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Do you run an online store? Everything you need to know about the different payment methods

An online store is a great way to run a successful business. In addition to a professional website and positioning, online payments are also necessary. It is impossible to obtain significant financial gains with few types of income. More and more people are choosing to shop online because they are convenient and fast. If you provide your customers with many different payment methods, you will provide them with even more comfort; they will be happy to make purchases from you.

Why do you need different types of payment?

Nowadays, there is only one type of payment in the online store. Banks, but also systems, have their breaks resulting from the introduced changes or updates. If you decide to have one payment method, your online store may have downtime related to interruptions in the functioning of a given website. Therefore, it is always worth protecting yourself against it. Another reason to convince you to supply your online store with multiple types of payments is customer preferences. Many of them will choose not to make purchases if they do not find their favourite method in the payment list. After launching many ways to pay for purchases, you can check the statistics related to the most popular methods. Only then will it be profitable to abandon some of them.

What to consider when choosing payment methods in the online store?

The more types of payments you guarantee to your customers, the more attractive your online store will be. There are many groups of people among customers who use different payment methods. That is why it is so essential that each customer has access to the most convenient way. PayU becomes the basis – it is a prevalent secure system. You can easily integrate the PayU system with your online store. This quick payment allows you to approve the transaction automatically. This type of payment is highly convenient; Internet users using it can pay in this way also by making purchases over the phone. With just a few clicks, the product is already marked as paid. It is the ease of use of payment systems that should be the most important. Different types of payments are made for users and are to meet their expectations. If the cost is burdensome and lengthy, you may encounter abandoned baskets. Some online payment methods require logging in to the bank, waiting for an SMS with a code. It takes much longer than quickly committing a transaction using other methods. Among the easy payment types, there is also Blik – it is a very safe and convenient method. The customer can log in to his bank’s application, copy the code and quickly pay for the order after confirming the message in the application. It is also possible to save the data not to have to copy the code. All he has to do is ensure the payment in the application. Another method is PayPal, and many people also choose to make quick transfers. However, you cannot forget about your customers, who prefer the traditional method and want to make a transfer on their own by logging into their bank. There are still many people who like this method of payment. That is why this method should not be abandoned. One of the disadvantages of introducing quick methods to pay for purchases is the commissions of intermediaries who provide fast payment systems. The costs associated with it are usually 2-3%, so some owners of online stores give up payment methods characterised by express action. However, there is an important question to ask yourself. Do we prefer to pay a commission or lose a client? , Also remember about the option of paying on delivery – some customers choose this method, even if it is more expensive. Some customers will only want to pay when they receive the goods. See:   How to encourage subscriptions to an online store?

Do you run an online store?  Everything you need to know about the different payment methods

Payment methods in the online store. Summary

When deciding on different types of payment, you should pay attention to a few points. First of all, try to provide your customers with the most excellent possible choice of payment methods. However, when choosing specific systems, pay attention to whether synchronising with the online store will be easy. Compare also the fees, both the fixed ones and the commission fees. After some time of having different payment methods, you opt-out out of the least popular ones that are unprofitable.

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Is website positioning profitable?

Web optimisation assists with getting traffic to our site over the long haul. The expense of procuring a client from internet searcher results can be a lot less expensive than on account of paid promotions. An appropriately pre-arranged SEO system positively affects site transformations. Situating the site for some inquiries, from the long tail to mid and cash watch,ords additionally assemble clients’ confidence in our area.

When can positioning effects be expected?

Site design improvement on the Internet gives results after quite a while, so it merits showing restraint. The outcomes are likewise not given for the last time. Accomplishing a situation in TOP3, TOP5, or TOP10 doesn’t ensure that we will keep them in the coming months. The positioning depends on numerous components that change habitually.

Does positioning / SEO guarantee a high position?

Web optimisation organisations make moves that add to the improvement of the site’s position yet can’t ensure a particular spot in the indexed lists. Google regularly makes abrupt and sudden changes to your positioning. The positioners do not affect on:
changes in positioning calculations,
activities of the opposition,
programmer assaults,
blunders in the site code or worker activity; for example, secure your site with HTTPS.

Is positioning needed?

Yes, of course! 
Positioning the website is currently the most effective way to obtain organic traffic from search engines and attract people interested in the services or products of a given company or online store to the website. 
Even small, individual SEO activities can translate into increased traffic on the website
At dubaiseo.net, we focus on comprehensive service for the entire website and positioning to guarantee a high and stable position of the company website in the TOP 10 and even tops three views for the most important keywords.

How long does SEO take?

It isn’t easy to give an unequivocal answer to this. 
The time after which you can see the first results of positioning is influenced by many factors: the industry in which you operate, the experience of SEO specialists working on your website, the positioning strategy used, the history of the website, i.e. previous SEO activities, and finally the intensity of the competition itself. 
At dubaiseo.net, while positioning the website, we do not strive to achieve the first position for a while – the result is a high and stable position.

We focus on a comprehensive SEO strategy, which – although it is more time-consuming than actions aimed at rapid position growth – ultimately brings much more significant benefits and a stable position that you will not lose after a week. 
It is worth remembering that the competition is also working on their SEO. Depending on the industry, the popularity of the key phrase or the range of the page, the time needed to overtake it may be slightly longer.

How many keywords can you rank for?

This is a question that appears quite often, and there is no universal answer to it. 
The number of keywords for which you can position your website or online store will depend not only on the size of the company and the website itself or the budget allocated to the SEO campaign but also on the potential of the phrases. 
It is not worth investing in those that will not bring the expected conversion.

Positioning for a small number of keywords is usually profitable when the website is not yet well developed. 
Overloading a few subpages with many keywords will be unnatural and will not appeal to search engine robots. 
It will be similar in the case of positioning only for one and two phrases, where SEO activities will be prominent and, at the same time, unfavourable for the search engine, which earns on paid positioning. 
At dubaiseo.net, we try to position websites for many phrases, taking into account the broader context of the company’s activity and long-tail terms, which allow you to place the page in response to particular search queries. 
The more visible your site is in industry-specific queries, the easier it will be to build your image as an industry-specific expert.

How can you verify the effects of positioning?

Tools for tracking and analysing websites can provide a lot of information that, if read correctly, will allow you to verify the effectiveness of positioning and develop a plan for further SEO activities
There are several ways to verify the effects of positioning. 
Among the most popular are worth mentioning:

1. analysis of the number of visits to the site from organic search results (available in Google Analytics, among others),

2. analysis of the key phrases that direct users to the site (available when combined with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Ahrefs),

3. measuring the website’s visibility in natural search results (a good tool for this action is, e.g. Senuto),

4.analysis of the click-through rate (CTR) for each query that causes the page to be displayed in the search results,

5. analysis of the website’s average position for a given query (available, among others, in Semstorm).

Will my website reach the top positions in Google?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. 
At dubaiseo.net, we can boast of 20 years of experience in positioning websites and online stores in the Google search engine
Our SEO specialists have already served over 300,000 clients and follow the latest positioning news. 
We always try to cooperate with our clients so that the activities carried out bring the best results. 
In our conversations, we often emphasise that some goals require long-term action. 
It is hard to expect the website to appear in top positions in Google after a week or even a month of work on its optimisation. 
However, is there a chance to achieve TOP 3 and TOP 10 views for your company website? 
Definitely yes!

What is an SEO audit, and what is its scope?

During the SEO audit, we check all the most essential elements that determine the final position of the website in search engines. 
We try to find areas where corrections can be made. 
Positioning is about the quality of the content and the website itself, which – according to an ideal scenario – should be legible for search engine robots. 
During the SEO audit, we will check the addresses of subpages, metadata (primarily the title and description tags), the page code responsible for the speed of its loading and readability for search engine robots. 
As for the content, the primary importance is attached to the appropriate saturation with keywords, the correct distribution of content on the website, and internal and external links.

What does website optimisation include?

Website optimisation can be divided into two main tasks:

1. technical optimisation of the website – within it, we will focus on improving the quality of the code, links, headers or website organisation, 
2. content optimisation – creating descriptions using selected key phrases.

The website should be optimised to read; it does not cause the search engine crawlers a bigger problem. 
At the same time, we make sure that its interface is user-friendly and straightforward for visiting users.

We also optimise the page display speed (which is influenced, among others, by the code size and graphics), headers and meta tags, and internal links.

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