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Google position checking software

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The position in Google is the most important topic for an SEO specialist, as well as for every person involved in positioning their own website. The high position in the search results proves effective activities and efficient optimization of the website or online store. So what is the best way to monitor your work results? In today’s post, we have prepared a list of programs for checking your position on Google !

Position in Google – what factors influence positioning?

Before we introduce you to our selection of Google ranking software , it’s a good idea to first discuss what actually affects your website’s performance in the search engine. And it must be admitted that this list is really big! According to Google’s guidelines for webmasters, there are over two hundred factors that influence the positioning of a website. These are i.a. on-site elements such as keywords in the titles, but also the age of the domain, its history and internal positioning. It is worth remembering that the position in Googleit also depends on the speed of loading the website and its adaptation to mobile devices. Another important criterion is the high quality, uniqueness and regularity of the content published on the website – they can ensure organic traffic on the website. Another aspect, in turn, is the optimization of the sitemap and the placement of appropriate links and tags on subpages, which has a positive impact on the indexing of the site by Google robots. As you can see, positioning requires a comprehensive approach and continuous optimization of the website. Ongoing monitoring will allow not only to verify the effects of work, but also to preview the activities of the competition. What programs for checking the items on Google so they are worth checking out? 

Positions in Google

Programs for checking position in Google – our list

  1. Google Search Console

Google provides SEO specialists with really useful work tools, such as Google Analytics, or exactly – Google Search Console. This free service allows you to monitor your position on Google without creating an account, but logged in users have access to information such as:

  • correct indexing of the website in the search engine, 
  • frequency of the website’s appearance in search results, 
  • traffic data from Google search engines,
  • notifications regarding irregularities on the website,
  • internal linking sites.

The effectiveness report is an important element of SEO analytics, on the basis of which it is easy to increase the popularity of a store, website or portal. It is definitely the basis of an SEO specialist‘s work and it is enough for effective search engine optimization activities. However, if you want access to a more detailed amount of data, such as geolocation or results for smartphone users, it is worth investing in additional programs to check your position on Google .


Semstorm provides daily analysis of both keywords and position in Google – yours and your competitors. The program also provides a very detailed analysis of search results by location: taking into account not only a specific city or district, but also the street, which is a very useful option for specialists serving local businesses. If, on the other hand, you want to know exactly what your competitors are doing, Semstorm also provides comparative audits, including information and tips on what to improve on your website. An interesting option for people running content marketing campaigns will be hints on topics and which competitors’ articles have the highest search positions. 


The popular cMonitor application cannot be missing among the programs for checking the position in Google . Depending on the selected package, which is tailored to the needs of small, medium and large companies, you gain the ability to create a specific number of projects, monitor a different number of key phrases and website position in the search engine, and generate reports. The cMonitor offer also includes a website audit. You can test the application for 14 days for free – you can also check the position on Google of your website using the form on the product’s website, which, however, has a limit of daily checks.


Continuous monitoring of Google’s position since 2008 – Seo-Stat, of course! The program allows you to track positions also in search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Sesame. Since Seo-Stat entered the market, it has been constantly updated to best adapt its capabilities to the needs of users. After registering, you will receive a free version, thanks to which you will be able to monitor the position of 20 keywords. The fee for this program for checking the position in Google depends on the number of phrases, so you can easily adjust the fees to the level that suits you.

Positions in Google

Position in Google – summary

Position monitoring on Google can also be done manually – by entering a key phrase in the search engine, and then searching subpages to see where your website is located. The downside of this solution is certainly that we will not be able to analyze the exact factors that influenced the position. You should also remember that impressions will be heavily dependent on the user’s search history. So it’s a good idea to compare the results from various Google position checking programs , but never rely only on manual checking. We hope this article helps you improve your SEO analytics and optimization – check out our other posts!

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