first way. In the case of both variants of searching by image , the following questions arise: where will the files uploaded by us go? Google took care to ensure that the privacy of users was respected. The images we use to search are only stored by the company for 7 days and are not used to improve Google applications and services. Images are also not saved in your search history.

Google image search

How do I search with an image from an url?

An interesting option is to search with an image that we do not have on our computer or phone. In this way, we can check how many portals have already used the stock photo we want to buy or where else the photo from the article that interests us has been published. It is possible to use this option if, as when transferring a file from disk, click on the camera icon, and then insert the url address redirecting to the image we are interested in in the place indicated by Google Graphics.

The value of an image in a search engine – photos in an online store

Skilful use of these search engine functionalities can facilitate the work of people who create content for websites and help photographers or illustrators protect their own resources. Image search capabilitiesthey also show us how advanced Google’s graphics algorithms are. People who run websites often disregard the image, using the same photos for years or using stolen graphics. Taking care of this aspect of our website is as important as filling it with texts that are attractive to the user. As with content, images are also positioned. Placing original photos on our website and describing them in accordance with SEO will have a positive impact on views and organic traffic on our website. It is extremely important to properly describe all photos on the website of the online store. It is about both the title and the alt of the photo. This affects positioning and allows potential customers to find products from the store in various ways.

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