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Does email marketing drive a website’s position in search results?

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Do you think email marketing is a thing of the past? Are you not convinced that it is worth taking advantage of this form of promotion? If your associations revolve around spam, ineffective and mass-mailed e-mails, no wonder – it’s worth updating your knowledge. This type of marketing is still dynamically developing and can turn out to be very effective if the scope of activities is carefully designed and implemented with appropriate commitment and mindfulness. Moreover, the range of profits for your business and its diversity may surprise you.

Can e-mail marketing affect SEO?

Positioning and e-mail marketing – at first glance, it’s hard to find any similarity here. Two separate strategies – focusing on direct communication with customers via e-mail, building a long-term relationship, active promotion of your business versus activities aimed at obtaining the best possible position of your website in search results. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll quickly discover that email marketing can influence SEO in a number of different ways, such as by:
• Increasing valuable website traffic, user engagement – a precisely developed mailing list, the use of personalization in an email marketing strategy, designing attractive and attention-grabbing newsletters, etc., makes the site visited by non-accidental users who are interested in content, willing to browse the offer, etc. .
• Improve conversion – through the accumulation of valuable traffic to your site increase the chance for a possible conversion (eg. if we send the original newsletter to fans of natural cosmetics, there is a much higher probability that the entrance to the site, one of them will choose for themselves a specific product, than if, for example, a random person went there based on the position in the search engine).
• Better knowledge of the target audience – by developing a marketing strategy, we gain valuable, detailed information about the audience profile (e.g. by using surveys or asking for feedback), which we can then actively use in developing positioning activities (e.g. better targeting Google Ads, etc. .).
• Developing user experience – user experience is one of the factors that place a strong emphasis on building a professional and effective SEO strategy. Thanks to a variety of information that we obtain through e-mail contact, we are able to improve customer experience, better adapt the offer to their needs and expectations, and thus increase satisfaction. See:   Positioning pages on Google – basic information

Does email marketing drive a website's position in search results?

The indirect impact of email marketing

As it is easy to see, although e-mail marketing by itself (e.g. by the number of emails sent or their frequency) is not able to influence the position of the website in the search results, it works great in its indirect role. It’s worth taking advantage of its potential in terms of linking strategies. We can effectively use e-mail communication with a group of loyal, target users to promote the content created. How? For example, by encouraging recipients to share links to specific blog articles, offer content, etc. on social media. Of course, as we know, these types of links do not directly raise the page’s position in the search engine, but firstly they allow for diversifying link building, secondly they are invaluable in building image, standing out in the industry and increasing competitiveness.

Does email marketing drive a website's position in search results?

How to do email marketing?

Positioning and e-mail marketing – how should you work to achieve this synergy effect? What to pay special attention to in e-mail communication and its design? Among other things, it is worth:
• To pay a lot of attention to building mailing databases and segmenting – the better selected audience and the content adapted to their profiles, the greater the chances of gaining attention.
• Take care of the high quality of newsletters – if they are to be effective, they must be interesting and attractive to the recipients, they should not have intrusive, ill-considered advertising features, it is worth using attractive graphics, video material, not forgetting about the call to action encouraging to action, etc.
• Remember about personalization – the aforementioned one will certainly help in achieving greater effectiveness of marketing activities thanks to a better tailored campaign.
• Link in a thoughtful way – do not place many random links, test their correctness, choose them so that they have a chance for further, easy sharing by users in their profiles.
• Monitor activities – as usual, the last, but not least, aspect of marketing activities. Regularly checking the effects of the campaign and monitoring its correctness allows it to develop and increase its effectiveness.
It is not the first time that we can see how marketing and positioning intertwine and improve each other, so at the beginning of creating each of these strategies, it is worth remembering the undoubted potential that lies in the connection of promotion and SEO, and thus significantly increasing the return on both investments.

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When can positioning effects be expected?

Search engine optimization on the Internet gives results after a long time, so it’s worth being patient. The results are also not given once and for all. Achieving a position in TOP3, TOP5 or TOP10 does not guarantee that we will keep them in the coming months. The ranking is based on many factors that change frequently.

Does positioning / SEO guarantee a high position?

SEO agencies take actions that contribute to the improvement of the website’s position, but cannot guarantee a specific place in the search results. Google often makes sudden and unexpected changes to your ranking. The positioners have no influence on:
changes in ranking algorithms,
actions of the competition,
hacker attacks,
errors in the website code or server operation such as secure your site with HTTPS.

How does SEO work?

Positioning the website is about increasing its visibility in the organic search engine results, including Google search engines. SEO specialists influence the website’s evaluation by algorithms. This is done through SEO activities consisting in website optimization (on-site activities) and increasing its authority through valuable links (off-site works).

Is website positioning profitable?

SEO helps to get traffic to our website in the long run. The cost of acquiring a user from search engine results can be much cheaper than in the case of paid ads. Properly prepared SEO strategy has a positive effect on website conversions. Positioning the website for many queries, from long tail, to mid and money keywords, also builds users’ trust in our website.

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