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Costs related to hiring an SEO specialist

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What are the costs of hiring an SEO specialist? Let’s assume you run your own online business and want to position your website. Instead of delegating this task to an agency, you prefer to hire your own specialist to work for you. A positioner in the team means additional costs, his remuneration is only part of the expenses. Check what is the employment of an SEO specialist and whether it is profitable.

SEO specialist costs – employment and earnings

The basic cost associated with hiring a positioner is, of course, the monthly payment. How much does an SEO specialist earn? It depends on the experience and the city, but Senuto prepared a very interesting report on this topic . The report comes from 2020 and this is what we will be basing on. Over three hundred employees from the SEO industry (juniors, specialists, seniors, managers) participated in the study. We will focus on what the situation looks like in the case of employees holding the position of “specialist”.

How much does an SEO specialist cost? What do the numbers say? Here are the net wages employees receive for their work ( Senuto report ):

  • Over 33% indicate a salary in the range of 3-4 thousand. AED
  • About 25% say that the payment is around 4-5 thousand. AED
  • About 10% of SEO specialists earn 5-6 thousand. AED

Higher or lower wages are a definite minority:

  • 8.66% – 6-7 thousand AED
  • 7.87% – 2-3 thousand AED
  • 5.51% – 7-8 thousand AED

How much does an SEO specialist cost? The median is at the level of 4.5 thousand. AED net. The presented data relate to employment under an employment contract. It is worth adding that employees of the marketing department receive raises more or less every year, and their remuneration increases by several percent. Hiring an SEO specialist after a few years may cost a bit more than at the beginning of cooperation. We should also remember that the employer’s cost is much higher. When an employee receives a monthly median salary (AED 4,500 net), his boss pays over AED 6,000 from the account. And these are not all positioner costs . In order for a specialist to work properly, he needs access to many paid tools.

What are the costs of hiring an SEO specialist?

Company positioner – costs

You already know that the costs of an SEO specialist are not only about the monthly salary. We will not mention the bonuses and bonuses that companies grant individually. Unfortunately, not every company provides this kind of employee benefits. However, the positioner generates other costs – not related to bonuses. Exactly how much you will have to keep such an employee depends on the tasks you assign to him. Some issues require the use of specialized tools. The most common tasks of an SEO specialist (data from the Senuto report ) include:

  • 83.2% – keyword analysis
  • 74.8% – creating SEO audits
  • 68% – contact with programmers implementing the changes
  • 66.5% – preparation of work reports
  • 64.9% – creating a campaign strategy

SEO specialists are much less likely to be responsible for:

  • 28.9% – creating a back office
  • 19.3% – writing SEO texts

Performing individual tasks requires the use of appropriate software. Here is a list of the most commonly used tools, excluding free services from Google (Analytics, Search Console, etc.):

  • 87.6% – Excel
  • 81.7% – Senuto
  • 76.7% – Ahrefs
  • 74.8% – Screaming Frog
  • 49.1% – AnswerThePublic
  • 42.5% – SurferSEO
  • 41.9% – Majestic SEO
  • 37.3% – Semstorm
  • 32% – own software
  • 21.7% – Clusteric
  • 21.1% – Semrush
  • 17.1% – Sitebulb
  • 16.8% – Brand24

Most of the presented tools are paid, and the subscription ranges from several dozen to several hundred zlotys per month. This element should be added to the costs of the positioner in the company. Without them, implementing optimization changes is almost impossible.

What are the costs of hiring an SEO specialist?

Inhouse or outsourcing?

The costs of an SEO specialist can be scary, especially if your business is not too big and you, as an entrepreneur, thought about hiring an inhouse positioner as a team member. An alternative to this solution is the outsourcing of an SEO agency that provides such services professionally. Most often, the costs of such a venture are much lower, and the effects are exactly the same, as long as you find a reliable and proven agency with extensive knowledge about positioning. An additional advantage of using the agency’s help is that it employs a team of many specialists, so your website positioning is comprehensive.

The SEO company employs several specialists and they deal with the positioning of websites for clients. Most often, the agency team includes not only positioners, but also people responsible for copywriting, Google Ads, social media, programmers and marketing specialists. Thanks to using the services of an agency, you will not only save on hiring various specialists, but you will also be sure that the work is under control. The texts will be optimized for SEO and refined. 

How much does positioning by an SEO agency cost? It is difficult to define unequivocally, because the final price results from many variables. It is best to ask the company for a quote and a case study to analyze the way professionals work and positioning results. Then you will find the best company.

Hiring an inhouse SEO specialist is most profitable when your website is extensive and you can afford such a solution. Entrepreneurs who have several websites (stores, websites) will also be pleased to have a positioner in the team. Usually, one specialist is able to deal with several websites at the same time. If you want to learn more about professional SEO and check costs for your website, write to us.

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