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How do I drive traffic from my blog to my online store?

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Directing traffic from blogs to an online store is a popular element of a content marketing strategy. An honest message in the form of a long text often has a much better effect than a short advertising slogan. Moreover, placing links to the store on blogs placed on trusted websites supports the process of proper optimization from the SEO point of view. Here are examples of activities that will realistically increase the number of your customers.

Product Reviews

Posting reviews of individual products on your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your online store . Note that many internet users read the opinions and comments of users before purchasing any item. Their attention is therefore not primarily focused on a specific store, but only on the product itself. Writing a valuable review, listing all the pros and cons, is therefore a worthwhile game. If, after reading the text, your potential customers feel that it completely covers the topic and can make the final decision about the purchase, they will be happy to click on the link that will take them to your online store.

Most importantly, the review should be written from an expert’s point of view. It should cover all aspects of a given item or service. This is the perfect opportunity to expand the description posted on your store’s website. Inundating network users with technical details and dry facts may, however, be counterproductive. So let’s go over them with interesting facts related to the history of the brand or the method of obtaining production materials.

Rankings and traffic on the online store

Another good idea for driving traffic , various types of rankings are often even more effective than reviews. Their great advantage is the greater number of links that you can naturally incorporate into the text. There should be at least the same number of products as described. When creating this type of content, however, you must make sure that all items on the list evoke positive emotions. So it’s not about blogging about the worst wood dyes or the least durable mascaras. A more interesting proposal will be the ranking of the best sports bands for runners or the most popular models of air fresheners in a given price range. The text should be structured in such a way as to emphasize the strengths of each of the listed items. The purpose of the entry is not so much to persuade the reader to order a product that is the leader of the ranking, how much help in making the final choice. Therefore, the result of reading a blog post should be visits to your online store.

Directing customers from blog to online store - how to do it?

Stories featuring products

A slightly less obvious way to encourage the reader of your blog to visit your online store is to create entries that only indirectly relate to the products. It is about content on topics related to your store’s assortment, in which items from its virtual shelves will play supporting roles. An example would be a guide for arranging a small living room in a studio apartment, which, apart from furniture or the color of the walls, will also raise the issue of curtains. Only one click will separate the Internet user from the store that sells the latter. You can increase traffic to your online store with this methodthanks to blogging texts of all kinds. The report from the holiday spent on the mountain trail is a great excuse to insert a link directing you to the purchase page of the selected backpack model. The text about the selection of music to the nature of the event is an opportunity to provide the reader with inexpensive speakers that can be easily ordered online. There is no need to persuade the recipient to buy a given product. It is enough for it to be mentioned by name and with a hyperlink.

Directing traffic through key phrases

The next method, often used by bloggers and SEO specialists, is the use of keywords. This procedure also applies to the methods already described here. It is worth noting, however, that phrases do not have to lead only to subpages of specific products. Instead, you can move your blog readers to your online store’s home page. For this purpose, words that are used in the process of positioning the sales site should be interwoven into the content. Examples of such phrases are:

There should be a link under each of them, redirecting to the store’s home page. The Internet user will go there spontaneously. The first visit may not end with a transaction, but your website has a chance to be remembered by the blog readers and result in future purchases. The mere increase in traffic in the store will positively affect its optimization for search engines.

Directing customers from blog to online store - how to do it?

Social media and call-to-action plugins

The last of the proposed methods of directing traffic to an online store mainly concerns blogs that are an integral part of the brand responsible for the store. Plugins for your accounts on social media platforms through which you can sell, such as Facebook and Instagram, should be included here. This treatment will surely increase interest in the store. The increase in the number of people following your accounts in this type of media will probably also positively translate into sales results over time.

Using even the most obvious solutions will probably also pay off. Next to social media plugins on the blog, apart from the entries themselves, it is worth placing a direct link to the online store. It should be accompanied by a selected call-to-action, i.e. a call to action, for example: buy now, check promotions.

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