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Do Facebook contests increase sales?

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Facebook contests are very popular due to the fact that such an action usually involves attractive prizes. It’s a tasty morsel for social media users. And we are not talking about human greed, but simply about the fact that if there is a prospect of getting something “for free”, why not take advantage of it? After all, contests on Facebook are created to be used. Why are different brands choosing such actions? Is it just an image game? Or maybe social media contests increase sales?

Competition and brand popularity

The biggest advantage of Facebook contests is the increase in brand popularity. It has been known for a long time that we, as people, love to win. The award does not have to be particularly special, the most important thing is that it simply exists and can be won. Since this is the belief among users, they will be happy to take part in the competition. Your role as an administrator is to make taking part in the action increase popularity and “automatically drive” the entire action. It is quite easy to achieve such an effect, especially since almost all brands creating contests on Facebook use this technique. How to increase the popularity of shares? Just set the rules of the game that are favorable to you. Of course, you do not use your recipients, but you give them a reward and competition fun, in exchange for likes, shares or promoting the entire event among friends. Surely you know slogans like: “Like and share to participate in our event!”. Alternatively, the Facebook competition may be based on tagging friends in the comments, which enormously increases the reach. In such a situation, “signing up” to an action automatically means spreading virally among users. As a result, the event becomes a viral and your brand gains recognition. Remember, however, that the contest on Facebookit should be original and unusual. Then you have a better chance of reaching many users.

Do Facebook contests increase sales?

Does the competition increase sales?

Is it worth organizing a Facebook contest? Such action will increase sales? The answer is of course it is. However, it should be repeated once again that the event must be attractive and thoughtfully conducted. Only then will you interest your users. The competition on Facebook should refer directly to the assortment available in the store.

Be creative and think about ways you can encourage users to place an order. There are many possibilities, and here is one of them – imagine that you are launching a new collection (furniture, clothing, cosmetics, watches, whatever). This product may be the competition prize. The post informing about the whole event should to some extent discuss the advantages of the particular model that is up for grabs. Appropriate content marketing will make sure that many Internet users will take advantage of the offer immediately, instead of waiting for the competition results.

Actions such as make a purchase and give us your order number are also popular, and we will draw a few winners to give them additional prizes. An interesting method to increase not only the reach, but also sales.

OutGrow reports that in 2020, the average age of people participating in social media contests was 30, with 68% of participants being adults ( source ). This statistic brilliantly shows that people interested in such events are able to make a purchase on their own, without having to persuade their guardians or parents. What’s more, in the exact same article available on OutGrow, we can see that, according to the survey, on average 34% of new customers in e-commerce come from social media contests. These results are downright impressive.

However, the best and, at the same time, the most astonishing data is for the last: Instagram contests achieve an average of 350% more likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts published on the same profiles.

Do Facebook contests increase sales?

What to remember when organizing a Facebook competition?

Again, answering the question, is it worth organizing contests on Facebook ? Yes, this is confirmed by the statistics discussed earlier. The advantage of such an action is not only the increase in reach, but also in sales. What to remember when organizing an event? First of all, about an attractive reward. It may be something small, but it must encourage you to take part in the whole action. A reward in the form of one pair of laces in a shoe store probably won’t be a very good solution, right?

When you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to run a Facebook contest , remember that the user will likewise ponder whether participating in it is the best idea. Internet users are hugely discouraged by complicated procedures and long waiting times. Therefore, try to make signing up for the event as easy as possible. The results should appear in a relatively short time – for example, within a week or two. Use this period to promote the campaign. Not all Internet users will decide to take part in the event right away. Some people have to see the post several times and only join the contest under the influence of their friends.

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