Seo Dubai – Positioning the site (called Web Positioning in Google) allows you to increase its visibility on queries (keywords), after which users can find your website. The concept of positioning ( SEO ) applies to promotion in the results of organic search engines. It is a series of activities related to the optimization and acquisition of external links. Its purpose is to have a positive impact on the company’s image and promote its offer.


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Creative problem-solving in Dubai

Dubai SEO provides a stable design environment for your content, with a modular layout that takes advantage of the flexible building approach of page builders.

Professional SEO

With more than ten years of experience in business, marketing, and SEO consulting, we help your business grow and scale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

By using positioning opportunities, you have a chance to be at the top of the search engine and reach more potential customers. Positioning affects not only business goals but also the brand image.

Effective Marketing

The long-term benefits of positioning include a quick return on investment. SEO activities should be combined with effective Google Ads advertising.

Thanks to it, you will reach a strictly defined group of recipients with promotional materials in a relatively short time.

Long-term benefits

Contrary to Google Ads, website positioning ensures a long-lasting effect.

Your site will remain in natural search results even after the optimization efforts are completed. Positioning is an investment that pays off!

We help your business grow efficiently with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing activity aimed at achieving a high position of a website in the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

Global Digital Advertising ServicesSEM, SEO, Social Media, & improving your website visibility!

FREE SEO audit for your website

SEO audit This is the first stage of positioning in which we verify the website technically. The report based on the audit allows you to introduce appropriate changes and optimize the website to meet the SEO requirements. This makes it easier to achieve a high position in Google and other popular search engines.








Models of cooperation

Trying to meet the expectations of all customers, we offer cooperation based on one of the three settlement models:

  • fixed fee (subscription),
  • fixed fee + effect fee,
  • a hybrid that combines both of the above models.

We will help you choose the best option to strengthen website positioning with the maximum budget optimization.

You are here because you are looking for a leading SEO agency in Dubai to improve your website rankings and visibility in Google!

What people say about

The page is positioned on 706 essential phrases in Google in UAE. Since 2009, we have been cooperating with Dubai SEO also in the field of online advertising. Entrusting the cyclical running of the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns to specialists from the Dubai SEO Group resulted in noticing increased traffic on the website and an increase in sales in my business in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

SEo in UAE SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

John Willow

The business owner in the UAE

From the beginning, the cooperation proceeded by our expectations; we were offered professional advice in the selection of appropriate key phrases and an optimal settlement model. Currently, selected words are at the forefront of search results. Good contact with employees, quick response to possible changes, and, above all, satisfactory results are the reasons why we recommend to all those who are looking for a professional partner to conduct promotional and positioning activities on the Internet.

You are here because you are looking for a leading SEO agency in Dubai to improve your website rankings and visibility in Google!

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Dubai SEO

The benefits of website positioning SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

The benefits of
website positioning

The higher a website is in the search results, the more popular it is. It is estimated that:

  • the website in the first place is visited by an average of 34.2% of users,
  • 2nd position in the ranking attracts approx. 17.1% of internet users,
  • a website appearing in 5th place in Google is visited by only 7.4% of users.

Most importantly, sites that appear on the first page of search results attract as much as 91.5% of all traffic! This is the best proof that if your website is not positioned beyond the TOP 10, its reach will be significantly reduced.

According to research conducted by Ignite Visibility, the first link in Google search results attracts approx. 43% of users, the second – 37%, and the third – 30%. The TOP 10 closing domain can count on the interest of approximately 3% of Internet users.

Remember that you also build a positive image of your brand by ordering website positioning and increasing its recognition, translating into better sales.

Why is effective positioning on Google so important?

In 2019, online advertising expenditure increased by 7.8%, reaching PLN 1.69 billion (Starcom Agency data for 2019). In Europe, funds for SEO activities, including positioning and PPC campaigns, increased to 35 8% (previously 33.6%), taking into account the entire marketing budget.

Did you know that 93% of Dubai internet users use Google? (source: – May 2020). This is where they find information about products, compare prices, look for services, or do shopping. Such a strong position of the Google search engine means that promotion in competing websites, such as Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex, does not bring satisfactory results to domestic entrepreneurs.

Knowledge, experience and recognition in Europe and in the world

Operating in the SEO industry since 2009, the Dubai SEO Group has gained extensive knowledge and extensive experience, among others in the field of Website positioning. We employ the best specialists who are responsible for the implementation of many ambitious projects.

We always approach each client individually. We offer comprehensive technical and substantive support, and we try to ensure the best possible results of online marketing activities.

The testimonials issued by clients confirm the enormous commitment and knowledge of our specialists.

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SEO copywriting

These are activities related to creating new content (content marketing) or SEO optimisation of texts already on the website. Thanks to SEO copywriting, unique, high-quality content is created, adequately saturated with critical phrases for which the website is positioned.

Implementation of SEO changes / preparation of specifications

At this stage, we optimise the website in terms of SEO, taking into account the information from the report after the previously performed audit. Changes on the website are introduced by experienced webmasters who have been working for years on both the most popular and original CMS systems. You can prepare guidelines for recommended changes and how to implement them on your website.

Link building

We obtain links for our clients from internal and external websites to maximise the positioning effects achieved through website optimisation. Preparing a link acquisition strategy is an essential part of the SEO process and is considered off-site.

Effect analysis

We don’t finish our work when we get the first results for the website. We are constantly monitoring the ranking and effectiveness of our activities on Google, making appropriate changes if necessary. We adjust the adopted strategy to maximise SEO effects.

Support and consultation

We provide comprehensive web analytics and UX research with the participation of users.

We are in constant contact with clients, and we consult with them all stages of positioning.

Our specialists always offer professional advice related to SEO activities and online business development.

SEO complementary services

We provide services that complement positioning (SEO) and maximise the level of conversion.

We run PPC advertising campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Allegro Ads.

We create content for websites as part of content marketing activities and publish sponsored articles.

The price of the positioning service SEO includes:

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Fact: Natural (”Organic”) positions get 66% more traffic than pay per click positions and convert to sales on average 250% more often than pay per click generated leads.

The internet today lists close to two billion websites, with hundreds more appearing every day.

Getting a website designed to suit one’s requirements is easy, however directing your target audience amid all the growing competition is not.

We at Ascendant Marketing specialise in the art and science of search engine marketing that guarantees to attract your target customer to your site.

Our marketing services include Natural SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC Advertising, Web Design & Development, in addition to a myriad of traditional media and consulting capabilities.

We take pride that always develop custom marketing solutions tailored to achieve maximum ROI for our clients.

Search enging optimization in Dubai

For Better Online marketing and To improve excellent audience support.

Search Engine Optimization is an effective of marketing the website online. It is a brilliant work that takes place behind the site. SEO work makes the website more popular with search engines. For every single click, the browser starts reading the entire content of the browser. So it can easily classify the website based on its algorithm. When the user searches their query, the search engine starts listing the website based on its algorithm. Every impression lifts the pr status of the websites high. In the SEO process, there are some steps for backlink building. These backlinks are used to give a solid impression for the website. SEO is a long-term process. And s a step-by-step process. When it is built calculative, then the benefit is achieved earlier, and it will be easy to maintain throughout the lifetime. SEO workers should give equal importance to both on-page and off-page SEO because web design is also an essential factor that affects the SEO of the website. Loading timing of the page, a Coding error in a webpage, meta tags, anchor tags, and image tag everything will affect the page visibility. So building proper and robust onPage is much essential.

To give an excellent SEO service, there is a way to get your company a promotion in the UAE.

Dubai Seo Company

They will lead you from the very starting point to the end. Keyword analysing, competitor analysing are the major and the most critical steps in the SEO process. If these two things are founded perfectly, the site will quickly get visible in the search engines. Our extreme team will update each innovation in the SEO field. So they update the websites based on all these innovations. These show your website up to date constantly. If you are searching for 

Seo consultant Dubai or Seo Expert in Dubai

Our service will follow you. Start improving your business online today with the best SEO service. A consistent SEO service can only make a good impression about the website among all the search engines.

During the SEO service monitoring, the website is a more important one. Because simple changes in a site lead to the loss of many backlinks. Building backlinks and increasing the referring domain count high is not that much easy to do. SEO workers should always be aware of all these. And they keen on watching the site growth day by day.

For Better, Online Marketing And To Improve Perfect Audience Support.

Pay per click seo

Keeps going and going and going.

Pay per Click is an attractive marketing technique to improve your site visibility. It’s brilliant work. The central concept of the PPC is to post ads on various sites. These ads are an absolute representation of the business site. It may be based on the keywords of the website. For every single click of the ad, the site administrator should pay for that. This is a fantastic marketing technique. It reaches the audience more. So your site becomes more popular between the end-users side. There are some unique marketing strategies are there. The well-experienced worker of PPC can follow these. We have an exceptional team of PPC work called SEO experts in Dubai, doing many ongoing projects with great success.

Pay per Click ads is unique. They should be getting a different look from other ads. Especially these ads should be different and more attractive from your competitor ads. The unique look of the advertisement shows your fantastic product to the audience side. So they easily remember your ad and your business uniqueness. That makes you get more audience. These ads are posted on leading websites. It represents your business with attractive and straightforward words. So it makes the visitors click your ad. When clicking the ad, it started redirecting the user to your website. They will quickly found your products and your services. Based on the payment from the business admin, the frequency of the ad number will also increase. PPC building of the site makes the more impressive from the user. It leads the marketing value of the website high. For the frequent impression, search engines start to visible your site on the top of searching results.

Local seo

For Better Online marketing and To improve perfect audience support region-wise.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of marketing your website intelligently online. This SEO process is used to promote your business all over the world. But this local SEO is quite different from the ordinary SEO. There the website or your business will be marketing to a specific region. This may be based on your location. It is based on the business. Some of the business can be obtained in certain areas only to promote this business worldwide will seem unreliable. For example, an Indian-oriented business can serve the Indian people. If there is no facility to help foreign people means why should we go for world marketing? We start to compete with our regional competitors. When the marketing area is concentrated in a particular region, it is more possible to get more audience members. This is the basic idea of local SEO.

The process followed in this local SEO is similar to the standard SEO package. But there is a restriction based on the region. This is the most important one which we should think about. Keywords setting, competitor analysis promoting advertisement, everything is based on the part. We 

The marketing company in Dubai

serve the best local SEO for region-oriented businesses. We have more experience and trustworthy customers in the local SEO field. Backlink building, Referring site, everything is based on the area. So your business will reach the audience very soon. For your query, contact our excellent local SEO team now itself. This will be a perfect opportunity to build your own business in our region well. Our 

SEO and marketing Dubai

 The company is the best solution for all of your SEO requirements.

Social media optimization

For Better Online marketing and To improve excellent audience support.

Social media marketing is like the backbone of your website. To get more audience support, these social media are critical. To market your business, social media helps a lot. There are many media in the market like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, etc., social media marketing act as a bridge between the business people to the clients. There are many facilities on social media sites. You can promote your business there. You can post your ads. And even you can create your page on social media. Every single share and likes will be published to all the people in a group. So this process of publishing will take place rapidly. The only thing is to share your valuable content in your post. Following your competitor is also an important one in this social media marketing. To grow your knowledge about the innovations in the market, you have to follow or watch your competitors.

We have excellent team members to do this social media marketing effectively. They will post new ads and posts on behalf of you. And they following your competitors and they become an effective marketer in your business circle. Your business service and your works are directly reached to a considerable amount of audience. So you can easily promote your business online. Frequent posting and following will keep your business an active one in the business field. These posts are must be related to your website and your website keywords. Our members are doing this Social media marketing for many leading companies. They have got outstanding results in this social media marketing. For the best and affordable SMM, contact our 

Web designing

They are creating strong, provocative relationships between good companies and their customers.

Web site designing is the significant feature that used to withstand in the market between the competitors. An attractive website design can make you get a much more audience to your site. Your site concept should be clear and must be trustworthy. It must be understandable to the user. The website should give all the necessary details about your business. When it satisfies the user’s need, it will succeed when using attractive images on your site, which will be much better for understanding your website visitors. Everyone wants to know the reliable and trustworthy content for their service provider. Your business impression should become out of the design of your website. Your website should be clear in concept and more potent in the description. The error-free codling in your site gives high visibility to your website.

Your site loading time should be less. That only it can get high page rank. Handling images on the website pages is more important. A pictorial representation can convey much news to the visitors. For example your business contacts details and all. These images should be of high quality and must be more diminutive in size. Because images take much more time to load. To avoid all these things, a brilliant web design is needed. Our 

Website design Dubai 

company will give best website service all over the world. Our Web design Dubai company does many ongoing projects. Approach us today for a better website design.

What is SEO?

Positioning of websites, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is a set of activities aimed at achieving the highest possible position by a website in the organic results of the Google search engine for specific keywords. Initially, the word positioning referred to the reception of a product or brand by its customers. In this sense, companies to position a product, emphasise its distinctive features, or create a specific image.

We provide a comprehensive website positioning service

seo audit SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO audit
We carry out technical analysis of the website, optimising the website following the current guidelines of the most popular search engines.

seo guardian SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dedicated Specialist
Each website goes to the hands of a team of experienced positioning, content marketing, and copywriting experts. A dedicated specialist takes care of contact with the client.

content seo SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO copywriting
We provide value for users and optimised SEO content, taking into account positioned keywords.

seo analyst SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Analysis and reports We
regularly verify the effectiveness of the adopted strategy, report the results of our work, and change the course of the chosen SEO tactic.

implement seo recommendations SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Implementation of SEO recommendations We outsource the
implementation of optimisation changes to web admins who have experience in programming work on CMSs and proprietary systems.

seo consulting SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

We offer substantive support at every stage of the website positioning process, advising on the best SEO activities.

How much does professional website positioning cost?

The cost of positioning depends on many factors. Therefore SEO services are priced individually (positioning offer taking into account the initial conditions). The price is influenced, among others, by the industry in which the entrepreneur operates, the competitiveness of key phrases (the less popular the phrase, the cheaper the service and faster results), website quality (content, structure, CMS), domain age, existing link profile.

positioning costs SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lump-sum (subscription):
from AED 399 to AED 15,000 per month

price positioning SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

The rate per hour of work of a specialist:
from 200 to 300 AED per hour

positioning service, valuation SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Remuneration for the effect: the remuneration of the agency changes dynamically depending on the achieved results.

The price in the offer of the positioning service includes :

Effective positioning of the company also ensures an increase in brand recognition and gaining an advantage over the competition. Potential customers better remember a page that frequently appears in search results.

Why is positioning of pages on Google a necessity?

Television and radio – the two largest marketing communication channels – are losing popularity every year in favour of modern forms of promotion. In 2019, online advertising expenditure increased by AED 121.9 million (7.8%), reaching AED 1.69 billion (Starcom Agency data for 2019). Thus, positioning and PPC campaigns increased their share from 33.6% to 35.8% in the United Arab Emirates advertising market. The retail industry spent the most significant part of online marketing budgets.

Promotion of the company on the Internet becomes a necessity, primarily when the business is based on the e-commerce model. Increasing visibility, in turn, must focus on a single Google search engine. The United Arab Emirates market has a monopoly position, serving almost 93% of users (according to – May 2020). Taking a high place in Bing, Yahoo or Yandex will not be associated with more significant benefits, as most Internet users do not even know about the existence of such search engines.

And although Google has advanced algorithms that determine websites’ position in the ranking based on over 200 ranking factors, optimising the website for this specific search engine is worth investing in—taking a high part in the search results on google. Ae will allow you to get an increase in traffic on the website, which translates into conversions.

For over 15 years, we have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge in Dubai SEO. 30 experienced SEO specialists work on client websites, approaching each one individually and comprehensively. We make sure that the pages appear in the top positions in search engines and stay on them constantly. Our references confirm this.

forbes diamond FORBES DIAMOND

In 2014, we were awarded for a high increase in the company’s value.


Internet Maker magazine recognised us as one of the best SEO agencies.

sem SEM

We have a tangible impact on sales, according to the Media & Marketing United Arab Emirates research.

Free SEO audit of your website

If you do not know if the website positioning service is for you, perform a free SEO audit and see how the website meets the requirements of search engines. In just a few minutes, you will know the optimisation result of your website according to the most crucial ranking factors.

How to choose a good website positioning company?

The best method is to send out inquiries to several companies. The investigation must take into account the business purpose. Knowing it, the SEO company will be able to adapt the offer to specific requirements.

How to choose an SEO agency in Dubai?


What influences the position of the website in the Google search engine?

For effective positioning, it is necessary to know about Google’s factors when creating page ranking. The most important of them are:





Social networks are a place of content distribution, as well as a tool for communication with users. Having accounts in selected social media brings additional benefits in the form of website traffic.

How is the website positioning process going?

Website positioning is a continuous process that requires commitment at every stage. SEO works only after some time, and achieving a position in TOP3 does not guarantee that your website will stay in this place for the following months.

Stages of the positioning process

According to our standards, the website positioning service consists of the following stages:

phrase analysis SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

The choice of phrases well describing the offer and searched by users determines the effectiveness of further actions.

seo audit SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Verification of the website, identification of errors, and preparation of recommendations for optimisation. In many cases, the mere implementation of SEO audit recommendations may increase your position in Google.

seo content SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

The development of engaging content has a massive impact on the position in search results – our service, therefore, includes SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing.

link building SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Acquiring valuable links contributes to achieving a high position in the search results. The link-building strategy is prepared individually for a given website.

traffic analysis SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

systematically verify the effectiveness of the strategy used by, among others, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

How to measure the effects of positioning?

To ensure effective positioning, the SEO company systematically prepares reports containing effectiveness measures. It can analyse the effects of its work and correct the assumptions of the adopted SEO strategy.

Website positioning strategies

In addition to standard website positioning, we also offer services tailored to the specific type of website and industry in which the business is conducted. Well, the most effective SEO strategies include:

positioning of online stores - the best solutions SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Positioning of online stores
The e-commerce industry poses challenges for SEO in terms of content uniqueness, building the site’s popularity, and technical solutions characteristic of various store scripts. We focus on selecting phrases that convert well, thanks to which both the popularity of the website and the conversion rate will increase.

broad positioning - the best solutions SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Wide positioning
The choice of a long list of phrases (called the long tail) and the appropriate expansion of the website content allows you to reduce the cost of acquiring customers and make the level of traffic on the website resistant to fluctuations in the position of individual phrases. The website is optimised for exact vital words. This strategy works well for the positioning of stores and portals.

local positioning - top solutions SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Local Positioning
Local SEO is a strategy for services operating on the local market. SEO activities are based on optimising landing pages for phrases with city names (e.g., Abu Dhabi website positioning) and creating separate link profiles for each page.

YouTube positioning - top solutions SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO YouTube
Optimising your corporate YouTube channel allows you to stand out from the competition. Often this tool is used by online stores presenting tips, tutorials, or video reviews of their products.

seasonal positioning - the best solutions SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Seasonal positioning
A strategy aimed at entrepreneurs operating in seasonal industries who want to promote their products in a selected period. As part of this SEO service, temporary and occasional phrases are used. The moment to start activities is essential to promote keywords before and during increased demand for a specific assortment.

SEO training

We have been running SEO training and positioning courses for several years. We educate our clients and organise open meetings for anyone interested in broadening their qualifications in internet marketing. We visit the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, talking about effective website optimisation. We share our experience, research, and extensive knowledge in SEO, which we gain during our daily work related to adapting websites to the requirements of the Google search engine.

SEO FAQ – frequently asked questions about website positioning

When can you expect SEO effects?

Search engine optimisation on the Internet gives results after a long time, so it’s worth being patient. The results are also not given once and for all. Achieving a TOP3, TOP5, or TOP10 does not guarantee that we will keep them in the coming months. The ranking is based on many factors that change frequently.

Does positioning / SEO guarantee a high position?

SEO agencies improve the website’s position but cannot guarantee a specific place in the search results. Google often makes sudden and unexpected changes to your ranking. The positioners do not influence on:

How long does website positioning take?

Positioning websites is a long-term process. Obtaining effects, e.g., entering TOP10 or increasing the visibility of a specific pool of critical phrases, depends on many factors. These are i.a. keyword competitiveness, competition activity, domain age, the possibility of expanding the website with additional content. By positioning yourself for common phrases on the local market, satisfactory results can be achieved by introducing optimisation recommendations. In turn, reaching the dream position for general, frequently searched keywords for which strong players actively position themselves may take up to several months.

Is website positioning profitable?

An investment in SEO is profitable for several reasons. First, the systematic implementation of SEO activities helps you gain traffic in the long term. Secondly, improving visibility for the following keywords increases the likelihood of reaching new users interested in our product range. Third, having a brand high in search results helps build users’ trust and build a good Internet image.

Positioning and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands for website optimisation for a search engine. The actions taken are based on acquiring valuable traffic and increasing the website’s visibility in organic search results (the so-called SERP). defines the term SEO as follows in their blog.

Dubai SEO agencies often use the term positioning, which describes several activities that contribute to improving the visibility of a website in organic search results. In this sense, the positioning includes comprehensive activities: keyword selection, technical website optimisation, link building, creating unique content.

Comparing both definitions, we can see that both SEO and positioning focus on getting traffic from organic search results and getting the highest possible visibility of the company, brand, or website in the search engine. Therefore, SEO and positioning are identical concepts, so that they can be treated as synonyms. The technical optimisation of the website (commonly referred to by some representatives of the internet marketing industry as SEO) is very strongly related to the positioning process that it is difficult to treat these terms as different activities.

In summary, if an SEO specialist uses the term SEO or positioning, he will mean taking actions to improve the website’s visibility in organic search results. Also, check what Google thinks about website optimisation.

Domain name and SEO and positioning

According to official announcements published by Google, the name of the domain in which we include positioned keywords does not affect its position in the search results. It is not a ranking factor. When buying apart from the secondary market, it is worth taking a closer look at its history, particularly analysing the profile of backlinks and its subject matter. The content and linking account affect the effectiveness of the SEO process.

Positioning or Google Ads?

Positioning and Google Ads are complementary forms of online promotion. By using both of these solutions, you can reach a wide range of users – people looking for products in organic and paid search results. Both tools are suitable for slightly different purposes. Google Ads is used for seasonal campaigns when we want to get customers immediately. In turn, SEO activities bring traffic in the long run, ensuring a constant flow of Internet users to the website.

Google Ads campaigns

What is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google Ads is an advertising system that displays sponsored links in Google search results and banners and text ads on the pages of the Google advertising network, billed based on CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Google Ads (Adwords) advertising forms

A Google Ads campaign is a form of search engine marketing that allows you to display short advertising texts in the search results based on keywords selected by the advertiser and linking these ads to the indicated websites. The advertiser pays when the user clicks a Google Ads ad, and the user is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Thanks to this, online advertisements reach people interested in a product or service and search for it on the Internet at a given moment.

A text-based search ad consists of two headers up to 30 characters long, a text field (up to 80 characters), and a display URL (up to 15 characters). They can be accompanied by ad extensions, including site links pointing to the most important website sections, location extensions showing the advertiser’s physical address, and call extensions showing the phone number and enabling a phone call after clicking the “call” button.

Google Ads campaigns also display image ads (banners) on the network of websites cooperating with Google, i.e., the Google Display Network (GDN), sponsored video content on YouTube, and advertisements in Gmail.

Google Ads advertising forms that we use:


The benefits of investing in advertising campaigns on Google

The promotion of a website in Google Ads brings many benefits and is one of the most popular and effective forms of internet marketing in many industries. Its main advantages are:

stopwatch     FAST EFFECT

Immediately after launching an AdWords (Google Ads) campaign, the ads start showing, and the first potential customers go to the advertiser’s website.

flexibility     FLEXIBILITY

Google AdWords campaigns are easy to modify, e.g., change the size of the budget, keywords for which the advertisement is displayed, the content of the ad. This allows you to create various advertising messages depending on the current offer.

measurability     MEASUREMENT

The effects of the campaign are easily measurable. With the correct configuration of the account, you can see in black and white whether the PPC campaign is achieving the assumed goal (e.g., in the form of sales in an online store).

accuracy     PRECISION

Thanks to various targeting methods, Google AdWords advertising reaches users interested in a specific product or service.

Google Ads reach

The system allows for virtually any choice of a geographic area in which effective advertising will be displayed on the Internet. It can be local, regional, national, or international. In large cities, it is also possible to target Google Ads ads to selected districts.

Advertising campaign costs

The sponsored links campaign is usually billed in the Pay Per Click model (PPC advertising), i.e., the cost per click of the advertisement. The advertiser bears the charges only when the user clicks on the advertisement and goes to his website. If the Google Ads advertisement is displayed on partners’ websites (in text or graphic banners), it is also possible to pay for a thousand ad impressions (CPM – Cost Per Mille). The AdWords system also allows, under certain conditions, settlement for the cost of calling an action (CPA – Cost Per Action), which settles the performance of a step on the landing page, e.g., purchase, sending contact details. Video ads displayed on YouTube are billed according to the Cost Per View (CPV) model.

campaign costs for the sem SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Promotion on the Internet with the help of AdWords campaigns allows you to freely shape the advertising budget depending on the campaign’s goals and its planned range. Therefore, this type of internet advertising is tailored to large, medium, and even tiny enterprises.

How can an agency dealing with Google Ads help?

Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns are designed in such a way that you can handle them yourself. However, in practice, running Google Ads campaigns should be entrusted to specialised partner companies that can optimally use the budget to achieve the assumed business goals.

Premier Google Partner SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Artifakt specialists undergo regular training and test the latest solutions. Each AdWords account is regularly assessed through the Google Partners program. A very high assessment of our effectiveness and the specialisations gained confirm our competence in conducting various campaigns. We are sure that our services are of the highest quality and contribute to the development of our clients’ businesses. AdWords agencies can obtain certification from Google. Thanks to the high qualifications of specialists, our agency has received the prestigious status of Google Premier Partner, which distinguishes the best Google partner companies.

What actions does the SEM specialist take?

As part of our campaigning service, we prepare, configure, and monitor and optimise Google Ads advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis. The client has an assigned individual supervisor. Our AdWords specialists can tell you from the very beginning what type of campaign is best to launch, how to choose keywords, and how much to invest in your AdWords ad to bring the desired results. Then, the AdWords specialist prepares the campaign, paying attention to the client’s business goals. After its launch, he watches over the course and introduces changes on an ongoing basis to increase the advertisement’s effectiveness. All activities take place in consultation with the client, and the effects of the campaign are reported every month.

sem. list SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Price list for handling Google Ads / AdWords campaigns

For the AdWords campaign service, the total cost to the advertiser is comprised of the click budget and the agency fees. In Artifakt, the monthly price for running a standard sponsored links campaign in the search engine is 15% of the spent budget, but not less than 300 AED. If you use several different types of movements, this fee increases accordingly. More information on the Dubai SEO rates can be found in our price list.

Ad formats

The Google Ads (AdWords) system allows you to promote your website through various ad formats, each with its advantages and suitable for promoting a specific type of offer. One of the most popular formats is text ads (sponsored links) displayed in the Google search engine. Their advantage is that they are easy to create and can be used in many industries. With extensions, these ads are supplemented with additional information that is useful to users.

Shopping ads also show in Google search results, but this format is intended solely to promote online stores. The advertisements are in boxes with a picture of the product and its name, price, and the seller’s brand. After clicking, the user is redirected directly to the product card in the online store, where he can make a purchase. It is one of the most effective forms of promotion, increasing sales in an e-shop.

adwords ad formats SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Another popular format in AdWords is image ads or banners. Their advantage is the possibility of visual presentation of the offer. These ads are displayed on an ad network that has an extensive reach. Thanks to this, the advertiser can increase the awareness of his brand and attract a broad audience with his offer.

Responsive ads are ads on the Google Display Network that adapt to the ad space that is currently available. They can take the form of text or image ads and change their appearance and size. Responsive ads are easy to create and significantly increase the reach of your campaign.

Application ads are designed to promote mobile applications. They can be displayed on both the search engine and the advertising network.

Call-only ads are similar to text ads. They are distinguished by the fact that they are displayed only on smartphones, and after clicking them, a phone call is made with the advertiser.

Google Ads campaign types (AdWords)

Google Ads (AdWords) advertising campaigns can be divided into several main types depending on where the ads are displayed and the goals they pursue. The fundamental division of advertising on Google is the distinction between campaigns conducted on different ad networks: the search network, the advertising network (GDN), and the YouTube network. A more detailed breakdown distinguishes six types of campaigns:

How costs are billed for advertising

Google Ads ads are most often settled in the CPC model, i.e., a specific cost-per-click. How high the cost will depend primarily on the competition that reaches the same users as the advertiser and on the quality of the ad itself.

cpc chart SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Whether it’s a Google search results page or Display Network boxing, an ad auction from competing advertisers is conducted for each ad placement. Whether or not a given ad appears on Google AdWords and what position it will be placed depends mainly on the CPC bid that the advertiser is willing to pay for a click and on the ad’s Quality Score. The advertiser or the AdWords system can set the maximum CPC bid using one of the available automated bidding strategies.

Selection and optimization of keywords for the campaign

search engine SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Choosing the right keywords is extremely important for the effectiveness of the campaign. To display Google Ads ads on terms that potential customers search, the advertiser must answer what needs the offer meets and how its potential customers can search for it. If the keywords are too general and ambiguous, the Google AdWords campaign will generate low-value traffic for the advertiser. On the other hand, too specialised keywords are used by few users, and thus there may not be enough clicks on the ad to generate an effect, e.g., in the form of appropriate sales.

What is a keyword planner?

planning activities of the sem SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Keyword Planner is a tool provided by Google to search for relevant phrases for AdWords campaigns. Thanks to it, you can create a list of terms related to a given offer and obtain information about the estimated cost of clicks for selected keywords. The tool also displays data on the monthly number of searches for each phrase, but you must have an active campaign in your Google account to get accurate information. The planner is also used by specialists dealing with website positioning.

Measure the effects of advertising on Google

The AdWords system allows you to accurately determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, thanks to the conversion measurement option. Conversion is understood here as the user action on the website desired by the advertiser. It can be both a purchase in an online store and sending a contact form, downloading a price list, or subscribing to a newsletter. With the proper configuration of the Google Ads account, we can count conversions for individual campaigns, ad groups, keywords, or other ad-targeting methods. Thanks to this, it is possible to pause ineffective campaigns and relocate the budget to generate more conversions.

How to find a certified Google Partner?

Google has created the Google Partners program, which distinguishes agencies with extensive experience in running AdWords campaigns. Their employees have passed relevant exams in the field of knowledge about Google Ads. Artifakt has been participating in this program for years and can now boast the status of Google Premier Partner. A certified Google Partner can be found in a unique search engine. After selecting your preferred options and locations, we will get a list of Google Recommended companies that you can contact.

Acquire new customers thanks to Google Ads!

Thanks to the AdWords system, your business can quickly acquire new customers from the Internet. All you need to do is tell us about your goals, and we will select the appropriate types of campaigns and optimise them so that they bring the highest return on investment. We will use proven techniques and test new products that are not yet available to other advertisers. Rely on our experience – we have already run hundreds of successful campaigns!

Advertising on Facebook

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a system that allows you to advertise products and services in the form of hidden messages displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and in applications from the Audience Network group. Advertisers can choose from several different ad formats that can match, for example, the specifics of the company or recipient profile.

The most important function of advertising on Facebook is targeting, i.e., the ability to specify the target group according to various parameters. Promoting on Facebook allows companies to target content directly to users interested in their products and services.

Benefits of campaigns on FB

Advertising on Facebook has many benefits, including:

like   increasing the sale of products and services,

like   strengthening the company’s presence on the Internet,

like   increasing brand recognition,

like   gaining new business contacts,

like   recruiting employees,

like   building lasting relationships with customers.

The purpose of the campaign

Regardless of whether the company wants to show off a new product, encourage users to take advantage of the offer, or look for employees – a campaign on Facebook must have a specific goal. In the case of Facebook marketing, it is of particular importance. Campaign goals are responsible for the format of the FB ad, where it will be located, and who will be able to see it. A Facebook advertising agency such as Artifakt helps clients define specific, realistic, and measurable goals that will set the direction of their marketing activities and, as a result, affect the success of their campaign.

Advertising on Facebook – how much does it cost?

A Facebook promotion gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your budget – you can start with virtually any amount. Most advertisers use the most popular method – they create advertising materials that then participate in an auction. This solution allows you to select specific parameters that the system will use when broadcasting the advertisement.

As part of the configuration, the Facebook campaign allows you to choose a daily budget or a total budget for the entire period of publishing the materials. In most cases, the minimum daily spend ranges from $ 1 to $ 5, but it all depends on the selected campaign settings (e.g., audience defined based on specific data). The entered amounts can be changed at any time. An ad campaign on Facebook generates a cost for the advertiser selected when determining the budget – e.g., the number of link clicks or a thousand impressions of the ad. It is worth remembering that Facebook Ads is a service that requires advertisers to pay tax on advertising.

We adjust the advertising budget to the client’s needs. We select a group of recipients who will be most interested in the offer from Facebook users, which helps achieve good results. We charge a commission of 15% of the spent budget for our services, but not less than AED 300 AED per month.

Facebook advertising coverage

Promoting the site on FB and other social media allows you to keep the interest of current customers and win the sympathy of new ones. It is worth betting on an attractive image campaign that will successfully reach a wide range of users. Facebook ads have a vast reach and get people from various target groups. Best SEO Service Agency & SEO News in Dubai.

Precise selection of the target group

Unlike activities in the field of positioning, the available tools on Facebook allow you to precisely define the group of recipients to whom the advertising content will go. For example, suppose the company’s customers include people from one city with a specific profession. In that case, there is nothing to prevent the fan page ad from being displayed only to users from this target group.

The system also makes it possible to send advertising messages to Internet users in specific life situations, e.g., just before the birth of a child, immediately after moving, or just after changing jobs. As a result, it is possible to distinguish only people matching the company’s customer profile from among millions of users.

Users spend an average of several to several dozen minutes a day on Facebook, sharing vast amounts of information about themselves. It is on their basis that the website determines the advertising preferences of the recipients.

Attract customers and fans using different parameters

target group of social media users SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Age, gender, education, job title, workplace, household composition,  relationship status, generation, etc.

Country, state, city, zip code, address, specific market area, etc.

locations of social media users SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
interests of social media users SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Fitness and health, business and industry, food and drink, entertainment, technology, shopping, and fashion, etc. 

Digital activity, consumer habits, travel, events, and occasions, etc.

behavior of social media users SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Remarketing campaigns in Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising campaigns can be targeted precisely, not only at the primary target groups. It is also possible to extract non-standard groups of people. Do you want to reach only existing customers? Or maybe you care about the users of the mobile application? Remarketing campaigns on Facebook will allow you to establish contact with already met consumers.

Choosing a non-standard audience allows you to prepare an effective remarketing campaign. This option consists of displaying advertising creations to users who have visited the company’s website. Facebook advertising reminds us about the existence of a company, service, or product, consolidating the brand image in the user’s mind.

Placement of the ad on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Ads allows you to create universal ads that can be displayed on many different devices – both on computers and smartphones, and tablets. Facebook and Instagram remain the most chosen areas for advertising messages, while Audience Network, i.e., a network that brings together various recipients of phone applications, is less popular.

Facebook Ads placement SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
  1. In the news on Facebook
  2. In the right column on Facebook
  3. On the news board in the mobile application
  4. As a sponsored post on Instagram

Advertising banners do not have to appear in several places at the same time. It all depends on the planned campaign and goals. You can only bet on one area or parallel communication, e.g., in two channels.

You can choose the areas of the advertisement broadcast yourself, or you can choose to place them automatically. The second option is the Ad Manager tool that decides where to put the message to reach the most significant number of recipients.

Ad formats available

The most straightforward ad format that effectively grabs attention. Large graphics with text make it possible to define the message clearly. The content is only five lines of text, so it’s worth preparing a catchy slogan. At the end of the ad, you can include a matching “call to action” button.

a single Facebook Ads image SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
Facebook Ads carousel SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

carousel extends the option of presenting a product or service. It allows you to place any content and gives you the chance to prepare exciting graphics. Subsequent “windows” do not have to present separate photos but must be combined into one visually coherent whole.

Video content is beautiful to users. However, you need to know how to prepare them. The videos start automatically, so the first few seconds should be an effective eye-catcher. Notably, Facebook supports a limited number of video formats and has quite a few technical requirements that must be met.

a single Facebook Ads video SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
Facebook Ads slideshow SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

A slide show is a much more dynamic form than a single photo. During the broadcast of the advertisement, several different images can be shown. The option also allows you to prepare a short and engaging animation.

Take care of an attractive message

Regardless of whether it will be prepared in the form of a post with a photo or a video, advertising on Facebook must be catchy and attract attention. Users very often scroll the board with news on Facebook (the so-called newsfeed) without stopping at sponsored posts or marked as advertising. Therefore, it is worth preparing the content and appearance of the emitted messages in an attractive way so that the recipients decide to spend time exploring the topic.

The most visible element of a Facebook ad is a photo or video. Therefore, first of all, make sure that the shared graphic element is of the highest quality. Unreadable graphics may discourage recipients from the advertisement itself, and the product or brand presented. Choosing the right colours is also very important. Colours that are too flashy can make users look away quickly.

The graphics attract attention, but it is the text that can keep the user longer. Well, the thought-out advertising content will allow you to convey specific information about the product or service, written as an exciting and encouraging slogan. The description should not exceed 90 characters to be displayed well on both computer screens and phones.

Emissions of advertisements under control

The statistics available on Facebook allow you to get information about users not only before the ad is broadcast. Even during the campaign, you can analyse the collected data and conclude the future. Numbers and charts allow you to match the content better to the tastes and requirements of the recipients.

Is one version of your ad better than another? Nothing prevents you from making corrections. The campaign can be edited at any time. The tools provided by Facebook are used for this: Advertising Manager, Company Manager, or Power Editor.

Take advantage of the help of professionals!

Effective FB advertising requires time and knowledge. If you are missing one or the other, the Facebook agency is a good choice. Our job is to improve the prepared advertising campaigns constantly. We optimise budgets, create and test various types of creations, change targeting, and invest in Facebook Ads as profitable as possible for our clients. At the end of each project, we provide detailed reports summarising individual activities.

Internet Analytics in

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the collection and analysis of traffic data and user behaviour on a website. The main goal of web analytics is to propose optimisation solutions to increase the conversion rate and improve the website’s visibility in search results.

Application of web analytics

The great advantage of Internet marketing is the availability of a lot of data that allows:

Full use of these possibilities requires appropriate software, experience in its use, and knowledge. Web analytics conducted by our specialists is based on Google Analytics – the most popular platform that studies and evaluates website statistics, and thus the effects of positioning.

Know your users
through data analysis

Portal visit statements allow you to get to know the website users, i.e., potential customers well. Using Google tools, the analyst can perform 200 types of data measurements. By compiling the various materials available, we can create segments – collections of users visiting our portal. Thanks to this, we will better match the website and offer to the needs of customers. These features may relate to:

The most frequently used data (quantitative measurement results) are sessions, users, pages/session, page views, average session duration, bounce rate. An interesting development of the customer segmentation function is the cohort analysis, which allows you to combine users based on their common characteristics. Thanks to it, it is also possible to track the behaviour of the groups created in this way over a specific period.

Marketing analytics
improves the effectiveness of activities

The analysis of website traffic allows you to optimise expenditure on marketing campaigns effectively. By comparing the number of entries from individual sources (e.g., ads in the search engine – Google Adwords, banner ads, SEO) with the costs incurred to obtain them, we can conclude which activities have brought us the greatest return on investment and which can be done without harm in the future. Limit. In addition to the number of sessions from individual sources, we also analyse their most important parameters, such as the bounce rate or conversion rate.

Increase the effectiveness of your online campaigns with in-depth analytics.

Conversion optimization

Thanks to Google tools, analyses and recommendations are based on objective, confirmed data (the so-called metric-driven design). Thanks to them, we can identify potential causes of worse than expected results – errors that cause any difficulties for users. In addition, A / B tests allow you to check the legitimacy of changes made on pages for which conversion counts (understood as sales, newsletter subscriptions, completed contact forms, etc.).

Google Tag Manager

google tag manager SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our specialists are always up to date, have Google Analytics certification, use the latest solutions such as a tag manager. With its help, marketing employees can carry out data analysis without involving the IT department. Another example is different attribution models – a method that allows you to better evaluate your marketing channels by reassigning conversions to various points in the conversion funnel.

Shopping path optimization

E-commerce is a vast industry, and customers can choose from thousands of stores offering a similar range. Often, success is determined by a clear and transparent purchasing path. Appropriate optimisation of the ordering process helps to reduce the rate of abandoned carts, thus increasing the percentage of finalised transactions. The Dubai SEO web analyst will prepare a comparative report for the indicated competitive websites, compare the ordering page structure, pay attention to essential UX elements, and increase purchase transactions.

User behavior reports

Often the owners of e-shops think that they know their customers, their needs, and expectations. Users are becoming more and more aware, changing their preferences, which can be observed, for example, in a decrease in product sales or an increase in the bounce rate. To prevent this, the data on user behaviour on the website should be carefully analysed. It is also worth getting to know the demographic characteristics of customers to prepare a marketing strategy even more precisely and, above all, to reach the segment of people who will be interested in it with the offer. Web analytics specialists will analyse user behaviour and profiles, compiling information in the form of a report. On its basis, it will be possible to take practical business activities.

reports on user behavior SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Benefits of web analytics

Ask for an offer from Dubai SEO.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Optimising your conversion rate allows you to achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently. Using the GA tool, we conduct reliable data analysis that helps:

Knowing the needs and expectations of our customers, we develop the best conversion optimisation strategy that allows you to strengthen your position in e-commerce and implement your business plans. User behaviour is changing dynamically. Analytical tools will enable you to adjust the website and gain valuable traffic.

Know your conversion rate

Not every user who enters a website will be interested in it. The conversion rate will indicate the percentage of users who have made a specific action on the website, e.g., subscribed to the newsletter or bought products from an e-shop. The conversion rate measures the effectiveness and efficiency of actions taken in the website and e-commerce industry. Observation of its changes in individual months allows us to verify that the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and PR activities is undertaken on the Internet.

Optimize the website for the user

Modern research tools allow you to track the behaviour of Internet users (Eye Tracking). We analyse the so-called Heatmaps and check the places on the website where users spend the most time. The information obtained in this way allows us to prepare a user-friendly website structure. Organising the categories and arranging individual sections on the website appropriately contribute to increasing the conversion rate.

Streamline the purchasing process

Thanks to the data collected by Google Analytics and other tools we use, it is possible to optimise the purchasing process. Many customers leave the website in the first stage of finalising the order. Introducing a few changes simplifying the next steps that the user has to go through increases the number of orders placed, thus contributing to a rise in sales revenues.

google tag manager icon SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Google Tag Manager

An increasing number of websites, huge ones, have the Google Tag Manager service installed. Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows marketers to manage individual marketing codes more user-friendly and without very advanced programming knowledge.

Common problems with Google Tag Manager

Customers who contact us often have some difficulties with GTM service. A common mistake is that there are two instances of the same Analytics code installed – one implemented in the source code and the other through GTM. Another common problem is the lack of appropriate configuration of rules or tags in the Google Tag Manager account, making the collected statistical data unreliable.

Migration to Google Tag Manager

Suppose you do not know how to install the Google Tag Manager service, not lose the current continuity of historical statistics, e.g., events or conversions. See our offer. Together, we will develop an action plan with a schedule. You will be sure that what you care about will be correctly implemented.

The flexibility of the Google Tag Manager tool

Note that the GTM tool is flexible enough to allow you to install any other marketing codes, not just those by Google. We can help you set up tags responsible for Facebook, Criteo, or Crazy Egg campaigns, among others. Choose the quality and certainty of analytical services – we invite you to cooperate.


The better you get to know people were visiting your website, the better and faster you will adapt to their needs, thanks to which you will earn more. A thorough evaluation of your marketing activities will allow you to manage your marketing budget more rationally. All this will be made possible by reports prepared by us.

Get to know your users and their behavior

The key to success is knowing the customer and his needs. In the reports that we prepare, we can indicate, for example:

These are just simple examples. Our reports are always tailored to your business needs. For example, if you are interested, which pages are viewed by iPhone users visiting your site on Mondays and whether they convert better when it rains or when the sun is shining, we will check it. We will also help you determine what data should be included in the report.

Profit and save

Thanks to this, you will better adapt to your customers’ needs and save a lot. We can carefully analyse which traffic sources are the most valuable. Contrary to appearances, these are not always the sources that bring the most direct conversions. More: we will also check which activities are over-invested and suggest where to move the funds so that the return on investment in internet marketing is as high as possible.

Information always at hand

The reporting service can be provided once or cyclically. We can also create a panel for you to have all the necessary data at hand, and you will not have to “click” on them from scratch every time. This solution is especially appreciated by top management and company boards. We will also prepare a dynamic report in Google Data Studio.

Web analytics allows you to collect virtually all the data you need. We will help you find them and interpret them. We will create for you exactly the report you need in your business.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing creates and distributes valuable content that meets the target audience’s needs, bringing marketing benefits to their creators.

The variety of forms of content marketing means that it can be used at virtually every stage of the sales process and in any industry and achieve or support various goals. The universality of Content Marketing makes it one of the most popular forms of promotion on the Internet. According to the Divante report “eCommerce Trends from 2017 to 2018”, as many as 33% of eCommerce Managers planned investment in Content Marketing for 2018 – this is the most popular type of investment in e-stores according to this study.

Often, content marketing activities are implemented as one of the assumptions of the promotion strategy and are not identified as a separate tool. However, it is worth approaching content marketing comprehensively to get the most benefits from it. It is worth taking advantage of the support and experience offered by a content marketing agency to get them.

The benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing can be used to implement many business objectives. It is worth defining them before creating content because they will determine their activities or content distribution methods. Of course, a given type of text may fulfil several assumptions at the same time.

The benefits that we can obtain as part of Content Marketing campaigns include:

Positioning support
(SEO Content Marketing)

Valuable content on a website is one of the main Google ranking factors. The more comprehensive and exhaustive the topic is described, the better the website will be assessed by the search engine. In such a case, it is worth remembering the appropriate optimisation of the texts on the website for SEO so that Google robots can easily interpret them. Systematic content creation also supports positioning on the so-called long tail, i.e., increasing the website’s visibility for multi-word phrases, which is easier to include in expert articles on a blog than, for example, in a product description. Properly optimised content will generate more traffic to your website.

Reaching the user at various stages of the purchasing process

Relevant content can reach users at different stages of the purchasing process, gradually persuading them to take advantage of the offer. If the client is looking for a way to solve a problem, we can provide him with an article presenting various solutions and recommending one. However, when he is almost ready to buy and is looking for opinions about the selected product, let him see a review or a page with views of people who bought it. An effective Content Marketing strategy will ensure reaching the user with content corresponding to the stage he is currently at.

Building brand awareness

Through the appropriate distribution of valuable content, it is possible to build brand awareness among potential customers. This can be achieved, among others, by promoting articles in social media, publishing texts on thematic portals, or providing expert statements in various types of reports. The more often a user comes into contact with a given brand, the greater the probability of considering it in the purchasing process.

Creating the image of an expert

In many industries, the factors influencing purchasing decisions include the company’s image from which we buy the product or service. If what we want to buy is complicated, has many features or costs a lot, we need professional support. Content Marketing can build the desired brand image through expert articles, instructional videos, or webinars. This makes it easier to gain the trust of a potential customer.

Generating conversions

Of course, Content Marketing can also increase website conversions in the form of sales or lead generation. An adequately prepared review or text presenting the benefits of a product or service can be a factor in encouraging a purchase.

Building loyalty among customers and increasing their engagement

The content also influences building loyalty among customers and increasing their engagement. An interesting article can provoke a discussion, and the guide on using a given product can increase user satisfaction after purchase.

blog article SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Forms of Content Marketing

Online content marketing takes many forms. Marketers compete in creating texts, images, and films that are attractive to read. It is essential to choose the method of communication for the target audience. For example – young users are more likely to watch a short video on YouTube than read an expert article on a blog.

The most important forms of content include:

Of course, any other type of content can also be used in Content Marketing. They must convey the right message to the recipient.

Ways of content distribution and promotion

For a Content Marketing campaign to be successful, it is essential to create engaging content and distribute it properly. Even the best text won’t be practical if it doesn’t reach your audience. The content distribution methods should be tailored to the specific target group. Thanks to this, users will find the content prepared by us on their own and will pass it on when it turns out to be attractive. A well-conducted free content distribution may mean that further content promotion will not be necessary.
We can distinguish three types of content distribution: through own channels, paid distribution, and generated by the Internet users themselves (the so-called user-generated content). These three methods of content distribution can support each other in many media, creating a synergy effect.

The main channels through which you can distribute content are:

Content Marketing at Dubai SEO

As an agency dealing with website promotion, we also provide Content Marketing services. Some of the activities, e.g., SEO copywriting or content audit for SEO, are covered by our positioning service. The Social Media department is responsible for the distribution and promotion of content on Facebook and other websites. The scope of content marketing is selected following the needs of our clients, preparing individual valuations.

As part of the activities undertaken in the field of creating Content Marketing strategies, we offer:

Keywords Research for content optimisation – we identify sets of keywords that should be used to promote the website and be included in the created content.

Verification of the uniqueness of the content – duplication of content harms the positioning of the website. We verify that the content on the customer’s website is unique, and if we find duplicates, we prepare recommendations on how to solve the problem.

Assumptions about the amount of content and its optimisation – we develop recommendations for content creation to create the following SEO principles.

Content audit and optimisation of individual texts – if the website owner doubts the quality of the published content, we will audit the entire website or personal readers. The result is an optimisation recommendations document containing information on qualitative and technical problems and how to solve them. We also indicate which content marketing activities were undertaken following SEO principles and are worth continuing.

We can support our clients in such content marketing activities as:

Systematically added content on the blog and creating expert articles – we offer editing of valuable articles for company blogs or texts for distribution in other channels. The prepared content is attractive to readers and optimised for the search engine. In specialised industries, we recommend that clients write their texts, having expert knowledge about their business.

Preparing marketing content for the website: product and service descriptions – good offer content is one of the critical factors for the success of a sales website on the Internet – they encourage people to buy, provide essential information, support the positioning process, and can be a distinguishing feature of the offer. We provide engaging content for the website that will help conversions and sales.

We also provide content optimisation services for our clients, including:

Internal linking strategy in the content – we prepare an internal linking strategy so that users and search engine robots can easily find all the content on the website. An effective linking strategy can keep the customer on the page and make them take advantage of the offer.

Expansion and optimisation of content for SEO published on the client’s website – both positioning and Content Marketing should be continuous activities, carried out according to an appropriate plan. We support our clients in constantly developing and optimising the content on the website.

Editing content in terms of keyword cannibalisation – cannibalisation occurs when many subpages on a given website are optimised for the exact key phrases. This causes problems with positioning and the lack of stability of the website’s position in the search engine. As part of our services, we identify issues related to cannibalisation and introduce changes to the content to eliminate the problem.

Optimising the content in terms of density and the presence of key phrases – the appropriate concentration of keywords in the content affects positioning effectiveness. When editing texts, we make sure that they contain critical phrases in the right places and the right amount.

We also distribute and promote content in various channels. We carry out activities through AdWords campaigns, running social media profiles, or through Facebook Ads campaigns.

How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?

The price of content marketing activities varies greatly depending on their scope, quality, and intensity. At Dubai SEO, we approach website owners’ expectations and business assumptions individually, preparing tailor-made offers that meet exorbitant needs. Based on the goals set by the client, we determine the scope of work, select the appropriate tools and set the price of the service. Content marketing costs also depend on the industry – the more specialised content is to be created, the higher the price for its preparation will be. We invite you to submit inquiries.

SEO training and positioning courses

SEO course – get knowledge about website positioning

Artifakt has been successfully conducting SEO training for its clients and external companies for several years. Thanks to our SEO courses, several large portals have lowered the costs of SEO activities, limiting the outsourcing of internet marketing only to unpaid elements so that the company’s employees can implement them.

By educating interactive agencies and companies that create websites, we provide knowledge that allows the creation of SEO-friendly “products,”, i.e., websites that consider the requirements of the Google search engine. We also share our experience in gaining user interest by optimizing SEO texts and building the website’s usability.

Individual website positioning training is held at the Dubai SEO office, at the client’s premises in Abu Dhabi, or selected United Arab Emirates cities. The maximum number of participants in the SEO course is 15 people, while a maximum of 8 people can attend the workshop part at a time. We also organise open training positioning and internet marketing discussions at the primary level. We visit the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates to reach as many participants as possible.

On request, we prepare any specialist training within the scope of our competencies – we have conducted, among others, SEO courses for online journalists, online investors, and PR agencies, caring for the image of their clients on the Internet. We also conduct content marketing, Google Analytics, and UX, suggesting what practical website elements should support conversion.

SEO training conducted by Dubai SEO – offer

Observing the trends in the internet marketing market and examining the training needs of our clients, we run an open introductory positioning course dedicated to:

What is SEO and how can it help you? What can’t it do?

What do you get in the price of website positioning training?

SEO audit

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit is a detailed analysis of the website in terms of matching it to the requirements of search engines. It aims to increase the website’s visibility and improve its position in organic (natural) search results.

As a result of an SEO audit, documentation is created describing optimisation recommendations for a website or online store. Optimising the website by the guidelines allows you to effectively compete for the highest positions in the search engine.

If you are looking for a simplified overview of your website, done quickly, automatically, and for free, choose

Free online SEO audit

Effects of implementing audit recommendations

SEO technical analysis price

The cost of documentation with optimisation recommendations ranges from a thousand (for small websites) to even tens of thousands of zlotys (for large, complex websites). At Dubai SEO, we subject all our client’s websites to a comprehensive technical audit under the positioning agreement at no additional charge. We also undertake SEO analysis as a separate, paid service. We estimate it individually depending on, among others on the size of the website and the expectations of the website owner.

Complementary audits

We have a flexible approach to the needs of website owners. In addition to a comprehensive website audit, we offer:

Optimisation AUDIT The
optimisation audit checks whether the website’s optimisation for SEO has been done correctly and in full measure. The service is addressed to companies that want to ensure that the implemented changes have been made perfectly, thoroughly, and high.

seo audit diagram SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

A service aimed at companies that use positioning but do not achieve their goals. We perform a detailed analysis of the activities of SEO agencies and evaluate their effectiveness. We check whether it uses safe techniques without increasing the risk of imposing penalties on the website by Google.

Based on our experience, we prepare a safe linking strategy, recommending sources of obtaining valuable links to the website. Building popularity on the web currently focuses on creating and publishing engaging content, which is worth adding links to your website.

Usability analysis allows for better adjustment of the website to the users’ requirements, thus increasing the conversion rate. We recommend expert UX audits primarily to online stores that want to improve the conversion rate, websites struggling with many abandoned carts, and websites with a high bounce rate.

We conduct competition analysis in the search results. We check what industry leaders use positioning methods; we observe the best solutions that can be successfully applied to the customer’s website.

SEO Dubai, most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization, the best optimization in Google and Bing.jpg
SEO Dubai, a most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization, the best optimisation in Google and Bing.jpg

The scope of a comprehensive SEO audit


Published texts
We check whether the content is unique, comprehensive (we evaluate the value of the content ratio to the page code), and optimised for the search engine.

Keyword density We
verify whether the positioned keywords have been included in the content and evaluate the saturation of the website with phrases. We propose using long-tail terms, thanks to which the website will be displayed on various variants of users’ inquiries.

Graphic elements
We make sure that each image on the website has the alt attribute, and its size does not burden the server and ensures a short loading time. We create recommendations for the image search engine and obtaining valuable traffic.

Video elements We
suggest how to embed videos on the website to make them responsive and not negatively affect PageSpeed. Converting interactive items is critical as it reduces the resources required to load your site content.


We select keywords – the result is a list of phrases for which it is worth positioning the website. We carry out the analysis based on the client’s requirements, the specificity of the industry, the monthly number of searches, and the competitiveness of keywords.

Possible new keywords
We analyse trends in the client’s industry, changes in user behaviour, competitors’ activities and prepare phrases for which the website can also be positioned.


Correctness of display in browsers
We verify the website code in terms of compliance with W3C standards, thanks to which it will be displayed correctly on all devices and browsers.

We analyse the structure of headings and their saturation with keywords. In particular, we make sure that the H1 header appears on every subpage with the most critical phrases.

Titles and meta tags
We check that the Title tag has been completed on each subpage and contains the most important keywords. We pay attention to the preparation of unique description tags, thanks to which it is possible to attract users’ attention in the Google search engine.


Structure of URLs
We recommend using friendly URLs, which will increase the site’s availability for search engine robots and make it easier for users to navigate the site.

Canonical attribute We
recommend its implementation on subpages that can create duplicate content resulting from sorting or filtering products. In this way, we indicate to the search engine the content to be indexed,

Redirects within the domain
We check whether all subpages of the website are available. We compile a list of 301 redirects.

Paging and sorting
In the case of lengthy content, we recommend pagination and sorting. The content (e.g., on a category subpage in the store) is divided into fragments, it becomes more readable for users, and the page loading time is also shortened.

The use of microformats
We propose using structured data to display the website in the Google ranking with rich snippets, which will effectively distinguish it from competitors’ websites.

Internal linking We
prepare recommendations for placing links in the content and directing both search engine robots and users to the website’s pages of the most significant importance.


Data from Google Analytics
We check how the traffic on the website developed in the selected period, the bounce rate, and how many new users were obtained through individual subpages. We pay attention to user behaviour patterns, analyse the purchasing path to detect bottlenecks and problem spots, and propose practical solutions.

Data from Google Search Console We
verify whether the website has been subject to filters and manual penalties, whether the statistics related to website indexation look like, whether the search engine correctly interprets the implemented microformats. We analyse what keywords the site is visible for in organic search results.


Presence in Google My Business
For clients operating in the local market, we recommend setting up a Google My Business listing. We prepare optimisation recommendations to increase the visibility of the profile on Google Maps.

Social media links
We recommend that you optimise your social media accounts by adding the full page URL and including unique content along with positioned keywords.


Correctness of the robots.txt file We
verify the bots against which the website and its subpages are blocked. We exclude resources that should not be included in the Google ranking from being indexed.

Sitemaps (including graphic and video sitemaps)
By the guidelines for web admins, we prepare sitemaps. The XML file contains all the URLs that should be included in the Google index.

Page loading speed
We examine the page loading time and optimise individual elements of the page code to shorten the page loading time.


Several links We
use appropriate tools to estimate the number of links leading to the website.

Quality of links
We assess whether the websites linking to the analysed website are valuable from the point of view of the Google search engine. If not, we recommend that you discard some of the links so that they do not harm the website’s visibility in search results.

Link history and strategy
We analyse the increase in links over time and prepare a strategy for acquiring links and building the website’s popularity.

Type of links
We review the type of anchors and follow / nofollow attributes used in links referring to the website.

Regularly audit your website

SEO Dubai, most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization, the best optimization in Google.jpg
SEO Dubai, a most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization, the best optimisation in Google.jpg

Just like a car, the website also needs to be checked at least once a year. Thanks to this, it will adapt to the new guidelines and ensure a stable position. The Google search engine is constantly working on improving the search results. The ranking factors that determine the appearance of the ranking change from time to time. Make sure that your website is adapted to them!

Conversion optimization in Dubai

Ask for an offer – we are the best SEO company in the UAE.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) aims to improve the conversion rate, which translates into the achievement of business benefits by the website owner, e.g., increase in sales revenues. The first step in the CRO process is to define conversions that will be measured, for example, by goals set in Google Analytics.

Depending on the business assumptions and the industry in which the entrepreneur operates, conversion is defined as various activities undertaken by users on the website. In online stores, conversion is primarily about making a purchase. Still, in news portals, the desired action may be subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an e-book, or sharing an article on a social network.

The conversion rate itself can be treated as a measure of the effectiveness of your business. The indicator shows the percentage of users visiting a given website who performed the desired action, e.g., added products to the basket or filling in the contact form. The greater its value, the better the website will achieve. The CRO strategy aims to increase the conversion rate by improving the elements on the website, which translates into tangible benefits for the website owner.

conversion funnel SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

A comprehensive approach to conversion optimization, i.e. how to increase online sales

We understand the needs of Internet entrepreneurs, their expectations and the desire to be successful online. We want our internet marketing activities to contribute to the achievement of our client’s business goals. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive SEO + OK service (positioning and conversion optimisation), a combination of a standard positioning service, web analytics and user experience (UX).

As part of the SEO + OK service, we can carry out the following activities:

Implementing the conversion rate optimisation process in conjunction with positioning activities is more effective – it helps attract new users and then encourages them to buy, download an exciting e-book or send an inquiry, i.e. converting on the website.

Benefits of the Conversion Optimization Service

An adequately tailored CRO strategy enables an increase in business efficiency, and thus a more effective achievement of the set goals by an Internet entrepreneur. Reliable analysis of data on user behaviour and undertaken SEO activities help:

How much does it cost to optimize my conversion rate?

We approach each project and website individually. Before signing the contract, we recognise the client’s needs, proposing the best solutions for cooperation. By identifying an internet entrepreneur’s business model, we determine what constitutes a conversion on the page. It can be, for example, filling out a contact form, placing an order, finalising a purchase transaction. Then we evaluate the value of this conversion, taking into account the specificity of the industry in which the business is conducted.

Optimising the conversion rate also includes activities in positioning, the implementation of which is included in the cost of the service. It will usually be a lump sum (subscription) fee, unchanged for the duration of the contract. By adding the conversion rate multiplied by the number of conversions generated in a given month, we will get the total price of the conversion optimisation service.

Stages of the conversion rate optimization process

When undertaking the implementation of the CRO strategy, one should work in the following stages:

The conversion optimisation process does not end with the implementation of tested solutions. Users’ needs and expectations change dynamically, so there will always be website elements that hinder or hinder the conversion process. Striving for perfection in the website’s functioning is one of the critical assumptions of the CRO strategy.

What elements of the website can we optimize?

Based on our many years of experience in adapting websites to the requirements of search engines and users’ needs, we know what elements to pay attention to and where to look for problem spots when optimising the conversion rate. Most often, changes require:

The basis for introducing permanent changes to the website is to verify the reactions of users. The CRO process is based mainly on testing and checking the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. Internet users will not always behave in line with our expectations. Therefore, the analyses carried out in terms of UX are a multi-stage action, requiring patience, persistence and creativity. Reliable data analysis complements the conversion optimisation strategy, providing valuable conclusions on the effects of improving the website’s usability.

page layout SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tools used to optimize conversions

Coming comprehensively to optimise the conversion rate, we use specialised tools, methods and techniques that help to understand user behaviour better. When implementing the CRO strategy, we use:

Trust our experience in conversion optimization!

For over 12 years of existence on the internet marketing market, we have gained experience and knowledge about optimising websites. Thanks to cooperation with clients from various industries, we observe the specific behaviour of individual customer groups, and we can advise the most effective solutions. We are a team of insightful specialists who are passionate about web analytics and website usability issues. We always strive to ensure that our activities contribute to the achievement of our client’s business goals.

We invite you to cooperate – we will be happy to optimise the conversion rate on your website!

What other companies you can use in the UAE?

Make Your Presence Felt With The Best SEO Company Services

Website optimisation Dubai is exactly what you need to outclass your rivals – UnitedSEO is an accomplished SEO organisation and web-based showcasing office with a hotshot group offering custom website architecture, Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM) administrations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. Rank high and bid farewell to your opposition with Search Engine Optimization by SEO!

Positioned among the top advanced organisations and SEO organisations in UAE, United SEO is an SEO office in Dubai zeroed in on guaranteeing that its customers make unrivalled progress in the computerised domain. We boast a remarkable group that utilises the most recent innovations and pursues the most progressive market directions to convey results that go past our customers’ assumptions. So on the off chance that you are searching for pocket-accommodating and top tier SEO bundles, then, at that point, there’s one name that you can depend on – SEO!


Capable PPC and SEO Experts in Dubai – computerised showcasing and website design enhancement master at Beontop SEO Dubai Company.

Web optimisation Dubai BE ONTOP is a dependable and experienced Online Marketing office in the UAE. We give perfect quality Search Engine Optimization, Custom Web Design and Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM) administrations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman that will permit you to contend in the cutting edge market savagely. Promoting is tied in with getting a handle on the dedication of the right crowd and motivating their cognisance with creative and imaginative energies.

BEONTOP pride in making vital, elite and persuasive creativity for all customers. We guarantee to maximise those accomplishment boundaries to ensure your image is a respectable boss on the web.

We have seven branches across four nations inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Our fundamental circle of claim to fame and aptitude is global and neighbourhood SEO Dubai, which arises across English, Russian and Arabic market sections.

Top pick – Office SEO – Website composition and Development. We’re occupied with making necessary advanced arrangements. Since our origin, we’ve created over 1200+ sites that empower brands to associate with their crowds in a pertinent and significant way.

Be it dynamic, educational sites or complex E-business sites, we’re pioneers in the field. We make enrapturing plans and demystify business measures, introducing them in a way that connects with and energises them.

Your Success Starts Here Being leaders in all issues concerning computerised, with activities spread across the UAE, the Middle East, and India means numerous long periods of collaborating with bunches of brands, organisations, and organisations at various stages in their advanced excursion. So regardless of where you are, what your industry type or business needs, we can help you arrive at your objective quicker.

Global Media Insight - The first digital agency in the Middle East.
Global Media Insight – The first digital agency in the Middle East. Dubai SEO

Best and Affordable Digital Marketing Service Provider. We are an SEO organisation with more than 15 years of involvement. 100% Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency in UK and UAE. Our group helps our clients by giving: Site improvement, Lead Generation and Online Sales, PPC Management. We utilised an inventive substance and paid system that keeps organisations on top of client minds; through a potent mix of local area building, paid obtaining, and social advertising.

We should Discuss! Without with nothing to do… Start Your Journey Towards Online Success. With a Goal and Target Driven Approach, We Deliver exactly what We Promise!, round out the structure underneath, and we’ll reach you.

Qualified team of SEO experts working for you. We are not just a typical SEO company. We are a team of competent experts that will help you increase your website’s traffic and achieve higher rankings. We are 100% result-oriented; DubaiSEO is always oriented on achieving results that positively influence our clients’ businesses. You can entirely rely on us if you need SEO solutions that work. Strategy. Communication. Engagement. We are very clear about what we are doing on your behalf and Our Proven Process, Produces Results.

Worldwide SEO AGENCY IN DUBAI – You are here because you are searching for the main SEO office in Dubai further to develop your site rankings and permeability in Google! Bruce Clay is the top SEO office in Dubai and has been advancing sites since 1996, even before Google was a site.

Our committed inquiry advertising specialists in Dubai have had the option to carry out fruitful SEO systems and strategies to help numerous sites, web-based business destinations, and organisations better position Google’s hunt pages.

Throughout the long term, Bruce Clay has developed internationally because of the state of the art SEO administrations that we have had the option to bring to the table to a wide cluster of customers worldwide. We support a large number of customers in different dialects with redid SEO administrations reasonable for their business. We should accomplish something right dependent on surveys from Google Business Reviews.


Marketing Agency in Dubai

Do you need your site to show up on the main page of web indexes?

You need to work with an SEO organisation that has demonstrated records in conveying results. Igloo is an SEO organisation in Dubai that utilisations white-cap SEO procedures just, dissimilar to a large number of the offices out there. So be wary while picking your SEO organisation. Website design enhancement comprises three principal parts; On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, and Technical Optimization.

In the wake of understanding your business destinations, the initial step of the cycle is to review and examine your site and your rivals; that will help us draft a methodology and activity plan for the coming long time ahead to accomplish your SEO objectives.

The subsequent stage is to play out a catchphrase exploration and choice to be executed on the current pages of the sites and the new ones that we will assist you with making as administrations pages, FAQs, guides, blogs, and so forth.

The specialised work might have effectively begun or could begin after the substance procedure is finished. The technical result is another pivotal piece of SEO achievement and must be treated appropriately and performed at formal requirements.

After the Off-page system is finished and a portion of the sites is distinguished from where we could assemble backlinks, then, at that point, the execution begins. We have devoted specific colleagues that exclusively centre around external link establishment and have a demonstrated history. Once more, all connections we assemble are certified, and all connections are imparted to our customers with complete straightforwardness.

We report to you every other week, month to month or every other month, relying upon the bundle you pick. Nonetheless, you will gain admittance to an ongoing report that shows you every one of the exercises that we are performing and the presentation of your site traffic and watchword positioning.

Marketing Agency in Dubai
Marketing Agency in Dubai – SEO Company in Dubai

We are an SEO Company with a long term history – Site design improvement (SEO) is characterised as upgrading a site and its substance to be found through a web search tool’s natural query items.

Web optimisation is the act of expanding the amount and, more significantly, traffic to your site through natural internet searcher results. When we talk about Organic Search results, we mean those sites displayed AFTER the content put together adverts concerning a Google Search Engine Results Page (otherwise called SERP).

For instance, with quality SEO set up, when somebody is looking for an item or administration you offer, your site will be one of the primary pages proposed to them.

One of the fundamental objectives of SEO is for your business to rank higher than your rivals on web crawler results pages. If your site page positions more elevated than those in a similar industry, you will drive more traffic to your site than they will. On the off chance that your site is organised accurately, you ought to, along these lines, get more leads or changes, and in doing as such, will assemble a substantial, quantifiable worth to your business.

Things being what they are, how would you ascend the positions in the web crawler results? Before we take a plunge, first glance at the foundation of SEO and unload the essential components of web search tools and how they rank sites inside their query items.

Nexa - a 15 year old, award winning SEO Company in Dubai with additional offices in New York and Manchester.
Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

If you’re hoping to make the most of the business openings through being apparent in web indexes in Dubai, this Dubai SEO guide is for you. However, there are numerous likenesses in how SEO is done in various urban areas throughout the planet. This aide dives into insight concerning an assortment of parts of SEO in Dubai that might be useful both for DIY advertisers and those hoping to find out about the brutal scene of online pursuit around here.

Search engine optimisation mindfulness in the United Arab Emirates!

The general consciousness of SEO in Dubai in 2021 contrasts with most urban communities in the Middle East. This is because of a few components. There is a huge Indian tech presence in Dubai, and given the fame of SEO in India, this has raised the attention to SEO in the area. Dubai is additionally a tech centre point in the district and even has spaces of the city centred around the web. Despite the attention to SEO, there is a lot of misconception about accepted procedures and the distinction between the dark cap and white cap (Google endorsed) SEO.

Dubai SEO – The Complete Guide - Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services
Dubai SEO – The Complete Guide – Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services



Helpless specialised SEO wellbeing impacts all spaces of your site, prompting lost natural permeability. We have a specific hunger for distinguishing and fixing specialised blunders (for example, page speed, code advancement, site chain of command, URL structure, indexation of the executives, for example, robots, txt and XML sitemap, and so on) to guarantee your site doesn’t pass up the permeability it merits.

Utilizing our Data and Tech Tools, we can distinguish freedoms to enhance the site more viably for the web indexes and client experience.


Unique, rich and SEO upgraded content is the undisputed ruler of the computerized promoting domain. The core of our system is duplicating those proselytes while as yet being improved for web crawlers. Our SEO specialists in Dubai incorporates an expert SEO-copywriting group that will deal with your site content.

We will lead in the vicinity catchphrase and content examination, planning and streamlining empower us to fabricate content around the suitable watchwords to accomplish quick SEO rankings.


Legitimate sites in your industry are your dearest companions. As an SEO organization in Dubai, we will interface out to reliable destinations from the district to assist with setting your image as a wellspring of power that web search tools will be glad to rank.

We will assemble a modified rundown (data set) of sites applicable to your speciality by doing proficient examination and effort to distributors in the area.

We have made SEO in Dubai, UAE, a web-based business, finance, well-being, land, design, news, instructive, diversion, and commercial centres.

Guaranteeing a deliberately content-drove way to deal with external link establishment and content intensification, empowering us to produce back joins that advance catchphrase rankings.


Site SEO

With an inside and out review zeroed in on neighbourhood SEO, work area and versatile SEO administrations in Dubai, we make a suitable activity plan that moves your image to the highest point of the query items. Our broad web SEO abilities are not restricted to direct a full specialized SEO review yet stretch out to watchword and content advancement to third party referencing and voice inquiry enhancement.

Our SEO group is overseeing multiregional and bilingual SEO (English, Arabic, French, and so on)

Fundamental advantages of dispatching a Google my business in Dubai:

Application Store Optimization

For example, application biological systems, Google Play and the iOS App store have in a real sense a great many applications. On the off chance that you need individuals to download your application, your intended interest group should be effectively discoverable. Allow us to help you hang out in the huge application store, arrive at your objective clients, and increment application positioning, perspectives, maintenance, and classification positioning; this way, increment application introduces and income.

Online Media Optimization (SMO)

Simply posting your substance via online media and hanging tight for prompts mystically fall into your lap isn’t sufficient. That is when SEO is incorporated inside web-based media movement – Social media advancement – do ponders together. As a main web-based media enhancement in Dubai, we will upgrade your web-based media promoting channels for more natural permeability and reach across its web crawlers and across Google too.


We engage organisations with a client-first methodology to convey a steady, rich and consistent client experience across the client venture. Utilizing UX and Web plan ( UI ) best practices according to a quest viewpoint to ensure the plan for sites that we construct are SEO agreeable.

Our visual interface creators convey dazzling client encounters that leave a gigantic effect on brand discernment, consumer loyalty, and change rates.

As a feature of the UX cycle, we offer a discussion rate improvement administration smoothed out to give continuous bits of knowledge and suggestions on site UI, A/B testing, and client journey.

Third-party referencing

The nature of connections that your site gets is the only thing that is important to Chain Reaction as an external link establishment office in Dubai and UAE. Our protected third party referencing and content showcasing strategies guarantee excellent connections from respectable sources, which help your business stand apart as a legitimate voice inside your industry and further develop your web index perceivability.

Our third party referencing approach incorporates:

Google My Business

Checked organizations on Google are twice as liable to be considered trustworthy by likely clients. As a main SEO specialist co-op in Dubai, we completely advance your Google My Business – Google maps – inside Dubai, UAE and the entire MENA area. Posting, permitting your business to appear in neighbourhood search and on Google Maps when nearby clients are looking for your administrations and items. We will check your NAP (number, address, telephone number) posting ( nearby Business Citations ) across your site and any outsider references to guarantee cross-stage consistency.

Fundamental advantages of dispatching a Google my business crusade in Dubai:


Our disclosure stage stacks the chances of supporting yourself by uncovering broad pursuit term information – Full Keyword Research and planning -, crowd persona, searcher conduct, contest examination (both natural and industry contenders), and releases Google patterns watchwords capacities.

We call it the arrangement stage, where we arrange your site on Google search console and bing/hurray website admin instruments, other than submitting it on our SEO premium apparatuses (specialized content and backlinks devices).

Execution Strategy

Then, we will create a bespoke SEO system for on-page advancement, off-page improvement, and content advertising by your computerized development destinations.

For specialized SEO, after we examine your site and rundown every specialized issue and progressed executions like composition markups, we will send these proposals with an activity rundown and advisers for your IT group to carry out the life, or we can do this from our end upon understanding.

For content promoting, we make a substance schedule, composing visitor post articles, and present these articles on premium sites in the district and worldwide that will get SEO worth to your pages through designated anchor text – following white cap strategies utilized by worldwide offices.

Building a methodology for the designated watchwords and pages, markets, dialects and cutthroat hole examination.


We intently track and screen your web page’s exhibition and create reports showing your bespoke missions’ effect on your site rankings and natural traffic enhancements.

Guaranteeing a powerful estimation system to quantify the effect of all SEO organizations.

We assemble progressed Google information studio reports for our customers to bring information and trade it in various arrangements continuously.

Month to month reports are not restricted to:

Chain Reaction Dubai SEO –  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
Chain Reaction Dubai SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Dubai SEO Company knows about the web-based promoting area and is all around situated and instructed to utilize their mastery for your accomplishment. Our certified specialists are the best to give you the results you need from SEO promotion. We offer each of the three types of assistance of web publicizing (SEO, PPC and computerized advertising). Also, we’re ensuring that just like the outcomes. Our specialists will decide your necessities and how best to achieve them. When the objective is set, we’ll work with you at all times to get the outcomes you need, however, to show you how we’ve done it. The Google calculation might be straightforward, yet it’s not our procedure, and we need you to be occupied with each period of the techniques and cycles to guarantee you excellent work.

Dubai SEO Company is a solid and experienced Online Marketing organization in the UAE. We give excellent quality SEO, computerized promoting, web composition and web improvement benefits in UAE that will permit you to contend in the current market wildly. We have four branches across three nations inside the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia and New Zealand. Our principal circle of strength and skill is neighbourhood and worldwide SEO, which arises across English, and Arabic market portions.

At Dubaiseocompany, we are a committed website streamlining organization working with little to huge size organizations to work on online reach through SEO showcasing. On the off chance that you need to collaborate with an SEO organization in Dubai that sees how to get your business or organization site to the page first of Google for applicable, income-producing search terms, you’ve gone to the specific spot.

The vast majority utilize the web to discover items, administrations, and organizations. Is it accurate to say that you are on the main page of the internet searcher results for the catchphrases that match your business or brand? If not, you’re passing up significant leads. Site improvement isn’t a craze, and it’s anything but a choice to just not consider the big picture on the off chance you need to develop your business. It’s a vital piece of any arrangement to showcase your items or benefits and get more qualified leads and deals.

On the off chance that you are genuinely searching for more traffic, more income, more leads, brand mindfulness, business development, trust and specialists, you are the correct spot!

What We do in SEO

Site Audit

Contender and Industry Analysis

UX and Technical SEO

Versatile SEO

Organized Data or Optimize for Featured Snippets

Search Intent

Visual Search Optimization

Excellent Optimized Content

Third-party referencing with E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) and Branding

Zero in on Visibility, Traffic and Leads

Content Writing

Content Marketing

BERT and User-Focused Optimization

Make Visual Content

As a full-administration computerized advertising organization, Dubai SEO company. Ae offers a thorough scope of expert SEO administrations to build the perceivability of your business in looking through utilizing just dependable, future-confirmation, white-cap SEO strategies, for example,

Tweaked SEO methodology, we will alter our administrations to suit your necessities. We will utilize the strategies to take advantage of your specific business.

Thorough catchphrase investigation and statistical surveying.

Rivalry top to bottom audit.

Natural SEO procedures for long haul achievement joined with paid commercials for quick lifts (on the off chance you are keen on seeking after PPC).

Complete SEO on location unofficial IDs, meta depictions, alt labels, web content advancement of unique worth, inside associations, and so forth

Execution copywriting to keep the substance of your page new and to draw in rush hour gridlock back.

Development of cautious connections in different areas with high space authority by hand.

Articles via online media, curated sites and media sources are partnered.

To profit about examples, traffic and then some, Google Analytics and other information following applications.

With your SEO, we don’t think, accept, or pray for divine intervention. We plan our SEO strategies around experimentally tried proof and careful exploration. What’s more, we generally show our outcomes.

Dubai SEO Company

SEO Sherpa - Local SEO Services Dubai
SEO Sherpa – Local SEO Services Dubai

How to choose an effective company for website positioning?

The best way is to find out about the offers of several SEO agencies. When sending search engine optimization related inquiries, be sure to state your business goals in them.

This will make it easier for sales advisers to create an offer tailored to the needs of your business.

Features of a good SEO agency in Dubai is key!

Extensive experience in SEO implementation SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

He has extensive experience in SEO-related tasks – supported by case studies and references.

Certified specialists SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

It employs certified specialists, such as Google Analytics.

Offer tailored to the client SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Prepares cooperation offers tailored to a specific industry, taking into account relevant keywords.

Strategy based on competition analysis SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Develops a positioning strategy taking into account the needs of the entrepreneur.

Individual customer manager SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Provides clients with individual tutors who provide substantive and technical support.

Honors and awards SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

It has awards and distinctions in industry competitions that confirm the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

Periodic seo work reports SEO Dubai - Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE
SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

He reports his work on an ongoing basis, presenting the results of SEO activities to clients. SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

What influences the position of the website
in the search engine results?

The website positioning process is very complex. There are many factors to consider when preparing and implementing the related strategy. It is on their basis that Google creates a website ranking. What are the key guidelines?

How is the website positioning process going ?

The implementation of website positioning services is a continuous and multi-stage process, the effects of which sometimes take several months.

Achieving the intended positions in Google does not guarantee long-term staying in TOP 10. It requires constant analysis of the situation and, if necessary, implementing changes in the SEO strategy.

Stages of the positioning process

Many activities are carried out as part of the website positioning service, and they are carried out in planned stages. The selection of keywords
(called. Keyword research)

In the beginning, key phrases are selected for website positioning by the client’s industry. These words should describe the offer well and be very popular on Google, i.e., frequently searched by Internet users. SEO audit

This is one of the basic elements of positioning. Only a thorough analysis of the website allows the implementation of appropriate actions.

The SEO audit consists of website analysis and preparation of change recommendations. Website optimization and guidelines preparation

Optimization is preceded by a thorough verification of the client’s website. The following are checked, among others SEO settings, possible code errors or adjusting the website to the standards. As a result of such analysis, all necessary SEO changes are implemented, or specifications are prepared for a client who plans to introduce recommended changes on the website. Expansion and new content

High-quality how-to content has a huge impact on positioning but also on the company’s image. That is why it is worth using the help of only experienced SEO Copywriters and Content Marketing Specialists who optimize the content existing on the website and prepare new texts. Acquiring Links

External links are obtained, among others, by publishing sponsored articles on external websites. A properly prepared strategy for building their base increases the effectiveness of positioning, making it easier to bring the website to high positions in Google. Internal resources are also used, i.e. back-end services that positively affect the effects of SEO activities. Effect analysis and strategy matching

To keep your site high in search results, you need to monitor the effects of your strategy. It is used for this, inter alia, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. In identifying problems, implementing appropriate changes quickly or making corrections in the originally chosen direction is worth implementing.

How to measure the effects of positioning?

The website positioning effects are verified in various ways. The most important are: Checking the website’s position in the search results for specific keywords – this method allows you to largely assess your marketing strategies’ effectiveness—analysis of website traffic statistics, incl. Using the Google Analytics tool – the difference between the unique visits before positioning and the current situation is considered. Verification of the conversion rate – In online stores, the relationship between visits and user activity is analyzed. If the sales profits are small despite high traffic on the website, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to improve the conversion.

Checking the positioning results requires regular analysis of the current state. It takes place based on external tools and data that illustrate the key SEO parameters of the website. Such an analysis modifies the adopted strategy or adaptation to the changing reality in the search engine results.

Website positioning strategies

The use of standard methods of website positioning does not always bring satisfactory results. Sometimes special actions need to be taken – dedicated to a specific industry, to ensure effective positioning. What are these? SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO training and consulting

As specialists with many years of experience, we deal with website positioning and conducting specialist SEO training.

We organize courses for our clients; we share specialist knowledge during industry events. We are happy to show the results of our research and suggest how to optimize and promote websites on Google effectively.

Why choose positioning in the Dubai SEO Group?

Our interactive agency comprises the best specialists in the SEO / SEM industry – positioners, programmers, copywriters, PPC specialists, client managers, and other professionals responsible for implementing entrusted tasks.

We specialize in website positioning and content marketing, conducting PPC advertising campaigns, and creating and modernizing websites. SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, we are here for you!

We have been on the market since 2009. Since then, we have completed many ambitious projects that met the expectations of our clients. We have won numerous awards, including:

SEO Dubai, most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization, the best optimization in Google and Bing

We can also boast of obtaining the Google PREMIER Partner certificate awarded to marketing agencies employing the best specialists and implementing large PPC campaigns.

We have been trusted by well-known brands such as UK and UAE companies and smaller companies. Numerous testimonials issued by satisfied customers evidence the high quality of Website positioning services.

What is the key to our success? Setting trends in the SEO industry, using the best tools and an individual approach to each client. For us, nothing is impossible – we will increase website traffic, improve the conversion rate and ensure a good image and better brand recognition.

SEO Dubai, most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization.
SEO Dubai, the most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization.

SEO FAQ – frequently asked questions about website positioning

We have collected the most frequently asked questions by our new customers. If you do not find the answer to yours – contact us.

We are at your disposal. We will provide answers and explain unclear issues. SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO Dubai – Marketing Company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

SEO Dubai, most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization.
SEO Dubai, the most rated company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that offers expert Digital Marketing services and Search Engine Optimization.


Get to know the answers to the most common questions we get from our clients. Did you not find the information you were looking for? Contact us!

How long will I wait for the effects of positioning?

The time it takes to position your site depends on many factors. 
Among others: the current position in Google, the quantity and quality of content on the website, the number of optimization errors to eliminate, the competitiveness of phrases. 
We cannot judge this without a thorough SEO analysis of the website in question. 
We encourage you to contact us for free SEO analysis of your website.

What services does Dubai SEO provide apart from positioning?

We deal with improving the visibility of websites in many respects. 
That is why we have the best copywriters, SEO, UX, internet marketing specialists, and many other areas important in improving the visibility of websites. If you want to learn more about our offer, write to us.

How is the cooperation going?

First, we audit the website.  After this stage, we present to the client the elements that need improvement.  We set the exact terms of cooperation, sign the required documents, and start work, the effects of which we report.

What information do I need to provide before starting cooperation?

The most important for us is data on what goal you want to achieve and the address of your website.

What factors affect the cost of positioning?

The pricing is tailored individually to each client. 
It depends, among other things, on competitiveness, the number of selected keywords, and other elements that we discuss before signing the contract.

I’m just planning to create a website.  Can I already apply to Dubai SEO?

Of course. The site development phase is the best time to plan an effective SEO strategy that can be implemented right from the start.

How can I check the effects of positioning?

We will provide you with all information on how you can verify our activities. 
In addition, we will report the results.

Do I influence the choice of keywords?

Our specialists propose keywords that best match the nature of a given page, and at the same time, are properly selected in terms of popularity and competitiveness. 
Before we start positioning activities, we present our proposals to you, and if you want to make changes, we will discuss everything and adapt the activities to your expectations.

Appropriate website structure, errors on the page, correct URL addresses – such issues significantly affect positioning effectiveness. Therefore the skillful creation of redirects on the website should be one of the important elements of the positioning strategy. However, you should remember about moderation – the lack of redirects is a serious problem, but their excess can also weaken the website. Correctness and optimization of implementation are important in developing User Experience. The smoother, more convenient, and easier a given user browses a website, the more time they will spend on it and the more likely they will return to it. Redirects affect not only website traffic but conversion as well. Consider online stores – each time a potential customer encounters a 404 error, the chances of it being that he will decide to continue browsing the assortment and the final transaction. It is worth regularly monitoring the operation of the website and checking if all redirects are functioning flawlessly. We increase our chances of quickly detecting any errors and fixing them before it hurts the operation and effectiveness of the website.

#1 SEO Company in Dubai | Best SEO Agency Dubai, UAE

Higher position in Google

You will receive tips on improving your website’s position in search engines such as Bing and Google.

Technical analysis

We will evaluate your website in terms of basic technical parameters related to SEO. Marketing and SEO with

Accessibility for Internet users

You will learn if your website works properly on mobile devices and if it loads quickly. Marketing and SEO with – Are you looking for the best SEO company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? You can have the best experts for Google and Bing search engine optimization. We are marketing experts in terms of marketing, deliver premium SEO services for their clients in the United Arab Emirates.

Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai

Dubai SEO Team is the main Online Marketing Company in Dubai and, generally speaking, UAE. We are financially savvy, and result arranged answers for our customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, Oman, and so forth. Our high level and excellent web administrations make us recognized from our rivals in the UAE market.

Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE
Search engine optimization in Emirates, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE

SEO in Dubai | Award-Winning SEO Agency in UAE 

We have first rated SEO agency in the UAE for SEO, PPC, Social Media, and we are Digital Marketing experts in our group who ensure that every one of the tasks is completed in Google, Facebook, Linkedin and an expert manner SEO firm with center around further developed ROI for our customers in Dubai.

Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE
Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, UAE

UAE SEO – website optimization – Positioning in Google and Bing

For 20+ years, Dubai SEO has delivered superior visibility for websites in Google and Bing in the United Arab Emirates. You would know that Google is UAE’s top search engine, and we have become reliable and experienced, and the best SEO company in Dubai, UAE. We are also one of the fastest working Online Marketing agencies in the United Arab Emirates. We provide high-end Search Engine Optimization, marketing, and social media services at a competitive price.

Website optimization - Positioning in Google and Bing
Website optimization – Positioning in Google and Bing

We will check if your website is correctly integrated with Facebook and Google Maps. Marketing and SEO with

Why Chose Dubai?

This Dubai SEO guide is for you if you want to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that come with being visible in search engines in Dubai. Even though there are many parallels between how SEO is done in different cities around the world, this guide goes into greater depth about a variety of aspects of SEO in Dubai that may be useful both for do-it-yourself marketers and those who want to get a better understanding of the competitive landscape of online search in this city.

If you compare Dubai in 2021 to most other Middle Eastern cities, the relative awareness of SEO is very high. There are a variety of reasons behind this. There is a significant Indian technology presence in Dubai, and given the popularity of SEO in India, this has helped boost awareness of SEO in the region as a result. Also, in part, Dubai is a technological center, with large districts devoted only to the internet. Despite widespread knowledge of search engine optimization, there is considerable confusion regarding recommended practices and the distinction between black hat and white hat (Google approved) SEO techniques.

Before attempting to rank in Dubai, there are several things to consider.
Firstly, let’s speak about how to get a good ranking in Dubai’s search engines. To discuss whether it is beneficial to attempt order in Dubai, we will use the term “worthwhile.” To determine if it is helpful to optimize your website to rank high in Dubai, you need to consider the following considerations:

If your product or service is popular in Dubai, you have a large audience for it.
Because of the size of your audience in Dubai, you should consider investing in search engine optimization.
Selling your products or services in Dubai is something you can do with relative ease.
You either have a physical presence in Dubai or have the ability to ship your products or services to the UAE capital.
This is a long-term commitment on your part, and you understand the importance of it. Good SEO results take time to get and will not be achieved in a day or so.

Dubai’s search engines are a great resource.
When it comes to search engines in Dubai, Google is the most popular. Because Yahoo and Bing account for less than 5 percent of the entire search market, Dubai marketers should first concentrate on optimizing their websites for Google. Then if it makes sense, they should optimize their websites for Yahoo and Bing.

Because Dubai is a multilingual city, Google recognizes the need to provide its search engine services in various languages. Each of the major languages spoken in Dubai is covered in detail in the sections below.

Given that Dubai is a regional hub for the Middle East and is dominated by a large Arab population, Arabic is undoubtedly a significant search language. Many more Arab people and families from other Arab countries live in Dubai, although Emiratis make up just a tiny population. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands of Arabs from neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait visit Dubai on holiday every year. Given that Arabic is the primary language spoken by all of these individuals, marketers in Dubai must become proficient in Arabic search engine optimization (SEO).

Given that Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, English is most likely the most frequently spoken language inside its borders. Language of commerce English helps individuals from all over the world who live in Dubai connect professionally. Additionally, English is one of the official languages of Dubai, and the majority of advertising is done in the emirate in the language of English. If you’re thinking about marketing to any of the ex-pats that reside in Dubai, English is usually the first language you’ll think of when it comes to your SEO strategy. English is also the most commonly spoken language among visitors to the country of Dubai and other languages. To be successful in marketing to visitors in Dubai, you must speak English fluently and clearly.

However, even though Dubai is a predominantly Arab city, the Indian community constitutes the majority of the people there. As a result, if you want to reach the nation’s largest ex-pat community effectively, you should consider optimizing your website in Hindi in addition to English. However, depending on the product or service you provide, learning Hindi may not be worth the time and effort. In part, this is because many upper-class Indians are fluent in English and conduct much of their business in the English language. Users of Hindi-language internet services, on the other hand, are less likely to come from wealthy backgrounds or to belong to the upper-middle class. Many of those who are primarily utilizing the internet in Hindi may be migrant laborers employed in low-wage professions like construction or other manual labor employment. If you want to take full advantage of all of the opportunities Dubai has to offer in terms of marketing your products and services online, you should consider targeting Hindi speakers because they constitute such a large portion of the population and have a significant amount of purchasing power as a group of their own.

Across the Gulf, in Dubai, you can see Iran. There are a large number of Persians living in Dubai as a result of its closeness to this Farsi-speaking nation. Furthermore, the Persians had a significant impact on developing what is today known as contemporary Dubai. Many Persians have essential positions in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, including the Dubai International Financial Center. Their influence in Dubai’s corporate community has not diminished as a result of this. However, even if many of these Persians are accustomed to conducting business in English and sometimes in Arabic, Farsi is their native language, making it necessary to optimize your website for the Farsi language if you want to attract this demographic.

Many Indian and Pakistani inhabitants of Dubai speak Urdu, which is a language related to Hindi. Although there are considerably fewer people who talk about this language than there are people who speak Hindi, it is still an important language for many of the same reasons that we discussed for Hindi in our previous paragraph. If you intend to advertise to Urdu speakers in Dubai, keep in mind that most Urdu speakers are Muslims, which means your messaging may change in some instances.

The user experience for tourists to Dubai. This is perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of search engine optimization, yet it may have a significant influence on how well your website ranks. Many websites discover that they have done everything correctly and can climb the ranks to the first place for their target keywords in Google, but their rankings begin to decline after a short period. This frequently has to do with the user experience on the website; even if all other SEO elements are excellent, it may completely undermine your potential to rank in the top spots if this one component is inferior. In essence, this implies that when people arrive at your website, they cannot discover what they are searching for and immediately leave the site to return to the search results. This informs Google that your website isn’t relevant for the search query in question. If this occurs frequently enough, Google will begin to prioritize other websites above yours on the search engine results page.

In addition to other more technical SEO factors, it is critical to consider your website’s design, the user experience on your website, and how professional your website appears to potential consumers from Dubai.

Increase the number of Arab clients in Dubai. Dubai is being targeted on a global scale. We’ve discovered that, in general, because Dubai is a significant hub for Gulf commerce, many websites in the region are registered with the. Ae domain extension. Although this indicates to Google that the website is intended solely for the target audience of people who live in the United Arab Emirates, the website may be perceived as relevant to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as well because Dubai is perceived as the hub for GCC businesses. If you decide to utilize domain name but still want to target countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), you need to either alter the location option in Google Webmaster Tools to “unlisted” or use the hreflang tag to achieve this in addition.

Google AdWords Targeting for Dubai. What is the significance of having an domain name?
On the first page of Google results for ten competitive search searches in Dubai, we tallied the number. Ae domain names that appeared on the first page of Google results for those specific search queries. Zero. Ae websites appeared on the first page of Google in about half of the cases studied. Other than that, there were just one or maybe two. Ae websites in the top ten in the remaining situations. Only in one instance did we discover that there were a total of four. Ae websites ranked on the first page of Google’s search results.

Domains ending in. ae

According to the information provided above, having an domain is not particularly necessary to rank effectively for the vast majority of keywords. It has been demonstrated on several occasions that country code top-level domains, such as. Ae, provide a slight edge over other variables in terms of ranking highly in Google in the nation in which they are registered. So few firms have invested in this domain extension, maybe because it is still relatively new to the market. However, this is subject to alter over time.

Additionally, we discovered that, in many cases, there were more. Ae domains appear in Google’s sponsored search results for more search queries than there were appearing in Google’s organic search results, which may be of interest to you. This might be because paid marketers tend to be more technologically adept than many of the websites that appear in organic search results.

It’s also worth noting that when Amazon entered the Middle East market and purchased, they opted to use Amazon. Ae as their primary domain for the UAE, even though did not utilize extension. When Amazon launched Amazon, so in June of 2020, they followed the same strategy as their other country-specific domains.

If your primary emphasis is Dubai and you are driven to rank rapidly, IstiZada recommends that you get domain extension. However, if you already have a website or if your primary emphasis is not Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in general, it is probably not worth the effort at this time to acquire and utilize domain extension.

Hosting a website in Dubai on a local level
Local website hosting is offered in Dubai by several different service providers, including iPage. It turns out it’s one of just a few cities in the region with dependable, locally situated servers. It is theoretically possible that this will aid in the improvement of local and regional rankings for websites that are hosted on local servers. Still, given that it is more common for websites to be hosted on servers in other countries around the world, we do not have conclusive evidence to support this claim in Dubai. If you are considering hosting your website in the UAE, both for SEO purposes and to improve page load speeds, we strongly advise you to ensure that your hosting provider actually has servers in the UAE and is not simply a reseller of hosting services with servers located elsewhere in the world.

Google Maps optimization is essential.
Local SEO is referred to as “Google maps optimization” in another context. Companies in Dubai with a physical presence may reap the benefits of this form of search engine optimization. The optimization of maps is based on a few essential criteria.

Having a Google My Business profile for a local business is a plus.
Business name, address, and phone number are consistent across all of the websites where your company is featured. Genuine evaluations on Google and other review sites are also necessary.
Obtaining a few connections from other high-quality Dubai websites is essential.
Include crucial local keywords in your local listings and web pages to increase visibility.
Of course, additional factors can influence local rankings, but the five listed above are the most significant, and we don’t have the room to go into great detail about them here.

Ways to appear local in 2021 even if you don’t have a physical presence in the area. It is possible to rank higher in Google’s local search results in Dubai if you have an international company, but you want to rank higher in Google’s local search results in Dubai. You can do this by targeting local keywords on some of the pages of your website or by creating a section of your website that is solely dedicated to Dubai. The most geographically relevant results in your sector will be sought after by Google, but it will also consider factors such as the authority and relevancy of your website to the industry issue you are seeking. As a result, if you can create very relevant, engaging, and helpful content linked to a topic that is important to Dubai, you may be able to rank for this term. When it comes to keywords, you could want to rank for “Dubai Investments” even if your company doesn’t have a physical presence in Dubai, but you provide investments connected to Dubai. Writing a comprehensive guide to the most significant investment possibilities in Dubai and making it helpful to your target audience, you may discover that you wind up ranking for the term “Dubai investments” due to your efforts.

Increase the number of Arab clients in Dubai.

Obtaining a physical address in Dubai is another option for companies who wish to appear in search engines in Dubai in the local search results section of the results. Many businesses in Dubai are just starting to use services such as Regus or SERVCORP to establish a local virtual office in Dubai, even if their headquarters are located elsewhere.

Following that, we’ll look at some instances of organic local search results from someone who lives in Dubai.

Dentists, lawyers, restaurants, and hotels may all benefit from local SEO in Dubai.
We’ll look at some of the local SEO results in Dubai for Arabic and English in the sections below.

Begin with dentistry, which is a very competitive industry. When we search for the keyword “Dentist in Dubai,” which is most likely the most popular keyword in this business in Dubai, we get the following results.

Results for Local Search in Dubai

As we can see in the results above, Google provides a three-pack of local results. Interestingly, only one of the three results has a statistically significant enough number of high-quality reviews to warrant the inclusion of stars next to it. In addition, companies who have chosen not to participate in search engine rankings will face intense competition in English for paid ad slots on this results page if they do not compete in SEO rankings. Because all of the ad slots on the first page of Google are already taken, this keyword is highly competitive to PPC campaigns.

In Arabic, however, the outcomes are somewhat different…

Local SEO in Dubai

Surprisingly, the Arabic results do not include the typical 3-pack of local results in the English results. Even when we looked at the map results, we discovered that there were just a few Arabic-optimized company sites to be located. This appears to be a significant potential for firms that provide services to Arabic-speaking customers. Saudi Arabia alone sends 1 million tourists to Dubai each year, according to official figures. In addition to the shopping, many of these Saudi visitors go to Dubai for its less stringent rules. This is not to mention a large number of native Arabs that reside in Dubai.


We also looked for a “burger restaurant” in Dubai using Google. Below is a glimpse of what we observed in English, as translated by the author.

Optimization of local search results in Dubai

A 3-pack of local search results appears once more, but this time in a slightly different arrangement. There is no map or website link at the top of the page, nor are there any instructions links. Besides this box, the remainder of the results that appear below it is standard website search results. In addition, the restaurants featured here have received a limited number of ratings, and the listings do not appear to be correctly optimized for Google search.

The Arabic search results for the identical search query were, once again, significantly different from the English search results. Would you please take a look at our glimpse of the Dubai search results in the section below?

Results for Arabic searches in Dubai

In this situation, we don’t see the typical 3-pack, and the top places on the page are dominated by ordering websites, listing websites, and review websites rather than the traditional 3-pack. This is another instance in which the Arabic local search results in Dubai are significantly less competitive than the English ones.

For our last search, let us seek outside of Dubai for a keyword linked to Dubai, such as “Dubai Hotels.”

In the search results, you will see hotel listings.

Much positive feedback appears to be coming from the hospitality business in Dubai. As you can see in the image above, one hotel has 158 reviews! However, we can see that there is only the three-pack of local search results, followed by other hotel review sites and hotel booking sites, and that is all there is to it. Local outcomes are losing the 7-pack strength that they formerly possessed.

The results of an Arabic search for the exact phrase were likewise quite comparable.

Search results for hotels in Dubai that appear in Arabic

Results for Mobile Search in Dubai
With such a high level of smartphone adoption in the region, mobile search results in Dubai are highly essential to businesses. One example of the findings obtained on an iPhone 6 Plus is shown below.

Results for mobile searches in English

In the screenshot above, we can see that there are practically no organic search results appearing above the page’s fold on one of the largest mobile devices currently available, which is significant. This implies that for some sectors, it will be complicated to compete in the arena of mobile search if you do not use paid search advertisements in addition to organic search results.

Even if this is not the case for every business, it appears that in Dubai, sponsored search is a requirement for industries where mobile searches are prevalent, and there is a high degree of rivalry, as is the case for restaurants. Furthermore, if you are not in the top three positions, which may be quite expensive, your odds of obtaining a visitor for a search query like this are slim to non-existent.

Arabic search results for mobile devices

The results of an Arabic search query for a psychiatrist are shown in the table above. Because there is only one sponsor in this situation, it makes far more sense to optimize organic results in this instance. We also searched in English, which is why we did not share a screenshot for it. According to the findings, the search indicated only one advertisement, but numerous organic results appeared with Google’s typical 3-pack and a map.

Google released a mobile update to its algorithm on April 21, 2015, which made it such that websites that were responsive or mobile-friendly would be given preference in Google search results over websites that were not responsive or mobile-friendly. Given that Dubai is such a technologically advanced city with a massive number of mobile users, most businesses can no longer afford not to have a mobile-friendly website, and Google has now made this an even higher priority for them. If you intend to receive mobile traffic in Dubai, you highly recommend that you have a mobile-friendly website.

It appears that the results you will receive on mobile will differ depending on the language and industry you are searching in. Each firm should examine the keywords necessary to its sector to decide how they can most effectively appear in Google results when relevant search queries are typed into Google. For specific sectors, this may include paying Google Adwords to appear in the top places, but for others, it is sufficient to rank high in organic search results, particularly in Arabic, where there is a minor rivalry in Dubai than in other languages.

Seasonal Search Engine Optimization Opportunities In the minds of many SEOs, seasonal possibilities present themselves as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of massive increases in search traffic that may be collected during seasonal search queries. Some of the Dubai holidays, like Eid and Ramadan, may see seasonal increases in the number of searches for specific items and services.

UAE National Day is celebrated The UAE’s National Day is celebrated on December 2nd of each year and marks the unification of the emirates into a federation… Observance of Remembrance Day

Eid Al Adha is a Muslim holiday celebrated on September 11th.

Ramadan Eid Al Fitr is a Muslim holiday celebrated every year on June 1st.

Note: The dates of Muslim holidays change from year to year, so be sure to check the most recent dates in 2021.

Results of the Dubai News. Getting approved into the news results from part of Google is comparable to getting accepted into the news results section of if you live anywhere else. The following are the news guidelines published by Google. In terms of Google news search results in Dubai, however, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Local news websites and websites that are popular destinations for residents will be given preference by Google, even if they are located outside of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

In Arabic, there is considerably less competition to appear in Google news results than there is in English, making it far easier to be seen. In most situations, this is due to a lack of optimization expertise on many Arabic publishers, a lack of Arabic publications, and a failure to comply with Google’s quality criteria in many instances. Google news results for Dubai

Image Search in Dubai. They are achieving first-page rankings for photos on Google. Ae isn’t all that different from achieving first-page rankings in other parts of the world. Alt texts are essential for Google to understand what the photos are about. The authority and importance of your website, as well as the information around your shots, may all contribute to the images on your website appearing in Google search results for several different keywords. The one thing to consider in Dubai is that specific photos may be restricted, although this has little impact on how they rank in popularity.

The Influence of Social Media on Dubai SEO. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no conclusive proof that social media directly influences search engine optimization, even though it can have a significant indirect impact. In Dubai, things are no different than they are elsewhere. Many individuals in Dubai are highly active on social media sites, which is not surprising given that the city has one of the highest rates of internet usage in the world. If your website material is popular on social media, it has the potential to be shared and discovered by other websites, which may then link to that content, thereby improving your search engine results.

Geographical Targeting Possibilities. While certain types of companies may find it beneficial to target Dubai as a whole, others may find it helpful to be more precise with their targeting and target specific regions of Dubai relevant to their target demographic. Some of the most important places of Dubai to consider visiting are listed below. Businesses wishing to target these regions with their SEO efforts may consider you include the name of the area in their website text or obtaining a physical address in the area that they intend to target on their website.

As you can see from the list above, there are several places in Dubai that you may target. Given that Dubai is a contemporary metropolis established to attract commercial and international attention, it has developed themes for various neighborhoods and locations inside the city. We will go into further depth about a few of these areas that may be important to your company in the following sections.

Dubai Internet City is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Internet City. The bulk of Dubai’s internet firms are based at Dubai Internet City, located in the city’s business district. In many cases, firms founded in the Freezone do not have to pay taxes during their first 50 years of operation. They are also exempt from having to have a local shareholder. Businesses wishing to target other online firms, such as regional offices of internet behemoths such as Facebook, Linked In, and Google, would do well to concentrate their SEO efforts in this region.

Dubai Media City is a media hub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Media City has now established itself as the regional epicenter of media activity. It is also a free zone, and it is densely populated by media businesses such as MBC and CNN. This is a critical region to target with your SEO efforts if you are trying to reach the media sector in the Middle East.

Dubai Festival City is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Festival City is not a free zone in the same way that some of the other themed districts of the city are, but it contains many apartments, commercial buildings, and even offices.

Dubai Healthcare City is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai Healthcare City would be an excellent place to target and acquire traffic for websites that sell medical items, provide medical services, or provide medical material to the public. There was a plan to develop a medical area in the city to attract medical tourists worldwide. In addition to hospitals, it is home to various companies and academic institutions relevant to the UAE’s medical industry.

There are also nearby emirates that are worth optimizing for.

Contrary to common misconception, Dubai is not a separate country from the rest of the world. It is only one of several emirates. You may want to target these other emirates if you are contemplating targeting Dubai with your SEO efforts because Dubai is not the only wealthy emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The following is a list of the other emirates in the United Arab Emirates that are not included above.

The following are the most popular search terms in the United Arab Emirates, according to Google Zeitgeist’s yearly search trends 2020 report:

1) Coronaviruses are a kind of virus that infects the bloodstream.

2) The 2020 presidential election in the United States

3) The Indian Premier League (IPL) (IPL)

4) The latest Coronavirus update

5) Vice President Joe Biden

6) The outcome of the Bihar election in 2020

7) Apple iPhone 12

8) Champions League football

The ninth letter is an abbreviation for “abbreviation.”

10) The National Basketball Association

Censorship. There have been instances of internet censorship in Dubai, although they have been confined to websites that include particular types of religious content or contain information that is not acceptable for young children. Additionally, Dubai has regulations that prevent internet property from encouraging people to engage in acts of public indecency, which is against the law.

Important Information Regarding Dubai SEO Companies

Even though Dubai is the hub of most of the Arab media sector, most SEO companies in Dubai are generally employed by people who are not native Arabic speakers. Typically, these agencies are operated by Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos who have little or no knowledge of Arabic or the Arab markets in which they operate. Only a tiny percentage of the SEO companies in Dubai has many Arabic speakers on their staff. If you want help contacting Arabs in the region, you should look up the agency on LinkedIn and discover how many Arabs they have working for them regularly. The likelihood of their UAE SEO results in Arabic being low is high if only two or fewer people are working on the project.

Conclusion. SEO in Dubai is still considered to be a low-competitive field. Identifying Dubai as a significant market for your company and putting some of the techniques we’ve discussed in this article into action should result in your company ranking higher in Google search results. Would you mind keeping in mind that SEO requires consistent effort and time before benefits can be seen, like with other kinds of marketing? Companies who very temporarily attempt some of the techniques outlined above before abandoning their efforts will discover that their outcomes are limited at best. Using an experienced agent to assist you in achieving your goals is a fantastic choice if you don’t have the time or knowledge to implement these methods on your timetable.

Whether you’re searching for a Dubai SEO agency or just a consultant, we’d be delighted to assist you with ranking higher in Dubai in both Arabic and English languages.

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