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A positioned online store and the security of customer data

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Running an e-commerce business is not only taking care of relations with consumers, creating marketing campaigns and continuous development. It is equally important to keep the data of all customers as secure as possible. The better positioned an online store, the more customers visit it. How to protect the website and users?

How to set up a secure store?

Do you know how to set up a secure store ? It is best to use a store platform (software) that allows you to implement many functions, modules and plugins responsible for protecting users. A great example of this is, among others, PrestaShop. You can also try to start an e-commerce through WordPress, using the WooCommerce plugin. Of course, before making your final decision, study the various software carefully to find the best one that fits your requirements.

How to set up a secure store with PrestaShop? It is enough to implement some dedicated modules offered by the software. What? Among other things , reCaptcha or a special tool called Protect My Shop that significantly improves the protection of the site. It is one of the best protection against hackers and malware. Outside people can steal user data to use it in the future, so it’s worth knowing how to set up a secure store . When deciding on the PrestaShop system for your own e-commerce, check the list of dedicated modules responsible for website and user protection. Then select those tools that will be useful for your store.

If you do not want to use PrestaShop, because you are more convinced by WooCommerce, your users will also be safe. Both WordPress and this plugin for online stores are constantly updated, and due to the fact that this software is open source , every Internet user can independently analyze the code in search of gaps and errors. That is why all threats are eliminated almost instantly. What’s more, WooCommerce allows a very simple configuration of the SSL certificate, which is responsible for data security .

PrestaShop and WooCommerce are just two examples. There are many more software for setting up online stores and many of them do their best to guarantee maximum protection. But is it enough? Can you, as the administrator, take care of the data security of all users?

Store and security

SSL certificate and data security

It was mentioned earlier that WooCommerce allows for an uncomplicated configuration of an SSL certificate. What is it exactly? There is nothing difficult about it. The SSL certificate is responsible for secure data encryption when making payments by the user. This is why this element is especially important in the case of online stores, where online transactions often occur. The SSL certificate ensures data security , it protects information such as: passwords, e-mail addresses, personal data, logins, etc.

A website with an active and properly configured SSL certificate is user-friendly and trustworthy. Then every internet user feels much safer. How to check if a website has an SSL certificate? As you browse the site, look towards the URL bar. There should be a padlock in front of it. When you click on this icon, you will find out when the SSL certificate is valid and its details. If the website is unsecured, the user will see another icon instead of a padlock, for example an exclamation point (depending on the version of the browser used). The implementation of the certificate has a positive effect on data security and is almost a mandatory element of every website. It is a confirmation of credibility, responsibility and professionalism. If you want to find outhow to set up a secure store , first get to know the offer of various e-commerce software, and then buy a domain and an SSL certificate. Then users will be happy to use your website, and information about them will be adequately protected.

Store and security

Update and check your software

You cannot forget about regular software updates. Each platform requires the implementation of new functionalities and corrections from time to time. No matter which system you choose for your e-commerce, do not underestimate the updating issues. New patches can reduce security gaps, and if your website is not up-to-date, you will be exposed to malware and hackers. Then, probably, no website protection add-on will help.

Also take care of your computer from which you log into the administration panel. Why? If you have malware, outsiders can intercept your password and then steal all your data. Remember about anti-virus program and do not download applications from suspicious sources. Also, the software for setting up and operating the store can be obtained from the official website. Otherwise, you may be exposed to an attempt to extort your password and data of all users.

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